It's An Industrial Christmas

Got someone to buy for this Christmas that loves the industrial stuff?  We've got it. . .

And this is just a small example of some great industrial pieces that are in the CR right now. We are open today and tomorrow until 4pm. We look forward to seeing you!!


Vintage Sports Stuff

Okay, we are getting down to only a few days left before Christmas. Do you have one of "those" people on your Christmas list that are not only impossible to buy for, but are in love with sports? If you are looking for a one of a kind gift, shop vintage! Here are a few ideas for the sports lover on your shopping list.  .  .

Country Roads is open every day from 10 am to 5pm. We will be open Christmas Eve day until 4pm. If you still don't know what to get that picky person on your Christmas list, we also have gift certificates available. Happy shopping as we count down till the big day, Christmas!


Peek Inside. . .

The weather feels like Christmas in SoCal. And not only does the weather feel like the holidays, Country Roads is decorated with Christmas displays and vignettes everywhere you turn!

Whether you are looking for gift ideas, holiday decorations, or just someplace to browse for awhile and feel good. . . stop by and see us! "Happy Holidays"!


The Many "Looks" of CR

I realize I probably repeat myself on the blog several times. It's a given, what can I say. When you are working around such great stuff and talented people and sweet customers, you just get lost in all of it. This morning,  or afternoon, I just wanted to show you a few of our different looks and displays that you will find here sprinkled throughout our 10,000 square foot store!

My friend Malisa made the above little Country Roads sign awhile back from me. Actually, her signs are so cute that a man came in a week or so and wanted to know how much it was for the signs in our public bathroom.  Yesi called me at home, and I have to admit, I was a bit surprised. So, I told her to have him make a donation in the jar we have on the counter to collect monies for our "furry friends". Malisa had sent those signs to me a year or so ago, and basically the signs sort of are like bathroom rules. Our "restroom" is the size of a single closet, seriously. I feel so, so bad sending people to that bathroom . There are times I, personally, don't even want to open that door to check on it! Anyway, there is still plenty of time to do your Christmas shopping. Buying local and buying one of a kind gifts are the best.  Come on down and see us. We're open every day till 5pm!


My RuFie

My RuFie, aka Ruth Schmidt, is someone that not only touches my heart, but is a part of it as well. I've know RuFie forever. She got the nickname "RuFie" from my granddaughter Riley. Since RuFie lives in Florida, I don't get to see her anymore. A few years back, she was a huge part of Country Roads. For years she had the back portion of the third building, and for those of you that shop with us, I'm sure remember how beautiful everything looked. And each time I walk back there and still see the "RuFie green paint" on those walls, it reminds me of my dear sweet friend. She is truly one of the most thoughtful, caring and loving people that I know. RuFie is always sending me things. As she said in one of her emails to me recently, "we've sure gotten to know each other well". So true my friend. The other day she had emailed me and told me she was sending me something.

Today when I got home from running some errands, this box was sitting on my front porch. Without even looking at the return label, I knew who sent it to me. RuFie had her daughter Susan mail it to me. RuFie had told me she found something that made her think of me, and she had to get it for me.

I absolutely LOVE my present, and yes, it is SO me! And I'm not big on tears, but I did have a few running down my cheeks.  RuFie just touches my heart, not sure how to explain it.

For now,  my little "wreath" is hanging right here.

This little vignette in my home is a favorite of mine thanks to my son, Bryce. So for now, my sweet Christmas "wreath" as I call it, will stay right where its at. I wish our world had more people in it like RuFie. She truly is a one of a kind.

This is Riley in the picture above. She was almost three when Morgan was born. They grow so fast. It was at about this age that RuFie began to mail her little things to her in the mail. And Riley would so sweetly say in her little voice, "it's from RuFie"?  And speaking of babies, today Carol had her baby! This is number three and her name is "Ava Alicia Lazo"! I can't wait to meet her after work tomorrow night. It really is feeling a lot like Christmas, isn't it?



I realize that quite often I tend to ramble here on the blog. But, I always ramble when I talk, so I guess that is nothing new. What I love about Country Roads is that there is always something that has just "arrived" at the store. With as many vendors as we have, that element of surprise lurks around every corner. The old piece above from a windmill caught my eye. I love stuff like that. Here are a few other random photos with no particular theme to them.

I love the old maps. They are great in kids rooms since you can not only decorate with them but use them to learn from as well. And the lockers are a great size and wonderful for storage. My grandkids have them in their bedrooms at home.  We look forward to seeing you soon. Have a great day!


The Vintage Lady

Most of you know Cathy Jarell, aka "The Vintage Lady". And most of you know, it's been about a year since her shop in Old Towne Tustin caught on fire and was a total loss. Since then, Cathy has been with our Country Roads family for almost a year now. Last week she re-located her area to the back of the third building from the front. I had been off only a couple of days and came back to see this transformation in her brand new area here at Country Roads!

I always admire people that know the value of a hard days work. And I also admire those that never give up, or accept defeat. Thanks Cathy for inspiring us all!