CR Eye Candy

I have been so busy that past few weeks. I'm not sure where my time goes, but it does, indeed, fly by. I had a couple of people ask me yesterday ask me if things were ok since I hadn't posted in awhile. Please know, everything is really "good" and thank you for asking. And of course, I am busy right now trying to get this post up before I leave for "the store"! Today is just a very, very small sampling of some really sweet eye candy!

If you are looking for something to do this week-end, I hope you will add us to your list of  "things to do"!  Just be sure and schedule plenty of time for your visit since we have around 10,000 square feet inside and another 5,000 square feet outside! You can truly "lose" yourself in some of the sweetest eye candy ever!!


My Mom

I usually re-post this blog post each Mother's Day. I know I'm like many of you that have lost your Mom's.  But we still hold them close our your hearts! So Mom, even though you never, ever liked much attention you deserve it. I love the pictures of you. Happy Mother's Day!

Born and raised in Temple, Texas, she loved her beloved state of Texas and its bluebonnets.

I didn't find most of these pictures until after she had passed away. She had a tough life. This is an old school picture of my Mom.

Her Dad made a living driving a gas truck. That is him on the right with the hat, and my Mom on top of the truck.

Another one of the few pictures I have of her.

I love this picture, it's one of my very favorites.

My Mom moved out to sunny southern CA, and met my Dad. That's me in my Mom's lap.

My Mom was so excited when her first grandchild, Brande was born.  She passed away two days after my first grandbaby, Riley was born.  She never got to hold her, but once she knew she had arrived in this world of ours safely and healthy, she let go. I'm thinking of her this week-end, and even though I "know" the chaos and confusion of my family now, with my own four little grandbabies, would make her crazy, she's still smiling down on us all.


Little Hands

One of my very favorite things in life is "little hands"! I love babies and kids tiny hands, especially when they are busy, like my little grandson Bodhi, in the picture above. I've always had a special fondness for old kids toys and stuffed animals. And yes, I'm a bit crazy but the more worn out they are and battered, the more I love them! It tells me they have spend a lifetime of receiving a whole lot of love! Here are a few pictures of my own collection of toys for little hands below. . .

I have to confess that most of these little loving stuffed animals and toys came from either my family passed down over the years or at Country Roads. It pulls at my heart to see a well loved, all worn out stuffed animal. You just know these old toys have gotten lots of lovin' from little hands over all these years!   I'm linking up with Debra for "Be Inspired Friday'" And I've got to tell you, nothing inspires the imagination more than little hands! Take care.


Blossoms in the Garden

I'm not the only one that works hard at Country Roads. I have an entire store filled with talented people that always, without a doubt amaze me! Many of you have seen the talented Debbie Watts displays and vignettes here at Country Roads. Recently she took on a new little project. I think "little" would be an understate though!  She is putting together a garden space out back. Here are a few pictures of her work so far. . .

Look above and do you see the really cool umbrella that Debbie made? I don't think there is anything this girl can't do!!

This was the early stages of Debbie's project and look how far she has already come. When she gets more of it done, I will add some new pictures on my blog. Again, I can't say it enough. I'm so grateful each and every day for all of those that make up my Country Roads family. There talents are unbelievable! And speaking of unbelievable talents, I'm linking up this week with my friend Debra, over at Common Ground. I've known Debra a long time, and she truly is a very special person. I hope you all have a wonderful day!