Lovin' The Industrial Popularity

Although my heart and soul love the old country primitives and vintage advertising, I'm also really loving the industrial stuff that is hanging around these days. It is very popular, and especially with my son, Bryce. What I like about his stuff, is he takes rough, castaway pieces of metal, and transforms them into his own work of art. I love the stains and the old wood he uses when creating tables and other pieces. The metal looking "chair" above is really an old vintage surgical table! The surgical table below is one that he hasn't transformed yet. They look like chairs, but will lay flat like a table. That would give everyone something to talk about at dinner, wouldn't it? There is just something about these, maybe because of what they use to be used for, and now they've been transformed into something totally different!  I like using things in non-conventional ways.  You know "different", not like everyone else's home. Here are some more pictures of Bryce's creations that can be "different" as well.

This red table lamp has been calling my name lately. I love the chippy old red paint on it and like the way that it sits on the table with the narrower part of the lamp as the base!  I have to admit, a lot of things have been calling my name at Country Roads these days. You know how I use that corny saying, "Country Roads. . .always your favorite, never the same"?  I do have to say that although it may sound corny from time to time, it is SO true. Why? Because we have three buildings filled with remarkable, talented people! Come on down and see us soon. As some of you know, the really cool stuff doesn't hang around for long, it sells!!


Little Hands

I've always loved "little hands" especially when they are related to me. For years now, I've had an obsession with collecting vintage and antique children's toys. I have a big, early old pine cabinet that sits in my family room. I've had it for years, and behind its old, wavy glass are lots and lots of early toys and pottery that the little ones had in years gone by. Here are a few of my favorite little things!

The little child's pitcher above is pretty special to me, broken handle and all. My Grandma gave it to me when I was a kid. Apparently I was the only left handed member of the family. And now, I have Bodhi and Riley, my grandkids that are both left handed!

And you know, sometimes even "little hands" can't help a guy out when they have an inter tube  stuck on their head.  I'm linking up today, a bit late as usual, with my friend Kathleen over at Faded Charm! She has a great blog and is an even greater person. I had a chance to meet her last Summer when her family was down in SoCal to go to Disneyland. She stopped by Country Roads to see me. How nice was that!


The Color Red

I'm a big fan of the color red. Especially at this time of year with Summer beginning and the 4th of July just around the corner. The flag above (which I just noticed that the pix is blurry) went home with me today. I've been working outside of my house lately, and re-decorating a bit.  I also LOVE the red chandi and red bark cloth in the background of the picture below. As you look at the other pictures, you will know just how far I got, when I had to quit taking pixs and go back to work at the counter. I barely finished the first aisle!!

Okay, there is no red in the upper two pictures. But I first looked at the second pix above and just starred at it. Then I saw the tag, and really thought it was funny. Thanks Cyndy for making me laugh! Hopefully tomorrow I can find some more time to take some pictures that aren't as blurry. And thank you to everyone that shopped with us today and kept us busy. We appreciate you!


The Sweetest Eye Candy

Country Roads is filled with some great eye candy. But the sweetest of it comes from the talented Debbie Watts. We refer to her areas at the store as "The Room" and "The Porch"! Take a peek at some of the finest eye candy around. 

Country Roads has been open almost twenty years now. And believe me, over all those years I've seen a great deal of talent pass through our doors. I've got to tell you, Debbie's magic is some of the best I've ever seen. Be sure to stop by and visit Debbie's blog for some more beautiful pictures. Today, I'm linking up with my friend, Kathleen, over at Faded Charm! She is a wonderful person and you will find some more sweet eye candy on her blog. Happy White Wednesday!


The L.A. Zoo

Brande has a friend that volunteers to work at the Los Angles Zoo. She is a fountain of information. Orginally, just Brande and Riley were going to go. Then Katie and Bodhi, and "then" I realized that work can wait, so I went too. It was so great having Brande's friend walking us through. We got our own personal tour guide which we learned so much from. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from my first "real" day off in a very long time!!

If you want a workout, walking all over the L.A. Zoo with the hills will do the trick. It has been years since I've been up there.  Today was a very good reminder that I need a bit more down time to enjoy not only my time, but time with my family. I could get use to this!