Sometimes when people walk in the little door at Country Roads they are surprised. They have no idea how big our store is, nor any clue as to the variety of merchandise we carry. I think the word "country" makes them think that we only carry country antiques. But Country Roads is just like traveling down a country highway. Along the journey you are bound to find any and everything! That's us!! Our store is filled with chandeliers. And what I love about these chandi's is that we have so many different shapes, looks and sizes. The one pictured above is definitely the "mother" of all chandeliers. She is big & beautiful, and believe me the picture doesn't show her the way she should be portrayed. Below are a few more chandi's that you will find as you wander through Country Roads!

This chandelier is my favorite. I bought it at Country Roads and it hangs in my bathroom over an old claw foot bathtub. I love this one because of its simplicity and the chippy paint on it. I hope if you are down our way this week-end you stop by and wander through our aisles at Country Roads. I promise you, it is just like driving down a country highway without having to keep getting out of your car!! You never know what you just might find!


Sorry, It's "SOLD"!

The last couple of days, we've been using a lot of those signs above that say, "Sorry, I'm SOLD"! I am always so appreciative for the business that comes our way. Not just myself, but everyone at Country Roads works so hard to find the best of the best for our customers. At one point yesterday afternoon, we were running out of counter space and the area around the counter was overflowing with "SOLD" merchandise! These are only a few of the photos I had time to take. Our back aisle is filled with sold stuff. The area by the stairs has sold merchandise waiting to be carried up the stairs when we get some time. And of course Carol was beginning to take a huge table top upstairs until I stopped her! For those of you that "know" Country Roads, every day there is a story to be told. So, yesterday in the middle of the day when we were busy, Kristi had walked back with a couple that were interested in a piece of furniture. The guy happened to be really tall and that is the ONLY reason he thankfully saw the horrible sight. Country Roads is in an old building and we get rats inside the store! Usually we don't see them, thankfully, they tend to party at night when no one is there. Bryce has traps set upstairs near an area he knows they are in. Somehow, in the back aisle, where the ceiling is a bit lower, our tall customer saw "it"! A rat had got caught in one of the traps that somehow snapped, and didn't fall to the floor, but was caught on a beam. The dead rat's head was in the trap while the rest of the body, including the very long tail hung down in the aisle like an elegant chandelier would, except this time, no chandi, just a dead rat! Thankfully, no one saw it, but I was a bit panicked when I heard about it. Bryce wasn't at the store and I didn't want to climb up and get it down. Thankfully, Jesse, Loretta's husband from Full Bloom Cottage came to our rescue! Nothing like a dead rat to add to our displays on a busy day! When today is over, I am headed to see one special little girl. I miss my Riley so much. Her and I use to spend so much time together, and now with my schedule so different, I haven't seen her nearly enough. I SO miss her little arms around my neck hugging me as she says to me, "Gramma, I love you with ALL my heart"! After work I'm going to straight over to see her and I gotta tell you, I couldn't ask for a better Friday night date than one with my little Riley!!


What Makes You Happy?

Do you ever ask yourself what makes you happy about your home? What do you surround yourself with? Do you decorate to create the latest look, or do you fill your home with the things you love no matter how eclectic it may seem? I guess that would be me! My home is filled with all the things that make me who I am today. Things that hold simple yet meaningful memories to me. I always have to have fresh flowers, they remind me of the simply carefree beauty our gardens hold.An old primitive dry sink I bought years ago because of what it once met to a family.
Family memories of my folks and growing up tucked behind glass.
Little cowboy boots my Mom gave my son to remind her of her own Texas memories.
Old architectural pieces that carry stories of their past with them.
Family pictures next to your bed that you wake up and see first thing every morning.
A small cupboard filled with my folks memories and Riley's handprints.
My office bulletin board filled with my favorite photos, favorite quotes and more.
A picture of my Gramma that I never met because she died at an early age.
A sleeping baby! It's the "simple" things in life that really do make me happy. A smile from a stranger, a polite man that holds the door open for you randomly. I believe if more of us lived our lives focusing on the small, little things that make us happy rather than all the doom and gloom that is thrown our way by the media, this world would be a better place. There's nothing wrong in being happy!


White Wednesday

This "White Wednesday" finds me running just a little behind on everything! Time just slips away these days. Anyway, sometimes the best stuff is kept behind glass, locked up and only some of us have the key to these treasures. I happen to have the key, and thought I would share some of this great stuff that is all locked up behind glass!

I love different textures. The brick you see in the background on the above photos is the back of showcase Tim built for his creations. He made a giant showcase and utilized our back wall from our late 1800's building to really bring out "the look" for all these awesome treasures. I hope you are finding some time to enjoy summer. This is the first summer I have ever worked as much as I am now. But sometimes we do what we have to do, I think? Stop by and visit Kathleen, the master mind behind "White Wednesday"! Take care.


Time For a CR Slideshow!

I believe I've mentioned my time is really "tight" or should I say free time is just non-existence these days! I quickly threw together a little Country Roads Slideshow this morning. After I gathered all the pictures, and added to one of the slideshow formats, it unfortunately was one that tended to cut off parts of the pictures. I swear I'm not a great photographer, but I'm not as bad as some of the pictures seem to be. This is only a small selection of some of the great stuff we have here in the store right now. PLEASE if you see something you can't live without, give us a call and you can pay for it over the phone with a credit card! Stuff seems to be moving pretty quickly these days, so if you see, you want it, I suggest you buy it!! Thanks for taking the time to see what Country Roads is all about!!
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Eye Candy Courtesy of My Boy Bryce!

The weeks fly by as fast as the days do, and here we are in the last week of July. The speed of time still fascinates me. I wish I could slow it down just a bit. My son has been working very hard lately, and his efforts are paying off. The one thing I am the proudest of when it comes to my kids is that ALL of them work as hard, if not harder than I do. They understand the importance of a good work ethic, and this makes be burst with pride. And I can say the same about my other two kids as well, Yesi & Carol. So, with that said, let me share some eye candy with you that Bryce has been working on this week!

So, those pictures above are a result of something simple, "hard work". Bryce wants to come shop in Texas in the fall. So his goal is to work as hard as he can so he can save some money. My kids: Brande, Katie, Bryce, Carol, and Yesi make me so proud each and every day, thank you for all you do for me and Country Roads!!