White Wednesday

The picture above is one of my very favorite country primitive pieces I have in my home. It came out of a general store, and it is not only great for holding and displaying all my "stuff", but practical as well. The big grain bins on the bottom are perfect for all my grandkids toys. Makes for great toy storage as well as holding some "stuff" that I'm pretty fond of! 

That old black clock above that is sitting on top of the red ammunition box sort of pulls at my heart every once in awhile. That old clock sat on my folks mantel my entire life, and stayed there until they moved into assisted living before passing away. My Dad would always take the time to wind the clock each and every day without fail. Obviously I don't wind the clock anymore, but every once in awhile, I glance at it, and I picture my Dad at different points in my life standing by the fireplace winding his clock! So, on this "White Wednesday" I hope it finds you all well and still clinging on to a memory or two from your past like I do. It's good for the heart! Please stop by and pay my friend Kathleen a visit over at Faded Charm! She not only has her own great "whites" featured, but a whole list of other wonderful blogs to visit.  I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day week-end! I know mine will be crazy while working at Country Roads during the annual "Orange International Street Faire"! I can hardly wait for the good times to arrive!! But hey, you can't beat the people watching!! 


Our REALLY Big Labor Day Sale!

As many of you know, the different chairs we have out front at Country Roads very seldom are left empty! And I have a good feeling that on Labor Day Monday, these chairs and others will be filled all day because of our, "I Survived the Orange International Street Faire Sale"! For any of you that have visited Old Towne Orange for this "lovely" gathering, you know that it is kind of like working in a carnival type setting! The people watching is great, the streets are super crowded, there is no parking, and there is ALWAYS some "incident" that happens at the Street Faire! Or should I say several incidents! To make it up to our favorite customers, each year we host this REALLY big sale! I know a few  of my dealers have as much as 30 percent off on their spaces! I also would suggest shopping early for the best buys. This year you will also find Halloween, and do I dare say it, "Christmas" merchandise as well!  I thought this year, I would put together a little slideshow for you that has some photos of what we have at Country Roads right now. There really is something for everyone! If you click right HERE with any luck, it will take you right to the slideshow. If you have speakers on your computer, please turn 'em up and listen to one of my favorite artists, Amos Lee! I look forward to seeing you all very soon!! Remember, we are "always your favorite, never the same"!


Sunday Morning Randomness

Country Roads is filled with "randomness"! You never know what you just might find here. I love this old metal hardware sign. It is so unique and big. The holes in the sign that are randomly placed, I'm guessing at one time were where lights lit up this beautiful sign in its day. I guess what attracts me so much to this business, so much to things like this sign, is the history and stories these unique items have to tell! Here are a few more pictures of things that also have their own stories to be told!

If you are looking for some "stories" of your own to bring home, then definitely stop by and see us. Old Towne Orange is filled with history and stories, including stories of ghosts as well!  I'm happy that Country Roads is a part of this unique little Old Towne Orange that was established way back in the 1800's. My building was constructed back in 1919 and I've heard stories that at one time it was an old Nehi bottling company. As many of you know, Old Town Orange is a wonderful place to visit. We've got many antique shops and lots of wonderful restaurants to eat at. Who knows, you just might feel some of the "ghosts" that everyone claims that still reside here. Actually at CR, we have one area that over the years, I've had many different people come in and tell me they feel  a "presence" in one particular spot of the store! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!


Riley's 5th Birthday

Today was Riley's fifth birthday! I have no idea how she got to me five so soon. Riley was the only one of my three grandkids that I got to help deliver. Believe me, for those of you that have got to experience that, you know that there are no words to describe that instant connection, that instant bond, and all the love you have for this kid. Last week she had her birthday party, but today, on her birthday,  she went to Disneyland with her family. I had to work, and wasn't able to go. So tonight we all met down in Seal Beach for dinner. There is a Greek restaurant that Katie likes. I have to admit, when Riley ordered lamb and was munching away on it, I kind of lost my appetite. I am vegetarian, its never been a big deal with me, and most times it doesn't bother me. But seeing my baby girl devouring lamb, well, it took my appetite away, so I had Greek beer instead which actually put me in a better mood!  After dinner, everyone walked the three blocks down to the pier in Seal Beach. They have an awesome playground for kids, right on the sand. I rode with Vinnie in the truck since I was exhausted from being on my feet all day, and was also exhausted from having a liquid dinner! Here are a few of my favorite photos from this evening. The only thing missing was Bryce, Justine, and Morgan!

Sometimes, it really isn't about the big stuff in life. It is just about the simple things that you do with those you love. We've spent many special occasions on this playground and the memories continue to warm my heart. Family. . .I am blessed that we are so close. And Riley, you need to promise me you won't grow up too fast. Don't you forget, you are Gramma's little girl. Happy birthday, I love you!


As Summer Fades Away

It's kind of hard to believe that Summer is slowly getting ready to be a thing of the past. As the kids all head back to school, I was thinking of my garden. Wondering too if my Summer garden will soon be a thing of the past. My pumpkins have totally amazed me. I've got three pretty good sized one's left, but I know the vine is getting ready to die back soon. I've really enjoyed watching the pumpkins grow as well as my grandkids have. Below are just a few of my favorite things in my little garden!

I remember writing an article one time for a trade publication. It was called, "Yes, I Do Decorate My Garden"! I know I'm not alone on this one as many of us add a little of this and that to our favorite outdoor spaces. It's been a long week for me and as most of you look forward to Friday as the end of your week, it is the beginning of mine! I've been thinking a lot lately about what makes me happy. And it's undeniable. . .it's the little things in life. Watching my pumpkins grow, having my little grandkids sit on my lap are just a few of my favorite things. I hope all of you have these moments in your lives as well. There are just "moments" that go by in a blink of an eye, but they always are remembered in your heart. 


White Wednesday

It's hard to believe that Summer is winding its way down, and Fall is arriving here pretty soon! Kids are starting back to school, and as always, I wonder where did the time go! I long for what use to be known as those "lazy, crazy, days" of Summer! With that said, here we are on "White Wednesday" again. Today, I've posted some of our Country Roads "whites" that caught my eye!

I hope you all will enjoy what is left of Summer and be sure to stop by and visit my friend, Kathleen. She not only has some great "whites" of her own, but I'm enjoying the new blogs she is sharing with us on her "White Wednesday" posts! Take care.