How Do We Slow Down Time?

Before I know it, Christmas will be here!! I'm not kidding, I saw some Halloween slipping into the store yesterday. Time! I can't seem to find enough of it these days. Most of you know, Katie had her beautiful baby Bodhi not quite two weeks ago. Seems like my boy Bo has been with us forever. What you may not know is that I'm the "new" Katie! Meaning? I'm working five days at the store, and I'm sure my vendors will tell you I am no where close to doing what Katie does for them! So, on top of physically being at the store five days, doing all the paperwork at home, trying to squeeze in time for my babies, along with other stuff, I'm busy! Took me awhile to admit it, but I'm now "owning it"! Speaking of "owning it", I'm "still" trying to get up even earlier so I can get back on my treadmill. I miss my morning runs. With all that said (which I did to cover myself in case I screw something up) I wanted to let you all know how much moving around we are doing right now at Country Roads. I love when we do this, the store looks great, but it is a major project! I fell in love with this old country primitive cupboard Darcy brought in. It has the old wavey glass, and I think by looking at the bottom, it much have sat on top of something even larger. Believe me, if I had room, this piece would be going home with me! Country Roads has such a variety of styles and looks but I have to say my favorite is country primitives. Let's not forget, that is the EXACT reason I named the store Country Roads back in November of 1992! I just wanted you to have one more photo of Darcy's displays. She's good, and her stuff is always fresh, clean and priced!! Totally awesome! Speaking of awesome, Ginny has been doing a complete make over and moving around. This girl, seriously, has some of the most awesome primitive pieces you will see anywhere. You see, I think she too has a love affair with country primitives! Just peek at some of Ginny's new displays and guess what? She isn't done yet!

I've been so busy lately, I often miss stuff in my own store. Yesterday as we were getting ready to close, I saw this! I'm not sure why I didn't see it sooner, but I missed "it" all together!! I LOVE the look of Stacey's walls. The crinkled burlap added so much to this little area right by the front door! Hey, sooner or later I DO see it all. Okay, need to get rolling! I've got work to do before work, and a freeway to fight. And thanks to all of you that leave me comments, to all of you that come visit us at Country Roads. You make it ALL worthwhile!! Take care.


trash talk said...

And they call us the weaker sex! Sister....THEY just don't know who they're talking to.
Whew...that's a lot of work! The store looks fab and I love that concrete stork.
P.S. That baby is precious!

Vintage Market Place said...

I think those red display letters on the shelf in these pics say it all
You are going thru so much at one time you will need to take a huge break once all is back to normal.
Take it easy

Maureen said...

The picture of the outside is deceiving because it looks a small shop but when you show the inside pics it seems to go on forever. Nice!

Maureen said...

The picture of the outside is deceiving because it looks a small shop but when you show the inside pics it seems to go on forever. Nice!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Now see Sue, I'm considering putting burlap on the walls too, but I'm also leaning toward crinkled paper! Maybe I'll do a little of both, just kidding. I always love seeing pics of your store, keep them coming.

Malisa said...

Can I open a charge account at Country Roads? I'm good for it! I will gladly pay you next Tuesday! :)


Anne Lorys said...

Gorgeous stuff going on at Counrty Roads!

Halloween already? Oh no, that's just WRONG! ;-)

Have a wonderful Friday!

time worn interiors said...

If I worked in that store there would be so much furniture in my house you couldn't walk! LOL!

If you ever figure out how to slow down time please let me know!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Love it all Sue!! Summer is flying by! It is actually Christmas in July this weekend at my campground! Hope you have a great weekend!!