Where Do The Children Play?

"Well I think it's fine, building jumbo planes.
Or taking a ride on a cosmic train.
Switch on summer from a slot machine.
Yes, get what you want to if you want, 'cause you can get anything.
I know we've come a long way,
We're changing day to day,
But tell me, where do the children play?
Well you roll on roads over fresh green grass.
For your lorry loads pumping petrol gas.
And you make them long, and you make them tough.
But they just go on and on, and it seems that you can't get off.
Oh, I know we've come a long way,
We're changing day to day,
But tell me, where do the children play?
Well you've cracked the sky, scrapers fill the air.
But will you keep on building higher
'til there's no more room up there?
Will you make us laugh, will you make us cry?
Will you tell us when to live, will you tell us when to die?
I know we've come a long way,
We're changing day to day,
But tell me, where do the children play"?
Cat Stevens wrote, "Where Do The Children Play" in 1970. And forty years later, do you ever wonder "where WILL the children play". I try to limit myself to not more than thirty minutes a day of news, can't handle it anymore. I listen to them talk about the huge oil slick and I wonder why? I listen to them talk about Arizona, and I again wonder why? And I try hard to remember Louis Armstrong's lyrics, "I think to myself what a wonderful world it is"! So, with that said, I will spend the rest of my day noticing the "wonderful things" in my world. The blue sky after the rain and wind, the flowers in my garden that Spring continues to bring me each year without out fail. And I know it is a "wonderful world" for me when my baby girls give Gramma a big hug. Take some time today to make a difference in our world, it needs it. Smile at a stranger, give a homeless person a couple of bucks, and appreciate the good things in your life today!


Our Gardens Are Lookin' Good!

Usually we don't get a lot of rain in Southern CA, and we have needed it for the past few years. I believe this year we have made up for the lack of it. But I have to say, since we've had so much rain, we're having a beautiful Spring. Everything at Johnnye Merle's Gardens (named after my Mom), is in full bloom. Our flower beds are overflowing with color, so any chance I get, I try to sneak away from the counter and head to the garden. These pictures are of an area in the garden that has just been added. I LOVE all the garden elements out here and I thought I would share a few of them today!

For some reason, I LOVE the cement head that has been knocked off its shoulders and just lies there waiting for better days. I must say, that should be our "poster child" for "BSC" Sundays! That is exactly how you feel. And a special thanks to John for putting together such an awesome looking area in our gardens! It looks fabulous!


White Wednesday

Another "White Wednesday" at Country Roads! I was noticing the other day, how many different displays and "whites" that are a part of Country Roads. Above is a brand new display that Bryce did in the middle store yesterday. I'm totally in love with the big urns on the columns! Would love to drag them home with me!! Here are a few other "whites" that caught my eye for this "White Wednesday".

Sometimes it is so hard for me to choose which "whites" to post. We have so, so many awesome displays at Country Roads. I know how lucky I am to own a store such as this that is filled with such talented people. Speaking of that, be sure you drop by Kathleen's blog! She not only does an awesome post each week, but she has the list of a lot more great eye candy for you! Happy WW!!



I use to have this on going joke that after I divorced, the next house I would buy would have to be big enough so all my kids could live there if they needed to. And actually, a couple of years ago that DID happen! It was a little intense with six adults and one toddler, but we survived. The main reason I bought this house was because of the room above, it is really big with an open beam ceiling. Now, my son Bryce and his wife Justine and their baby Morgan live with me. Not too long ago, I gave them the little playroom I had for Riley & Morgan. The toys, tables, books had to go someplace so I resorted to trying to "camouflage" it all. Above is my family room and if you don't look too close you really can't see the toys. And if you are looking close, the two blue picture frame look the same because I haven't added the photos yet! I bought this cabinet last week. I think I am the fourth person at Country Roads to have it. But, being the fourth means I got it super cheap. It has great storage below, and I took off the screen doors for the kids books and my little vintage kids collections. So, until the cupboard is filled with books, I put "my stuff" up high from little hands. I love the old bears, especially the ones that are falling apart. They've been loved, as you can tell. I've always loved the old vintage toys, especially the drums. The memories of little kids in past banging on them warm my heart and thankfully not my "ears" as well. I also love the old stieff cats and and a few of those as well. Below, you will see how I've semi camouflaged the rest of the kids toys!

And "behind" again!
The furniture in my house is easy to have with little ones. I don't have to worry about saying over and over, "don't touch", as there isn't too much they can get into. Or should I say get into "yet"? Even though I do have a lot of antiques and vintage things, I use many of them each day. I don't want to live in a museum where people aren't comfortable, especially "my girls", Riley and Morgan!


A "Nice" Sunday!

Yesterday was a really nice Spring day at Country Roads. It was SO nice, we really didn't experience too many of our "BSC" Sunday customers! What a difference "that" makes in a day!! I had some time to go out back to our Johnnye Merle Gardens and enjoy Spring. Here are a few random photos of what I enjoyed.

I will probably have some more photos on Wednesday for my "White Wednesday" post. John, from Cottage White, has expanded to the garden and it is looking good, check back then. I LOVE when kids learn the value and importance of antiques, vintage and recycling. This is Carrie and she has a million dollar smile! Her and her mom came up to the counter to ask for help on the sales floor. Apparently Carrie had finally found the desk that she had been looking for a long time. She was so excited. As I turned to call someone up front to help, she turned and gave her mom a big hug. It was priceless, made my whole day.
As many of you know, many of our customers become like our family. Several months ago, I knew that the Morgan's sister was fighting cancer, and it didn't look good. Sadly, at 42, Lauren lost the fight, leaving two 19 year old twin boys behind. I tried to put the link to a wonderful "utube" video but couldn't figure out how to add it. Please, when you have time, go to utube and watch, "Thanks for Rockin Our World, Lauren". I hope they know that my entire Country Roads family has them in our thoughts and prayers. I hope you get a chance to watch this video, it a great way to remember Lauren. Take a moment today to be thankful for those in your life as time is very, very precious. Take care.


The "Back Room"

Last Monday, Bryce had emptied the the big room in back of the middle building. Most of it was filled with his stuff, and a few things of mine were back there. It has been a total disaster, since there never seems to be time for him to work on it. The photo above is how the room looked emptied and part of the floor painted last Monday. The photo below is of the room today along with a few other pictures of things in the "back room"!

This is only the beginning, the problem, as always, is "time". I have a bunch of stuff from my house I need to drag into the store, price and display. Give us another week and see what we've done. Hopefully, we will have it in better shape by then.