I LOVE the new tv series Parenthood. I loved the movie, which by the way, Ron Howard directed way back in 1989! Has it been that long? I think what I like best about this new show is it shows us all that life & families aren't perfect. If you think your family is "perfect", well, all I can say is "bless your little heart". My family is very close, and far from perfect. Guess that is why I love this new tv show so much. It kind of shows us what life and family is all about! So, with all my ramblings about this new tv show, you can imagine my excitement awhile back when the set designer (yep, I forgot her name, Janice?)started shopping in our store awhile ago for this new series. Well, that "logo" on the truck above was back again yesterday to pick up a bunch of stuff they bought again for the show.The bigger stuff like cabinets and cupboards are much easier to pick out while watching Parenthood. And the set designer is the easiest person to work with and that makes all the above mean so much more to us here at Country Roads. There were bags of stuff all over the store filled with "smalls". It's hard when you are watching the tv show to pick out stuff that came from Country Roads. The set designer told us that a lot of the stuff from our store is in the parents house on the show. I sat in bed last night (I record the episodes) starring at the kitchen shelves in a scene in the parents kitchen looking for stuff that came from "the store". As I said, there was stuff for Parenthood EVERYWHERE in the store. Including behind the counter! So, with the truck packed up as it leaves our driveway, I'm really hoping Parenthood will be around on tv for awhile. You know how that goes, you fall in love with a show on tv and then all of a sudden it's cancelled! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one!


Maureen said...

How awesome is that! It is a good show. I'm watching it right now. It's heartwarming. Much better than the typical nonsense.

Anonymous said...

i truthfully adore your own posting style, very remarkable.
don't quit as well as keep writing seeing that it just simply worth to look through it.
looking forward to look at alot more of your own stories, good bye :)

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
I'm NEVER surprised by all those that shop your wonderful "store" It is quite amazing, and like I have said before, everyone that goes in there will find something they LOVE !! If not in the first building .. keep going to the second and third .. Something for everyone, and always a smiling face to ask "do you need help" I want to say " yes' I need help, I have this disease, and I want everything" !!! hahaha .. hoping your week-end is good, and your Sunday a happy good one with no crazy people !! But, than, I need to read your stories for my morning laugh .. Rest easy tonite ~
hugs ~tanza~

cigarboxbeads said...

i hope--if Parenthood does ever get canceled---good people get all the goodies from the store--and they don't get trashed--now that would be just horrible!


Belinda said...

I just googled "Set design for Parenthood" and you showed up. I DREAM of this design for my home. Huge compliments to you for having such fabulous taste.

Nashville, TN