White Wednesday

Happy "White Wednesday" to all of you! This week, I've got some random white stuff from "the store". The good ole' white chippy stuff! This is one of my favorite facades inside of Country Roads! It is a part of an old house that we put back together. The old novelty siding is hard to find these days. And believe me, there is not a day that I walk by this while at the store that I don't appreciate this piece, its history, its age. It's like that old saying, "if only walls could talk"! I can only imagine the store it would tell! Here are a few other photos I took this past Sunday.

The time passes so quickly these days. Hard to believe this is the last day of March!! Be sure to stop by Faded Charm and see Kathleen. She always as amazing photos to share and this week, you will love this, a very cool "giveaway"! Be sure to stop by and leave her a comment. And I have to tell you, after having the opportunity to meet Kathleen when she visited Country Roads, she is truly a "good soul". So, stop on by! Take care.


Recycling Our Stuff

The one thing I love about this business, about "the store" is that it makes recycling fun. I get to change things out in my house whenever a feel like it. I've been kind of tired of the pillows on my glider in my bedroom. And speaking of gliders, I LOVE this glider. It is one of the old vintage ones that usually you find "outside", not in a bedroom. I added some cushions to it, and it is so very comfortable. I always like to rock my little grandbabies on it. It's great for getting them to fall asleep! I've been getting kind of tired of the starfish pillows for awhile now. I was time for a change so, are going to "the store" (aka Country Roads) to be sold. I bought these two pillows over the week-end. It was love at first sight! I bought them from the "Marvelous Marcela", that is so talented and creative AND her prices are so very reasonable. You for sure need to stop by and see what she has got. I don't think you will walk away empty handed! I've also been having a book crisis at home. A bookcase got ripped out, my boy Bryce now has a baby girl that is almost one and needed more room. And, I just have way too many design and decorating books anyway. I was trying to go through them the other night to pick out a few I wanted to keep. The rest of the books went to "the store" to be sold to support my habit, my addition, to design and decorating type books. They are all for sale for only $8.00! At first I thought I would price them individually and realized "why" would I make myself have even more work to do? So, there is my library up for sale, which actually is displayed on Marcela's awesome church pew which is priced very reasonably. It's got the great old white chippy paint on it. And don't forget, we have a BIG Easter sale this Sunday at "the store" from 10am to 4pm! Hope to see you there.


A "Milder" BSC Week-end

It was a "milder" BSC" week-end! We were busy, and I'm exhausted today. We made money the hard way, meaning you sell lots of smalls rather than furniture and basically run your butt off all day!! But hey, I will take it any way I can get it! We did have a little episode, which is pictured above. I walked by a space that is filled with vintage clothes. I was wondering "where" the woman tried on the pants she now had on. Then she started trying on tops, in the dealer space, on the sales floor in full view of everyone! To respect the privacy of this customer, okay, our cell phones don't have the zoom feature on the camera so its not the best picture! If you look close the woman is pictured above in her bra. I have no words except she must be very comfortable with her body in public. I also had a customer, that bounced me a check for $500 back to November, agree to bring back the two paintings she wrote the bad checks on. And if she didn't do this by Saturday at 11am, we were turning the checks and her information over to the police department. We had crazy wind that day, so I am writing up a customer at the counter and I hear a "thud", glance over and see a painting by the front door. Yes, the customer dropped one of the two painting off and ran. But before I could figure out what was going on, I see Katie, at five & half months pregnant, bookin' it out the front door and I can see her running after the woman out the side windows of the store! Katie catches up with her and asks her where the other painting is. Another long story we've heard for months now, but she will have it to me by 5pm that day. Next the phone rings, and it is the customer. I asked her "why" she ran away. I guess she thought since she was five minutes late there would be a cop there to arrest her! Okay, I could have been nice, but I just laughed and laughed at her. I believe that is called karma! I did get back my other painting, and she told Katie she would call me the next day to find out what she owed me in bank fees. Do you want to guess if she called me or not? Nope! So, with that said, I'm off to the bank to make a deposit and see if a bounced $200 check from a couple of weeks ago just might be "good" today! Wish me luck!


My Texas/Cali Connection

It's always been interesting to me, this Texas/California connection I have. I think it has to do with my mom being born and raised in Texas. I would like to say that I took some of these pictures at the Leftovers party, but as you know, I'm here working hard at Country Roads. I hoping to one day soon to get myself to Texas! But for now, I live through pictures. Above is one special lady, Debbie, aka "Trash". She is the Gramma to little Bella, the strongest little fighter I've ever seen, who just turned one year old. I love this picture of Debbie, she looks so cute and happy. People are always fascinated with Tim's hair! Remember the old little troll dolls from the sixties or seventies? There are days Tim's hair is just like that! I'm not sure "why" this lady was measuring Tim's head? !Then I saw this picture, and if I was Tim, I would have someone watch my back, as his head may be joining the most gruesome, frightening table of doll heads I've ever seen in a long time. I HATE these things, they scare the crap out of me!Here we have the world famous Theresa, with our Gloria. Theresa is like the roving blog reporter in the state of Texas. She is always visiting new shops, shows, and all her other favorite vintage places. I personally think that Theresa should dish out some of the dirt that goes on in these establishments (come on, we all know about the DRAMA in the junkin' biz) and Theresa could do like a "Junkin National Enquirer". Theresa, come on girl, I think there is some BIG bucks here, think about it!! Here's Tim again, probably being treated like a "boy toy" as he poses with the perfect hat.Did "ya'll"(I'm trying to get your language down) put him in a corner as well. We all know how Tim loves to talk, so please, he can where the hat, but let the boy talk!! And lastly, one of the tables at the Leftovers party! To all my Texas friends, please make sure my Country Roads family behaves themselves, okay? And thank you Gloria for the pictures!


A Sunny Saturday

My babies are growing so fast. Hard to believe in a little over a week, Morgan will be 10 months old already. She's at a fun age especially with how much she changes each day. Justine took her over to the park the other day near our house. Morgan loved it as you can tell by the look on her face. Finally, the little pink car Morgan has had forever got put together, and now Morgan enjoys cruising around the neighborhood checking things out. It was time for a break. Morgan sat patiently watching the ducks in the distance, the trees and other kids. Morgan can be so mellow at times and then when she is ready for a change, she turns into her daddy! Bryce has no patience, and Morgan at times gets like that and has no problem letting you know about it! I love just watching her when she discovers new things. The way her little hands picks them up and examines stuff at every angle and most likely after that it goes straight to her mouth!! I love how little kids when they are swinging love to look down and find their feet! Just something about little ones on the swings that warms my heart. Seeing Morgan at the park reminds me of an "incident" many years ago at the El Dorado duck pond. I had just dropped off Brande at pre-school and took Katie and Bryce over to see the ducks. Katie wasn't quite two years old, and Bryce was still a baby. One of those damn geese started chasing us. I'm running towards the car with the stroller, which of course my boy Bryce enjoyed. Katie on the other hand, is under my arm SCREAMING at the top of her lungs! I got them both in my old car. It was a old Toyota Celica that sat kind of low to the ground. And that damn goose went over to Katie's side of the car and started pecking on the window! I don't think Katie as been back to that duck pond since!! I've had a week of getting to spend time with my little girls! I am very grateful for that time because I do know that they grow so, so fast. And I'm one of the lucky ones to have my grandkids in my life daily, and I am always so thankful for that. So, with that said, I best prepare to head out to "the store" (our reference to Country Roads). It's a sunny Saturday, and I just KNOW our customers will be in happy, cheerful moods! I hope.


Finally a Family Again!!

These old goofy, vintage cement bunnies are finally a family again! Actually, I never knew that the two my parents had for years, was ever missing a family member! When my parents moved to assistant living we took the bunnies with them. And after my folks died, I just couldn't leave the bunnies homeless, so they live in my garden! I'm one of those people that can't just throw away. My parents bought their house new. It was a small neighborhood in Long Beach that was expanding because of Douglas Aircraft nearby, around 1950. Johnny and Irene Dalhstrom were the last of that group of owners left. Johnny is 97 and sharp as a whip, and his wife, Irene, who is a little younger is doing pretty well for her age. About six months ago, their only daughter, Sherry, had come down to fly them up to Washington to put them in an assisted living near her. Recently she was down trying to list the house on the market and go through the house looking for "valuables". I never understand how easily the memories of the past, of your childhood, of your family are so easily tossed aside while in search for the mighty dollar. She gets what she wants, leaves some of the stuff she wants to be shipped and just leaves everything behind! Then a day later she calls Vinnie, Katie's husband, wanting to know if they will have a sale using the stuff she left behind. I mean she didn't even empty out the refrig, from six months ago when her parents lived there! First, there is nothing of real value there except the house itself. Secondly, she just bailed with no intention of doing anything with ALL the stuff she left behind. Katie, feeling sorry for her, told her she would go see if there was anything she (I couldn't stand Sherry when I was a kid, she being a few years older than me, I got in trouble once for throwing her sweater in a trash can on my way home from school, she's now an old spoiled brat and nothing has changed). All of this brought back a lot of memories for me. When my mom and dad bought their house, they planted a magnolia tree in the front yard. Yep, that's me standing there. As I think most know, after my parents died, Katie and Vinnie bought the house which really warms my heart. My kids, while growing up played under the magnolia tree as well. I still remember my parents, as they got older, sitting in lawn chairs under the big tree, sipping ice tea and watching my kids play! And now, I have that pleasure as well to watch Riley, and soon Morgan, and soon Riley's little brother play under that same tree while I sip a cold Corona occassionally! After work on Monday, Katie wanted me to stop by the house, and see if I thought there was anything of value that she could sell to help Sherry, you know Sherry the most selfish person in the world! For some reason, it just got to me. Sherry had no feelings for the life her parents had built in that home for not only themselves but for her as well. No sentimental value about anything that had no real monetary value. I saw the deck of cards above in the kitchen drawer. For years, while I was a kid, my mom and dad would play Pinnacle, with Johnny and Irene. Just seeing those cards brought back memories so quickly. I didn't want to take any STUFF, as I need nothing. Katie could see it bothered me in that I knew "why" Johnny & Irene kept those cards for all those years, yet their airhead daughter didn't have a clue. The cards came home with me.! I saw all of Irene's old cookbooks, and then a little file where some of her favorite recipes were stashed, stacked neatly on a little shelf. And again I wondered, didn't Sherry want "something" that had meant something to her mom all these years. So, yep, I took those home too! Vinnie was out in Johnny's garage. A single car garage, like my parents, where Johnny had so well organized his tools and things. In the middle of the garage, there was a stack of random stuff under blankets that were to be shipped to Sherry. A lot of the stuff was in totes. The kid in me wanted to open some of those totes and mess with her just like I did when I was a kid. At least the thought made me smile even though I thought it best not too. If only Katie wasn't there!! Actually, Vinnie helped me put together some tools that I could actually use even though old. As we all know, "my boy Bryce" takes everything I own so it was nice to put together a little toolbox made up of Johnnye's tools. And it's nice to know that at one time Johnnye used these. Johnnye who would always say, "hello Susie"! One time when Brande was in junior high, she got out of the car first. And as Johnny always did, he shouted, "hello Susie" followed by "wait, you're not Susie" after he saw me! I can still see Johnny with those old paint brushes, up on a ladder, touching up the trim on his house. I have a special place for the brushes now. ;0} Yesterday Riley and Morgan were playing in my family room. Justine and I were talking about stuff, like why some of us cherish memories so much more than others. Then I started telling her about all the sweaters my mom had knitted and crocheted my kids when they were small. And how I had saved them all. I pulled out the bag, and we put some on Riley and some on Morgan. I know that would make my mom happy that her great-granddaughters can now where those sweaters. I guess memories are what you make them. Not all of us need the "stuff" to remind us, but I have to say, some of my "stuff" really means a lot to me!



I am someone, that I finally just admitted to myself the other day, is really busy. I guess before I just thought I had a lot to do, but now I realize there is a reason there are some days that I am dragging! I get up early to work in my office. My days are spent either at the store, or with my grandbabies, and then I work more at night before heading to bed to watch some tv. I was looking at some old pictures on my computer this morning, while trying to wake up at the same time. These pictures were taken in March of 2007. Riley wasn't even a year old yet. And now she will be four in August. How does that happen? There are so many times, especially now, that I wish I could slow time down. I just don't know how to do it, do you? The months fly by faster and faster each year, amazing! And now my little Riley is in pre-school, takes swimming lessons & swims like a little fish, talks non-stop, and loves to sing. She is a big cousin to Morgan who will be one in June, and Riley will be a big sister in July when her baby brother is born. She has a wicked sense of humor, and Riley did a little video for her aunt Brande the other day. Kind of shows her style of humor, and you just may see what I mean! I post the lyrics to Zach Gill's song all the time, so you don't have to read them, but I need to post them. They warm my heart.

You Watch Them Grow

She's close to God, I'm sure of that
She sits him down, and they have a chat
She asks for sunshine, and he agrees
You see, for her, He'd do anything

You watch them grow, then you let 'em go

She is a monkey, and I'm her tree
And now she's climbing all over me
Swinging on my vines dancing on my limbs
Her monkey sounds sound like angel's hymns

You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go

She is an angel, she is an imp
She's got my big toe, and her mother's lips
She gives fishy kisses, and great big bear hugs
42 pounds of pure love
Then one day she'll be 17, feelin' too big for her home
Seems she was just only 3, oh how our children they grow

You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go

Then one day she'll be 33, maybe with a child of her own
Seems she was just 17, oh how our children they grow
He'll ask for sunshine, and she'll agree
You see for him, she'd do anything
He is her child, the center of her world
She is his mother... my little girl

You watch them grow, then you let 'em go
You watch them grow, then you let 'em go

I hate to let anyone know this, but personally, I'm NEVER letting go!!


White Wednesday

On this "White Wednesday" I want to share some of the "softer whites, with a bit of pink added, all done by my friend Pat Fillipi! Many of you know her, and to know Pat is to love her! She is a very special lady! Country Roads is a big store, in warehouse type buildings, with all the doors open. So it is very easy for things to get dirty. I am always amazed at how "white" Pat manages to keep her things looking. And I may add, she lovingly ties her price tags on with pink ribbons. I'm glad some of my Texas friends had a chance to meet her at the last show if the Fall. Her are some of Pat's beautiful whites.

So on this "White Wednesday" I wish you all the softness of Spring and wishes for sunshine filled days ahead. And don't forget to go visit my other friend, Kathleen, that so graciously hosts "White Wednesdays" each week!


A Different Look at Country Roads

Sometimes it is fun for me to "look" at Country Roads through others eyes. What they pick out to take pictures of is always interesting. And in this case, one of my friends and a dealer at Country Roads, Steve Small, took all of the pictures on this post. He has a "nice" camera, I on the other hand, have the discounted floor model camera that doesn't do our Country Roads justice. Here are some random pictures that Steve took yesterday while at the store.

We REALLY do have some great displays at Country Roads, and the store just looks GOOD right now! For those of you that shop with us regularly you know how inventory turns over daily, and there is something new and different to look at each and every day. Thanks Steve for sharing these photos, I appreciate it!