White Wednesday at Country Roads

I know its a bit early for my White Wednesday post, but I've got a busy day ahead. Off to "the store" in a few minutes so I thought I would share a few of my favorite "whites" from Country Roads.

I can't say this enough, but what I love most about my store is the variety that we have! Here's wishing you all a beautiful day and hoping you will stop by and pay Kathleen a visit where you will find many other beautiful White Wednesday posts!


It's Sunday!!

Not too much time for words on this quiet, peaceful Sunday morning! For some reason, mornings are always my favorite time of day. I only had a little bit of time to take pictures yesterday. There wasn't a lot of down time since we were so busy. Something I'm very appreciative of. I love this little industrial bench. Something about it, maybe because it is so different?

Have a wonderful Sunday! And of course if you are looking for something to do today, you know where to find us.  Take care.


CR Variety

The one common denominator that we all share at Country Roads is the importance of "display" and "quality"! We have a wide variety of great vignettes here at my favorite store! Here are a few of the things that caught my eye the other day!

The week-end is just around the corner. If you are looking for something to do, please stop by and pay us a visit at Country Roads. We are open every day from 10am to 5pm!


It So Feels Like Spring!

The calendar still says its Winter, but my garden is telling be it is beginning to feel a whole lot like Spring! This week our temps have been in the upper 70's and I have to tell you, my heart is encouraging me to head on down to the beach for awhile. It "is" that beautiful out today! These are just some random pictures I took this morning. I went out to get the newspaper and noticed how many new plants are popping up everywhere!

For some reason I have hollyhocks popping up everywhere this year! The two pictures above this one (which also has hollyhocks coming up)  are where most of the hollyhocks are surprising me. This is a little piece of my parkway on the other side of the driveway. Bryce, in his younger years, use to make cement garden hearts. And where did he rinse his buckets out and dispose of the old cement? Right here in this small section of hard dirt and cement! I can't wait for all of the flowers to bloom this year. I'm curious to see what colors they will be. 


White Wednesday at Country Roads

Today is not only "White Wednesday" but I actually have a day off! Well not entirely as I have huge stack of paperwork to tackle but at least I'm working at home and sitting down. After our big President's Week-end Sale, it is nice to be able to "sit" and give my feet and legs a break. Our customers are truly amazing! This sale was, by far, the best President's Day sale we have ever had in our 19 years in business. Thank you from all of us here at CR!  I've got some beautiful "whites" to share with you this morning, courtesy of Debbie and Loretta. I hope you enjoy them.

Be sure to stop by my friend Kathleen's blog for some more beautiful "White Wednesday" eye candy! And again to each and every Country Roads customer that stopped by our sale to shop, a heartfelt "thanks" from myself and my Country Roads family!!


Day Two Eye Candy

Today is Sunday. And it is also day two of our big sale that we are having! As I sit here in front of my computer,  I realize how busy we were yesterday as I have a few aches and pains from our amazing day. I was a bit surprised by how busy we were. The morning started off early when a bus of wonderful shoppers pulled up to the store and began to shop! My gratitude goes out not only to the customers from San Diego, but to each and everyone of you that stopped by yesterday. Here is a little bit of eye candy below to show you some of our "stuff" at Country Roads!

Again, I'm very grateful for all of you. Thank you and I look forward to seeing many more of you today. For those of you that like to garden, Johnnye Merles Gardens & Nursery is having a sale. Pick up some wonderful plants for your Spring gardens, including Annie's Annuals at 15% off. Take care.