Azul's 2nd Birthday!

Today was Azul's 2nd birthday. That is him and his sister Arianna above. The expression on Azul's face is the way he says, "cheese"! Azul's family is a part of my family and we celebrate birthdays, holidays and everything else together. Below are just some smiling faces of "MY" family celebrating little Azul's 2nd birthday!
This was Morgan's first birthday party she has ever gone to as Carol (Azul's mommy) holds her! I think Riley has a thing for the birthday boy!Pinata time, always a frightening moment at little kids birthday parties, no injuries to report though!Riley, being a "lefty" like her Gramma was doing her best to bust open the pinata!Time for the party hats, birthday cake, and blowing out the candles!The birthday boy as we all sing happy birthday to him!!!Party is over and time for us all to say good-bye! All of my family, each and everyone of us, were there to join Carol's family to celebrate Azul's 2nd birthday. You know, you don't always have to be "blood" related to be family, being "heart" related is the best. Happy Birthday Azul, we love you!


The Renaissance Chick said...

I am always amazed at your complete loyalty to your store family! Applause to your children for carrying on the tradition! I love the photo of Riley all dreamy eyed over the handsome birthday boy!


Sue said...

It's not just about "loyality", its about this word: LOVE