A Few of My Favorites

 As I look at the calendar, it is hard to believe in a few days we will have another month behind us!  I always talk about time, and how fast it goes by.  There are days I wish I could slow it down, even just for a little while!! I remember last year, going with my family for our annual visit to Pa's Pumpkin Patch here in Long Beach, on PCH.  It sure doesn't seem like an entire year as passed since then!!  I'm hoping myself and family can break away tomorrow night and get together for one of our favorite traditions that we do every year.  Today 
I wanted to share some of the things that caught my eye at Country Roads. I hope you enjoy them as well.

As always, I sure hope that you will find some time this week-end to come shop with us!  I know I am prejudiced, but I can never say this enough. . . . we have such a wonderful group of talented people that are a part of Country Roads. I appreciate you all!!

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall"

F. Scott Fizgerald