MLK Day!

For many of you, you get a three day week-end in honor of Martin Luther King Day! I just wanted to let you know Country Roads will be open on Monday, from 10-5pm and the store is packed full of great stuff and new displays. I remember watching the news about the senseless shooting of Martin Luther King, someone that stood for peace and hope. I was lying on my folks living room floor watching the news. I didn't grow up in a big house, and my Mom, for some reason always got the couch, so my tv spot was the floor! As I watched the news, it was so hard for me to understand how such a good, peaceful man could so senselessly be gunned down. I think Mr. King was one of the reasons I chose to major in Sociology & American Studies in college. And all these years later, I still don't understand the "whys" of what goes on in our world today. I hate violence, always have, and always will. And I'm very grateful for Mr. King dedicating his life to making this world a better place for our children. On another completely different subject, as you may know, I've mentioned we have several big make overs going on at Country Roads. I've been off the past few days doing my other job, babysitting my grandbabies! When I return to "the store" today, I'm very anxious to see all the has happened while I've been off. I'm especially excited how this blank canvas above that has now been "painted" by Sue Lennon. She is the one I bought my awesome couch from! So, please check back here this week-end, I'll have some great photos of all our "make overs" here at the store. And if you do have Monday off, I just wanted to make sure you knew we are open from 10am - 5pm. Hope to see many of you over this holiday week-end. Take care.

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Maureen said...

Indeed an important man in history.

I can't wait to see the redo of that room.