The Seashore Calls My Name

I love the beach, always have. I especially like it in the late afternoon, early evening as the sun is thinking about calling it a day!I went down to Brande's apartment in Old Towne Seal Beach to meet her for dinner last night. I love this little town, it is still a small beach community. Just a small three block Main street. Brande and I had dinner at Taco Surf, one of our favorite hole in the wall Mexican food restaurants.After dinner we took a walk down the pier. It was absolutely beautiful out, and the waves have been bigger than normal lately, although not so much in Seal Beach. The breeze was almost chilly, but the views were wonderful. It just was so, so nice out.Each and every time I go down to the beach here, I always think of the simpler life, living at the beach and being able to enjoy these views each and every day.On our walk back to Brande's, I would stop and read all the "for rent" signs. I LOVE my house, my gardens and everything else that goes with it. But there are so, so many times "the seashore calls my name", and I think to myself, wouldn't it be wonderful to live the quiet, simple life of a beach bum!


Malisa said...

Beautiful pictures, Ms. Beach Bum! I'm glad you relaxed and went to the beach!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I'm such a beach girl myself.

My kids are too!

Enjoy your weekend.

taney said...

I have to admit, those are some beautiful pictures! We have had some amazing weather and the beach is a great place to enjoy! I love the beach! I used to live in San Diego. Now I'm back around Pasadena, but the beach isn't too far away. I should make a trip out soon. My favorite is Laguna Beach! (=

The Texas Woman said...

Ya know, the simple life means no antiques. No junk. No clutter. You, dear, aren't up to all those no's! Neither am I!!!!

ginny said...

hey: used to beach a sand lizard myself. i wish the beach were closer. enjoy.