Summer IS Here!!

So, apparently it is really Summer here in SoCal! We went from mid 70's to upper 90's in the blink of an eye. I'm told it's only temporary. Even with the warmer weather, Country Roads continues to stay busy. I'm amazed at our awesome our customers and dealers are. Why do I mention my dealers? Check out these pictures and you will see why! They don't care about the weather, they care about YOU, our customers. So, they keep their merchandise and displays fresh!!

To be honest, I could have even posted more photos. The store looks so good right now and if you are down are way this week-end, I hope you will stop by. We do have air conditioning, and even though it's not freezing inside, it is much cooler than the outside! Today would have been my parents 60th anniversary. They have been gone for a few years now. When I had to move them into assisted living and pack up their house, I found this card my mom wrote to my dad. Her dementia was pretty bad then, but they truly cared about each other. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad, we miss you!!


Anne Lorys said...

Sounds like your mom and dad had a very special relationship, Sue.

The shop looks fantastic, I can't stand that you're so far away!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Vintage Market Place said...

Oh Sue, what a wonderful little note to have from your mom to your father
I bet it made you feel so good to know how she felt about all of you and your family. So touching.
Well what can I say, I would love to take shelter in your shop from our 114 degree heat we are going to have today. Staplers, oh I love staplers
and baby shoes, I want them all!
Maybe it is a good thing I live too far to come in every week. LOL!
Take care and stay cool

The Boston Lady said...

Sue, how special to find that note from your mom to your dad. I'm glad her mind was not robbed of her love for her husband and children.

I hope to be in your shop in about 3 weeks. My kids have been telling me about the heat, which is rivalling our 90s here in Orlando.

Looking forward to SoCal! Ann