Mike, The Guy With the Smile!

When I first met Mike, I noticed his smile. He is just one of these people that are just nice with a smile to match. Then, I started watching as he began setting up his displays, and continues to. I am in awe of all the awesome stuff he has! If you look closely at the "HOLD" tag on the cool vintage sign above, you may notice the name on it is the same as my name! What can I say, I couldn't resist! Here are just a few more photos of some really cool stuff that Mike has been bringing in this past week!

Earlier this week, I think I mentioned that we've been really mixing things up at Country Roads. Dealers have moved to different areas, displays have been completely re-done and the store looks amazingly awesome right now. If you are in the mood to shop this week-end, I would definitely stop by. We are lookin' good as is Mike, the guy with the smile!


Vintage Market Place said...

You know I wish I could be there to see all of the new goodies.
You sound so excited(with some) of the wackiness going on:)
Hope you make it thru all the chaos and destruction, reconstruction, I know it will look so different the next time I come in

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Hi Sue, I was reading your older post on the rose and I do rember going to heards garden nursery it was a great place to by one of a kind old fashion flowers. I also miss another great nusery I used to go to in Pasadena called Hortus Garden that was a cool place to find goodies for the garden. Have a great Saturday....Julian

Maureen said...

Did Mike dismantle a town? That's a lot of street signs!

I completely understand on the sign you bought. It's impossible to resist shopping your own shop!

ginny said...

i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve his stuff. and i am in lust with the green chippy dresser!