Another Month. . .GONE!

I am not surprised that this is the last day of January. I was hoping that somehow, some tiny little way, things would slow down for me. I guess it's not my time yet. We've had a lot of changes going on this past month at Country Roads. In my opinion, "the store" really looks good right now. Everyone is working hard "together" to make Country Roads a destination. I just took some random pictures over the week-end. Thought I would share them with you.

As you can tell, here is another blank canvas just waiting to be turned into a beautiful masterpiece. Right now, hard at work on this one is Lori Martin and her daughter Jamie. They will fit in just perfectly with our Country Roads family! And speaking of new CR family, poor Darrin from "Paris to the Moon" won't be able to open up tomorrow. I got a call on Sunday, and poor Darrin is in the hospital with pneumonia. We all wish him the best and a speedy recovery so we can put him back to work! And lastly. . . are any of you fans of the A&E Show called "Storage Wars"? Well, they will be paying us a visit here at Country Roads very soon to do some filming. They are going to have a few have their "found treasures" appraised at "the store"! Can't wait to see the episode and I am also very grateful to have Country Roads be included in "Storage Wars". When I find out the date we will be on, I will let you know. And as always, "thanks" for continuing to shop with us, we appreciate you!


Industrial Sunday

Here we are at the end of January, and it too has passed in the blink of an eye! I thought I would post some of "my boy Bryce's" industrial pieces. I do have to say, not many of these are left at the store. They have been SOLD! Not only Bryce, but Country Roads has been so busy this month. My hopes are that this is how the rest of the year will continue! Here's some more "industrial eye candy" for you on this Sunday!

Speaking of family, above is my "little" ones, "Country Roads Third Generation"! From left to right are Arianna, Riley, and Azul. Bodhi was there as well but missing in the picture since he can't stand up yet. But I'm sure that will happen soon. And Josalyn was missing too. I have no doubt that in a few quick years, these little ones will be here soon to help you at Country Roads. As I've always said, Country Roads, to me, is all about family. Have a wonderful Sunday and I hope to see some of you today. Take care.


Country Roads Week-end Eye Candy

It's hard for me to believe this is the last week-end of the month! I have high hopes that this year will not fly by like the past two years have for me. I had some time yesterday to walk around "the store" and I am always just amazed at how much talent our Country Roads family has. Here's just a small sampling of that "CR Eye Candy"!

I think many of you know Darrin from, Paris to the Moon. Darrin can now be found at Country Roads! He will have his new area open for business on Tuesday. I hope you have some time to see what amazing displays he is working on. Above is just a tiny peek of things to come!Also be sure to check out all the new herbs and plants that just arrived yesterday at Johnnye Merle's Gardens & Nursery. Also, if you click on the JM blog there is a cute little story at the end of the blog post. Many of you know that my daughter, Brande, named the gardens after her Gramma, who was my Mom. So with all that said, I hope you all find some time to stop by and check out all of our amazing CR eye candy! Take care.


Vintage Inspiration Friday

This week I'm linking up with one of the most kind and big hearted person I know, Debra for "Vintage Inspiration Friday". I have been home the past couple of day babysitting my little grandkids and thinking to myself, "where did ALL this stuff come from"? I think when you are in this business of "junk", you just can't help yourself. And I KNOW I'm not the only one that has little vignettes in my own home like I do at the store. It's kind of like we just can't help ourselves. If someone has turned something of mine in a different direction, I WILL know and have to fix it. Here are some of my favorite "in house vignettes"!

I have a collection of little drawers. This little box of drawers is one of my favorites because on the top of it is a pair of a little boy cowboy boots. Those boots belong to my son Bryce. As you know, he is the youngest and has two older sisters. My Mom, being born & raised in Texas, and a die hard Texan, rushed out as soon as she could to the only store that sold western merchandise so she could buy Bryce his first pair of cowboy boots! That just made me think, maybe in her memory, I should go out and buy my grandson Bo a pair of cowboy boots as well? Hope you all have a very "vintage inspirtational" week-end, and if you are looking for some great vintage shopping, you know where to find us, Country Roads! Always your favorite, never the same! Take care.

My Love Of The Beat Up Stuff!

On Wednesdays & Thursdays I babysit Riley & Bodhi. And since Morgan (along with Bryce & Justine) live with me, these two days are filled with lots of love for me. Usually I hang out in my bedroom. I have an old glider that I've rocked all my grandkids to sleep in, plus it's the only room in my house that has carpet. So, while sitting in there today with the kids, I was "really" looking at my stuff! Come on, we all have stuff in this business! I realized how very much I REALLY love the beat up stuff! The more worn out, chippy, rusty, beat up, the better I love it!

Riley was helping me take pictures of my stuff while my baby boy Bo napped. I was lucky to get this picture of them right after he woke up! All of my beat up stuff in my bedroom I've had forever. And I remember exactly where most of it came from! I know that you know, there really are some things that are just priceless, like "our stuff" and my grandbabies smiles!!