The Riley & Leonard Love Affair

Every time when Riley comes over to my house, she looks for her buddy, Leonard.This is how Riley looks if Leonard won't sit with her.And when Leonard jumps up to sit with her, Riley is so happy! I think it is so important for little kids to have that special connection with pets, such as Leonard.For being a senior, Leonard is so patient with Riley.I think both Leonard and Riley share in this love affair they have for each other.
There is a really important role that animals play in not only little kids lives, like Riley's, but for everyone. It's all about unconditional love. Pets are also great for the elderly as well. I think one of the last times I saw my mom smile really big before she passed away was when a pet therapy group brought a little dog to visit her. Thank God for our furry little friends!


Politically Incorrect?

Sometimes I think about what is and isn't politically incorrect. When I was a kid, in a different world, in a different time, I don't think "politically incorrect" was even a phrase. As I grew up though, when I had my own kids, I was very "sensitive" about things. After all in college I had majored in Sociology and minored in American Studies. That is me and my sister as kids in an Indian head dress above, I'm the blond and probably the only time in my life I was taller than my sister. When I was in college I spent an entire summer living on a poor Indian reservation, outside of Yuma, AZ close to the Mexican border. I have a post somewhere I've done on that, but can't find it right now. I learned a lot that summer. I learned what it felt like to be discriminated against for being white and blond. I learned what real poverty was, and I learned how unjust and unfair our world is. So, when I had my kids, when they were young, I didn't let them play with toy guns, dress up like Indians, as I did as a child, and I tried to expose them to many of the things in life that were important to me, especially about "accepting" people for who they are, not by the color of their skin. And now, today, I wonder if these sensitivities have backfired? Have we learned along our paths in life to be fair and just, or do we look for reasons to cry discrimination as a means to excel or excuse bad behavior? I think there are many good people in this world that are fair, that are just, and raise their children to be the same no matter what color, religion, or political party they favor. After all, we are all in this together, one world! As I watch my grandbabies grow, I hope that world gets here soon!


White Wednesday

For today's "White Wednesday" I have some wonderful "whites" to share with your from my store, Country Roads.Wonder what's behind the door, well, let me show you!! No words needed, I think these pix's speak for themselves!

The above photos were taken in our newest Country Roads family members, Tim & Lisa great space! Stop by and find some more really awesome "White Wednesday" photos over at Kathleen's blog Faded Charm!


Baby Bella's Little Buddies!

Hi baby Bella! I'm Riley, and I have a little cousin named Morgan. We've never been to a party online, but my Gramma said this was "portant" that I hold the sign and smile. I'm sorry Gramma that it took you forever to take this photo! I know I was giving you a hard time. I guess you can tell by this picture, I was kind of making it hard for Gramma to take the picture, but I just didn't want to hold the stupid sign!!This is when I was being really naughty and just threw the sign on the floor, sorry Gramma. I was better when Gramma gave me three quarters for my piggy bank, as you can tell in the first picture! This is my little cousin Morgan. She is almost two months old. I think Gramma was so frustrated with trying to take my picture that when she typed Morgan's sign, she forgot to put the word "name" on the sign. Morgan doesn't do a lot because she is little like you. I've been trying to teach her to play "patty cake", I think that is what she is doing in this picture. Look Bella, Morgan is trying to smile for you. Her and I have also been working on the smiling thing. Sometimes when I wiggle her nose it makes her smile! Morgan and me just want to tell you thanks so much for letting us come to your party. Gramma told me that, wait let me get this right, "Baby Bella is a very special, sweet little girl". There, I think I said that right! And there was one other 'portant" thing I was suppose to say. . . oh, if all the other people that read what I told Gramma to write on her blog, that there is a "lunk" or maybe it was "link" to your story to go read it on your Mommy's blog thing! Don't ever, ever forget that me and Morgan love you!! And thanks Gramma for writing what I told you to say, I love you too, Riley.


TV "Usually" Puts Me To Sleep!

Usually I watch tv to put me to sleep. I can't handle the news anymore, and let's face it, the rest is pretty boring. There just isn't too many shows I like to watch these days, especially in the summer. But, when Monday night rolls around, my night brightens because my two favorite shows are on, Nurse Jackie and Weeds. And I record them both, so I can watch them over during the week! I've been a fan of Weeds for years, but Nurse Jackie, I was addicted immediately! I think it's one of the best tv series out in a long time! I love all the characters on Weeds, but Celia, she is my favorite! Over all the years that Weeds has been on, Celia has made me laugh the hardest. And Nurse Jackie helps me get that fix of "off the wall" since Six Feet Under has been gone for awhile. Oh, how I loved Six Feet Under. I love that both Nurse Jackie and Weeds are outside of the box!! They never put me to sleep, but instead keep me looking forward to Monday nights! If you haven't seen these shows, try 'em, you will become addicted immediately!


Random Stuff on Sunday Morning

I woke up early this morning, like most mornings. I was thinking about Country Roads, and how so many of our customers are really great and caring people. Sometimes it's hard not to walk around the store and be a bit prejudiced, but we have such awesome displays. Take for example the picture above. Tim & Lisa just re-did their space, and this photo is just a temptation for you to come see the rest. Believe me, it's worth seeing. And yes, they just moved in, but if you know Tim, you know his energy!This photo I borrowed from Rachel Ashwells blog. I received a phone call on Friday from Rachel's assistant Melissa. She said that Rachel wanted her to contact me to see if she could do a "book signing" of her new book at Country Roads. I've always been a fan of Rachel's and now more than ever, especially with everything that is going on now with her stores and all the unpleasant stuff. I will always remember my early years when she filmed segments of her TV show on Style network at my store. It meant a great deal to me. And now she is coming to Country Roads again to do a book signing. I'm still really touched and overwhelmed by her gesture, and am looking forward to the book signing which should be around Thanksgiving/Christmas time. And take some time to visit Rachel's blog, she writes beautifully. If you remember also on Friday, I had done a post about "my boy Bryce" and his junkin' habits and how I have some issues over his "treasures" all over my driveway at other areas at my house! Yesterday while I was working, Bryce came in carrying a really cool vintage window and a vintage frame. He told me they were sitting in the driveway. I was assuming he meant the Country Roads driveway. Nope, they were sitting in my driveway at home! Oh God, please don't let my house become a drop off point like the Goodwill! Random stuff is always happening in my life, not sure why.
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And lastly, I want to thank ALL my customers for the kind thoughts and words they share with me daily. They probably don't realize how much their kindness means to me, but I always am grateful for their words. For some reason, lately I've had a lot of customers talking about the above slideshow I did put together back in March of Johnnye Merles Gardens in honor of my mom. One lady a week ago told me she was bummed because she was had lost it on her computer. And late yesterday afternoon I had such a sweet customer almost in tears telling me how she loves Country Roads and the above slideshow. So, I brought the little "show" back by popular demand. I have so many random things happen in my life, both good and not so good, but instead of questioning the "whys" of it all, I say this to myself quite often these days,"WOW"!! Enjoy your Sunday, it's a beautiful day outside!


The Seashore Calls My Name

I love the beach, always have. I especially like it in the late afternoon, early evening as the sun is thinking about calling it a day!I went down to Brande's apartment in Old Towne Seal Beach to meet her for dinner last night. I love this little town, it is still a small beach community. Just a small three block Main street. Brande and I had dinner at Taco Surf, one of our favorite hole in the wall Mexican food restaurants.After dinner we took a walk down the pier. It was absolutely beautiful out, and the waves have been bigger than normal lately, although not so much in Seal Beach. The breeze was almost chilly, but the views were wonderful. It just was so, so nice out.Each and every time I go down to the beach here, I always think of the simpler life, living at the beach and being able to enjoy these views each and every day.On our walk back to Brande's, I would stop and read all the "for rent" signs. I LOVE my house, my gardens and everything else that goes with it. But there are so, so many times "the seashore calls my name", and I think to myself, wouldn't it be wonderful to live the quiet, simple life of a beach bum!


When This Business Is In Your Blood!

This is a common sight in front of my house daily. What is it you may ask? It is my son, Bryce's truck, filled with recent finds from his adventures of "junkin"!! He's got the "junkin bug" bad! I think he was about eight years old when I got into this business, and soon he will be 26! Where did the time go?It's not uncommon for me to wake up in the mornings to go get my morning paper, and find this, what's in the picture above. Some recent treasures that belong to Bryce!
Then as I round the corner on my way to get my newspaper, there is usually some treasure hidden behind my car! Next I glance on the other side of the driveway because I know without looking that there is going to be "more projects" Bryce has acquired from his junkin habit! After I pick up the newspaper, I usually look at my garden and then I notice another treasure hiding in a different part of the driveway! This IS a big part of the business, I know. But I have to confess, it is a part that just drives me crazy and I have to admit, over the past few months Bryce has really gotten it more under control. And I guess on the flip side of it all, I never fully know what to expect when I venture out to get my morning newspaper. There is always an unexpected surprise waiting for courtesy of my boy Bryce!


My Beach Babes!

It's summer, and the weather has been nice, so Gramma's girls are "ready" for the beach! My dear, sweet RuFie (is what Riley calls Ruthie) sent this little swimsuit to Morgan before she was born. It has a skirt and sandals to match. Justine was so excited yesterday, because Morgan can now fit into it! Here are some more photos of my "beach babes"!

Riley had decided she was done posing for the "Beach Babe" photos, and actually she did have a swim lesson to go to. The little afghan she is covered up with is what Riley and I call her "special blanket". My mom had crocheted it for Katie before she was born, and now Riley uses it. One day I may be able to "let go" of it and give to Riley to take home, but not just yet. I think I still need "my" blanket for awhile longer because it was reminds me how happy my mom would have been to see not only Riley with her special blanket, but with Morgan when she gets big enough to use the one my mom made for Bryce! Hope you all are having as much fun this summer as I am!