A Busy BSC Week-End!

Usually, we are only fortunate enough to experience a BSC Sunday. But I'll be damned, we had our BSC customers ALL week-end long! And I want to give a special "shout out" to the moon that shined so brightly all week-end long! It really intensified the atmosphere for our BSC week-end. Yesterday we got a break from the rain and the sun came out for awhile. But it was still cold. I had stepped outside of the store to throw something in the trash on the corner. I noticed cars slowing down, my customers looking across the street and staring. As I turned to see what everyone was looking at, well, this is what we all saw! I'm hoping that this young lady was just enjoying our California sunshine! But, I have to say one thing. I do believe that even when tanning on a dirty city street, your legs should be together and less of your body should be in the gutter and street! Again, that is just a suggestion for the next time anyone decides to soak up the rays of the sun! And to the rest of our BSC customers that visited us this week-end, well, "bless your little hearts" and I apologize for not being able to sell you any and everything in the store for five bucks! When I flew over to Maui last week, the surf was awesome! Actually, I went to Maui in my dreams. This is the surf down at Sunset Beach yesterday. AND, this beach never has waves this size! Go figure.Brande has decided to go for an early morning bike ride before working at the store yesterday morning. As she peddled "down" to Huntington Beach, things were fine. However, when she turned her bike around to head home to Seal Beach, it was a whole different story as you can see. And what is always amazing in situations like this is when little cars think they can just drive through a flooded PCH like they are driving a Hummer or something! This is the Seal Beach parking lot by the pier after high tide! All I can say is I'm glad I was on my way to work and not parked in this lot! So, all and all between the full moon, the BSC customers ALL week-end long, and the high tide, my days, as usual, are never boring!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Is that classy or what??????????

Maureen said...

Never a dull moment!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hey Sue, glad you had a crazy weekend, I'll be sure and remember your advice the next time I'm sunning myself on a busy Cali street! Ha Ha! Do you think that High Tide had anything to do with the Tsunami warnings for Hawii, from the Chile earthquake?

Malisa said...

Look at the girl's toes! Is she having an intimate moment with the tree or something!??? Weren't you tempted to walk over and ask her WTF she was doing? Never a dull moment at your place, is there?