Spring at Country Roads

Yesterday while I was at work, I noticed how "Spring Like" the store looked. I was able to take a few quick pictures, and then you know, you gotta take care of those customers, what can I say. I'm a fan of "contrast", like above with the vintage old mailboxes that has a Repasy painting on top with a parasol. Stacey threw together this display on the ledge of her space. Yesi said it best, "I want to buy everything there, it looks so good together". This is one of our display areas of the store by the front door, along with the mailboxes above. We always like to keep changing it up so our customers will enjoy it! I've had the old wood potting table by our front door for years. It makes a great display area and we change it with the seasons, or our moods. It's an easy area to work with. This is inside of Stacey's space. I like the contrast here too with the vintage linen cart and the fancy chandelier. If you haven't stopped by to see us at Country Roads lately, come on by. We're always changing this or that!!


Malisa said...

More! More!


The Texas Woman said...

Gosh, I wish I could paint roses like that!

The Texas Woman

Teresa said...

I love it all! If I were in Cali, I'd be there all the time... or maybe by your pool!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We need to make time and stop by...we haven't been there in a while! By the way, the dolphins are perfect for your backyard!!