Country Primitives

One of my own real loves, what pulls on my heart are the old country primitive antiques. My house has a lot of different things in it, a bit eclectic, but if push came to shove, I've got some old primitive pieces I could never, ever part with. Ginny, one of our CR family, also shares the love of country primitives as well. And she also likes "the big boys" as she refers to her large primitive pieces. She just did a make over in her area last week and here are just a few pictures of what she has. We were extremely busy yesterday, which I'm extremely grateful for. So, if some of these pictures look just a tad blurry I apologize. I took them very quickly!

Like Ginny, I love the history that goes with these old primitive pieces. On her price tags, Ginny always writes as much as she knows about her "big boys" and it is always nice to have a little bit of history when you purchase one of these great pieces. I've never seen Country Roads look better than it does now. If you haven't been in lately, I hope you stop by soon. Looks like today we will have the wind, and all of us know that Old Towne Orange is the freak magnet for WIND! Take care.


Teresa said...

Those are some lovely pieces. I especially like the table with the green legs, and the tall white cabinet. Nice!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Love it all Sue, esp. the awning. Happy Sunday!

Vintage Market Place said...

WOW she does have some big boys in her space. I am in love with the childs red table and chair. Would look so cute in Brooklyns room.
Looking forward to coming soon.

afistfullofweeds* said...

I wish I could touch some of that yummy stuff!!!!

Malisa said...

Why do you do this to me, Sue? Why?
You just like to torment me, don't you? You show all these lovelies knowing full well that I can't have any of them! Arrggghhhh!

Annie Louise said...

I was in Country Roads tonight, and totally agree it looks great. So much wonderful merchandise throughout the entire store!!!!
Take care,