White Wednesday

This "White Wednesday" finds those of us here, in Southern CA, still really chilly. But at least the sun is shining! This WW, I decided to share some of Loretta's beautiful "whites". She has a couple of areas at Country Roads, and they always look just over the top beautiful. Here are a few pictures to show you what I mean.

I hope you find some time to go visit Kathleen and not only her awesome "White Wednesday" photos, but all the other beautiful "White Wednesday" posts as well. I'm scheduling this to post a bit earlier than normal. I'm headed off to the happiest place on earth, I think, Disneyland!! I will spend this evening probably freezing, and I did swear a couple of years I would never, ever go to "THE PARADE" again! You know the awesome Christmas parade that starts at Sleeping Beauty's castle and winds its way down Main Street. The parade really is a beautiful thing to watch, it is just an enormous crowd pushing and shoving to leave when it ends. No fun! But I SO loved watching Riley when she first saw the parade at about 17months old! So, I am being brave and doing it again because I want to catch that magical feeling once again in Riley, Morgan, and Bodhi's eyes. It's something you can't even describe nor ever forget. Happy White Wednesday to one and all!


Hanging Out at Johnnye Merle's Gardens & Nursery

So, for all of you that have mentioned to me that you never see pictures of me on my blog, well look above, there I am! That is me and MY shadow! It was so cold inside the store yesterday that I thought I would step out back and stroll through Johnnye Merle's Gardens & Nursery! I will admit it wasn't much warmer there either, even with the sun shining, but it was a nice escape! It's easy to hide there! I love going "out back" in the garden that my oldest, Brande, named after my Mom, her Gramma. There is just something special about wandering through the gardens, I can't explain it. And it's beginning to look a bit like Christmas as well! Here were some things that caught my eye while I quietly escaped out to the garden!!

If you have time, be sure to click on the LINK that goes to Brande's blog about JM Gardens. There is a great article she wrote about Fall gardens! Next time you stop by Country Roads, I hope you will have some time to stroll through our gardens!

"The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses"

~Hanna Rion


Industrial Sunday

Oh baby, it IS cold outside! Those of us that live here in Southern CA put up with traffic, expensive housing, over crowding, and more! Why? Because we don't care much for really cold weather!! The past couple of days I've worked, I've gone INSIDE Country Roads and its been 56, then 55, and I'm hoping this morning maybe it will reach 60? So, with all my whining aside, I thought I'd give you some of the cold, cool looks of the industrial stuff courtesy of my boy Bryce.

It's busy holiday week-end for all of us here at "the store". And it has been my pleasure to see so many of our favorite customers and have a chance to chat with you all as well. Hope to see many more of you today, and remember, "oh baby, it's also cold inside!! Take care and dress warm!


Just In

We have a new dealer space at Country Roads. The dealer isn't new, she's very familiar with Country Roads. She just asked that I wait a bit to take pictures of her space until it was more full, and closer to be completed. I will tell you though, she sold an awesome old two piece cupboard the first day it came in, and it wasn't cheap either. I think she was a bit shocked, as it has been awhile since she's done this. Here are a few pictures below of her little space.

There's much more to come, but I know the stuff will be some great primitive & country stuff along with some of vintage advertising as well. Once she decides to let you know who the dealer is, I'll be sure to post some more pixs and let you know as well. Hope you all stop in to see us this week-end. For those of you that enjoy cold weather, Country Roads can provide that for you! Yesterday when we opened it was 56 degrees INSIDE the store!! Take care.


Thanksgiving 2010, DONE!

I kind of felt like Bodhi in the picture above this Thanksgiving. A little upside down in all the chaos of Thanksgiving, but it was good chaos, nonetheless! Katie's husband, Vinnie, is Italian. He has a lot of family which would be an understatement. It makes my family look small. So, with Brande gone, myself, Katie, Justine, Bryce, Morgan, Riley and her cousin Apple, spent some time in Riley's room. Yes, there were THAT many people. It was a little "Jackson" time, so to speak. Here are a few pictures of the time we grabbed as a family. And yes, Riley has a drum set in her bedroom, and actually is pretty good

As you all know we are all really family, and later in the evening Vinnie handed me the phone. It was Brande calling from France, you know, that phone call made me know that it was really Thanksgiving. My family will fight with each other from time to time, but we don't hold grudges. At the end of the day we can all go to sleep knowing that "we ARE family" as corny as that sounds. Hope you all had as wonderful of Thanksgiving as I did!