Easter With My Family

We are the family that does really "work" together and "play" together as well. Today was our big Easter sale at Country Roads and I worked with all three of my grown kids. It was amazing, but we didn't even want to kill each other by the end of the day! After a REALLY busy week-end, we all went over to Katie's house tonight to celebrate Easter. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

 Uncle Bryce helping his nephew Bodhi finish up his mac 'n cheese. Both of my "boys" love to eat!

My little Brooklyn, she's growing way to fast. But even though she is the youngest in the group, she also had a great time.

This is my boy Bryce, holding Bodhi as he bounces REALLY hard on the trampoline so that Morgan and Riley go up in the air every time him and Bodhi land!! As you can tell, good times for all!

Trying to get a "pose" with all four of my babies. Brooklyn was having a moment.

So, I gave it another try, and everyone seemed a bit happier!

Brande playing the role of "horsie" as Bodhi takes a ride. And let me tell you, Bodhi is "not" a light weight ;0)

And before we all called it a night, and headed home, Brande gave Riley a quick "piggy back ride" on her back. You know, my kids (including Vinnie and Justine) have ALL grown up to be such wonderful, caring people that I am SO proud of, seriously!! I couldn't ask for more!!  I am SO blessed to work together with them at Country Roads and then come home after a busy sales day and enjoy spending  more time together as a family celebrating Easter. Life doesn't get much better than that!


Be Inspired Friday

Happy  Spring to all of you, and soon it will be Easter. I have to say that owning a store that is filled with talent, I am "inspired" each and every day I go to work at my store Country Roads. And I love to put a little vintage inspiration throughout my home. Above the old vintage Easter bunnies make me smile each time I walk by them in my house.

I fell in love with this old vintage typewriter. I had to bring her home.

Old signs are always inspirational since most of them were one of of a kind, painted by hand.  And I have to have my daffodils this time of year!

A love affair with old architectural corbels, vintage lighting and a picture of my son and granddaughter make a great little vignette in my house.

The simplicity of this orchid that was given to me always catches my eye as I walk by it as it sits on a cute little pink industrial stool.

I love old cameras.  Just think of all the inspiration they have had over all of these years!

I love the beach and ocean. And having an old vintage locker basket filled with shells and coral is a constant reminder of that love affair.

A couple of old books tied together were given to me by a friend as a "thank you".  And the picture I took of my grandson Bodhi's little hands in the deco frame is constant reminder of the sweetness and innocence of childhood.

Old clocks, all set at different times is a reminder that my every day life is full of vintage things that truly inspire me. To own Country Roads and have a store full of talent is the best way to be inspired daily. I'm linking up tonight with my friend Debra over at "Be Inspired Fridays"! Enjoy your Easter and I hope you spend the day with those you love. Myself and my kids will be working on Easter from 10am to 4pm on Easter Sunday. Come on down and see us!



 What I love the very most about Country Roads is it is always changing! Our vignettes, our displays, and just the overall little changes in the store always brighten my days!

I'm always blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of positive and caring people.  Since day one, that is something I have always believed in and promised myself that I would never lose sight of just the simplicity of being nice!  As I move forward into 2013, I know that I will continue to always have, not just a "store," but a place where our customers can shop and always, without a doubt, feel "welcomed"!  And if you are wondering about the crazy picture above, it is our invitation to all of you to come on down and see us on Easter Sunday for our sale, "I'd Rather Shop Than Hunt Easter Eggs Sale"!!  As always there are wonderful discounts throughout ALL of Country Roads, including outside in our beautiful gardens. I hope to see you all soon, and "thank you" again for the kind words you always share with us and support over all of these years. Take care.


Be Inspired Friday

Here we are on "Be Inspired Friday" again! The time, as we all know, if flying by. As so many of you know, I am always, without a doubt, "inspired" by all of my Country Roads family. They put together some pretty amazing vignettes and displays!

The pictures above are ONLY a small selection of the eye candy I'm surrounded by each and every time I walk inside of Country Roads. I'm linking up today with my sweet friend, Debra for "Be Inspired Friday"! Have a great week-end.


My Boy Bodhi

This is my grandson, Bodhi.  Before I get started, don't even begin to let that little smile of his make you think he is so cute and innocent. This little boy is a wild man! He broke his ankle, had stitches in his chin, and few other minor incidents all before he was even two years old. He will turn three in July and just maybe he will slow down a little bit?  He hung out with me for a few hours this morning.

He's non stop. Loves adjusting the blinds for just the right lighting!

I've got an old vintage toy tractor and trike inside of my house. It's perfect for demolition derby, or at least my boy Bodhi thinks so.

I sent this picture to Katie this morning. I texted her, "yes, this is your son"!

I think my little guy stood still for maybe a second or two?

The boy is ALWAYS looking for food! Of course there is never the good stuff at my house like there should be. But to my defense, I forgot he was coming over today. That frozen Pina Colada you see in my freezer? That will be for me a bit later today! Even though Bodhi is busy, I love him to pieces. And I know he kind of tortures Riley and Morgan, but hey. . . maybe Bodhi and Brooklyn can bond when she gets bigger!



I love little vignettes. I don't know what it is about a small grouping of things that just seem to go together? I do know though that I love 'em. The little vignettes in this post are mine in my home. The one above is just an small suitcase with some shells, seafans, and an old vintage door plate added to it the mix.

I got this little medical fold out cabinet a few weeks ago. All the drawers are labeled and I love all the wear and tear it's got on it.

I love old paint brushes. There was this random old radio part at Country Roads that called my name. I wasn't sure at the time what I would do with it. I ended up putting an old picture of me and my Dad in it and sat it on top of the old brushes.

My grandkids little cowboy boots, and my son Bryce's are the second on the left, the little brown ones. My Mom gave them to him when he was just a little guy. I still have to pick up a pair for my newest grandbaby Brooklyn. I love buying the vintage kids cowboy boots for my babies!

What is about old books, especially children's books? They always call my name!

A collection of big old light bulbs and old paint brushes sit in an old locker basket.

I love, love, love old architectural elements. They make a great backdrop for anything including my plant in an old loving cup.

I fell in love with this heavy, silver "mermaid angel"! I just had to have her.

One of my very, very favorite old advertising signs that hold my old swimming caps. I've had this sign forever!!

My folks wedding picture sits in an old deco frame next to my Maui champagne from several years ago.

I have a little shelf in my bathroom that my orchids and some shells sit on. Everyt ime I see one of these small advertising bottles or tins, I add 'em to my collection. I guess little vignettes, for me, always have some kind of story to tell or a memory to preserve! Please take some time go see my friend Debra's blog for some more "Be Inspired Friday" blog posts! There is, without a doubt, some great eye candy! Have a great day.


My Garden

I am SO loving this time of year. My garden begins to "take off" and nothing makes me happier! I have always had a fondness for yellow roses. It's was my Mom's favorite as she always loved her "yellow rose of Texas"!

I didn't realize until now that the old watering can by the yellow roses has traces of old yellow paint on it similar to the roses!

I always add "junk" (I mean valuable collectibles) to my garden. For me it gives my gardens so much more character.

Since my oldest daughter, Brande (whom also owns Johnnye Merle Gardens & Nursery at Country Roads) always adds new plants to my garden, I'm not always sure what this plant it is. Although  I love the color on of these flowers!

With the old piece of picket fence, it adds even more color to the garden. On the other side of the picket you can see my hollyhocks that have gone WILD!

My hollyhocks are always one of my favorites. This year they are really going crazy.

I'm always a fan of the white chippy paint. Even though its beat up, I love my little birdhouse with the piece of picket fence behind it.

My sweet peas are also taking on a life of their own as they are growing a bit wild and crazy!

I've never had this color of sweet peas before. I love the different shades of red and pink on them. One of my favorite things to do is to cut little bouquets of sweet peas and bring 'em inside in a small vase. They always smell SO good.

This was a new plant for Brande this year. She was anxious to see it bloom. I just noticed that the picture is blurred. The leaves, as you can see, are a dark maroon. And the flower has a great soft maroon color on it as well.  It's funny what makes us happy in life. I've always been one that appreciates the simple things, like being able to have a garden I can call my own! Happy Spring!!