Be Inspired Friday

I love to participate in Debra's "Be Inspired" Fridays. I'm always running in a hundred different directions, so I apologize for the photos. The battery on my camera was dying and some of the photos are darker than they should be. Being the owner of Country Roads, of course I work at "the store" a great deal of time. But I also work a whole lot in my home office. The above is my desk. I love using vintage things for different things than they are intended to be used for. My desk is really an old harvest table that I've had forever. I love it. I wish I had taken a better picture. It's got a wood top with killer chippy old green painted legs with metal caps on bottom of the legs. I've never seen one like it before. I pretty much spend hours here, and should have "fluffed" my desk before the photo, but it pretty much looks like this all the time if not worse!

An industrial book case not only holds all of my books, but many memories as well. On the top left is Bryce's little league baseball cap, and on the right is my Dad's old ball cap he wore forever. His old Edison hard hat sits in the middle of the books with one of his insulators he collected.

More books, actually cookbooks which is kind of funny since I don't cook much anymore. The photo is of Bryce has a little kid standing in front of a C-17 in Washington DC years ago. I have this obsession with the C-17's. Another story for another day!

Old advertising calendars hang on the closet door. Gifts from my son at different times.

This is a killer table. I should have taken a better picture of it. It's tall and has wheels on the legs. It has a great look to it and works great in m office, especially with the height and size of it! The cabinet above is filled with my folks stuff and letters my Dad had written to his folks during WWII. 

More junk of mine! The "Downtown Orange Parking" is a gift I received last year from my good friends, Larry & Debbie! It means a lot to me because you just don't see too much old stuff about historic Old Towne Orange.

I'm a BIG fan of Nate! I just got his new book. A few years back in the summer time he came into Country Roads. It was one of those moments I could barely talk, I was star struck. He chatted with us as I wrote him up and then I had my picture taken with him.  I was so nervous and star struck but he really is a nice person!

As I mentioned above, my office IS a working office. I use this industrial cart to hold m printer and copier and the top is filled with "stuff" that I use as well.

I love these old bond copies of the New York Times newspapers. Evenually I want to use them for shelves. It's on my list of things to do!

The door on the right came from the old Lincoln Heights jail back in the early 50's. The jail, right before it closed, ended up being used more as a "drunk tank" for all the Hollywood celebrities. If only our vintage stuff could talk! The stories they could tell.

I love this old advertising sign. I got it from Mike Serett a couple of years ago. I guess its in my office because my office has so many random things in it anyway that entertain me! I want to thank Debra again for hosting our Be Inspired Fridays! Stop by her blog and pay her a visit. She is the best of the best when it comes to wonder people!  Take care.


Just In . . .

I love the fact the different stuff at Country Roads comes in all the time, almost daily! I'm really fond of Sue Lennon's space here at the store. It's unique and always has something that will catch your eye!

If you love to shop, and like things that are a bit different, come on down and see us. Because of dealers like Sue and many, many others here at Country Roads, we have great stuff just waiting for you! Take care.


The Star's Boys

Recently we've been doing a lot of moving around. In this big shuffle of ours, we had one large available space come up.  Two of my favorite customers for years, and owners of Star's Antique Mall up in Portland, Brent and Darin, recently joined our Country Roads family.  Here are some pictures of the first "treasures" they have brought in! Take a look. . .

The one thing you can always count on at Country Roads is variety! I believe with all my heart that we really have a great selection of stuff which is also displayed pretty nicely. And if its not, that's only because something probably "sold" from the space. Brent and Darrin are the perfect addition to our Country Roads family. We all hope you all have some time to stop by and see us!  Take care.


Saturday Eye Candy

Sometimes I forget the variety of stuff we have here at Country Roads. I say it all the time, but there really is something for everyone. Here are a few pictures of just different "stuff "here at Country Roads.

Thanks to all of you that shopped with us today. Please know that we all appreciate it. If you are looking for something to do tomorrow, come on down to Country Roads. You can shop with us and several other antique stores here in Old Towne Orange. And if you are hungry. . .we have SO many good restaurants right now, you won't be disappointed. Take care.


Vignettes That Inspire

For the past twenty years, I've been lucky enough to work in an environment that is "filled" with inspiration. I own Country Roads Antiques here in Old Towne Orange, CA. And what I've noticed over the years, the vignettes at CR just get better and better. Here are a few of my favorite ones I had a chance to take a picture of the other day.

Look at our garden. . .it too is filled with inspiration! You can see more of it if you stop by Johnnye Merle Gardens brand new Facebook page. Today I'm linking up with my friend Debra from Common Ground. If you stop by and visit my friend, you will find many more blogs FILLED with some great eye candy and inspiration. Have a wonderful day!


The Industrial Stuff

As I head out to "the store" for day two of our really big sale, I just wanted to share some of the industrial stuff we have at Country Roads. I so love the table above and lamp below that my son Bryce made. Here are some more pictures of some of the great things you can find at Country Roads!

Today we will be open from 10am to 5pm. And since it's BSC Sunday, we are all going to have a fun filled day. Hope to see you down our way. Take care.