New Country Roads Family!

We have been doing a lot of moving around here at Country Roads. We have some of our existing Country Roads family re-locating to different area's of the store. And in the big shuffle of ours we picked up some new Country Roads family as well. Joining us from Laguna Beach is Jan Hatch, Molly English, and Al Sorry Al, I forgot your last name. As you look at their awesome stuff, please know that this adirondack look of theirs is the real thing!

What appeals to me personally about Country Roads is the variety of merchandise we carry. Right now the store looks so good. If all goes well for me this week, I want to try and put together a slide show so you can see what I'm talking about. And if you haven't been by in awhile, I would really try to stop in. Things are looking really good these days!


Kate said...

Country Roads looks AMAZING!!! What a great family to be a part of and with you there its just about perfect. I am a lucky girl indeed. Have a terrific week!!!


Vintage Market Place said...

It looks like with the past few sellers you have shown that there is a darker aspect showing up.
I hope you can get to the slide show
I would love to see what I am missing out on. LOL
Have a great week!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Sue! Missed a couple of posts...the sudden heat almost killed me!! It feels so much better today! I'll check the new dealers out this week!!!

Maureen said...

Looks great! In my experience, moving around and shaking things up is a great recipe for success. 'Fresh' always catches the eye.

chateau de fleurs said...

Wow sue , thats great! say hi to Molly English for me, I heard that she was back in town. XO Christie

Anne Lorys said...

You've got quite the diversity of styles there at Country Roads...something for everybody! :-)