Monday Morning Ramblings

Do you ever have things or something that has happened and you just can't get it off your mind? I'm in the mood right now. As most of you know by now, my store is in historic Old Town Orange, CA. It's a great little Old Towne, old houses, established in the 1880's and filled with history. And in California, there aren't too many of these kinds of little Old Towne's left. Most of the businesses down here are family owned, very few "chain stores". It is a great place to take a walk around in, and you are just reminded of the simpler times in life, of days gone by.

Yesterday afternoon, while busily working at Country Roads, something happened that I can't forget. Country Roads is on W. Chapman, a block away from Plaza Park, pictured above. This little park, with it's historic foundation, sits in the middle of where four streets end. Meaning, some of our CA drivers don't drive well as is, and throw in this "circle" to drive around, where basically four streets come to an end at, is really frightening. Being a pedistrian is even worse. Cars are so busy watching for other cars in the opposite direction that they don't pay attention to people in the crosswalks. Many of us know how scary it is to cross the streets here in Old Towne!

Yesterday, the worst happened. It was a beautiful Sunday outside, and people were walking, out shopping, grabbing lunch and just enjoying the day. Then as Hannah stepped out of our front door, she heard a scream, then the noise. We all looked and a young woman, who with her two friends, was hit by a car a block away from the store at the "circle". Her face went almost through the car windshield, the impact of her being hit broke the driver's side mirror and she just laid on her back, lifeless, in the crosswalk, her face bleeding, while her two friends stood over her waiting for help to arrive. The driver stood by his car in shock, I'm sure not even knowing what to do. Everyone was starring at him. My heart went out to him imagining how he must have felt. It was such a sad and tragic thing to happen. Finally emergency crews arrived and it did take them awhile to get her loaded into the ambulance.

I guess the reason I'm writing this today is kind of two fold. First, I had emailed one of my favorite City Council members last night and asked her if there was any way she knew of for to get a campaign started to install stop signs on all four corners where the streets end at the "circle". And secondly, I can't get yesterdays accident off my mind because it was such a reminder to appreciate what we have daily. Sadly, there are times that people's lives can change in a split second. So is it worth being upset or pissed off at the "little" things in your life? I just kept thinking here were three friends out shopping yesterday, probably had lunch at one of our many restaurants and in a matter of seconds, all three of their lives were changed as was the driver of the car. I just hope as we begin a new week on this Monday that all of us will remember to appreciate the important things in life, the small stuff. Have a good week!


Susy said...

Stop signs is a great idea; I'm sure after the accident many would be in favor of them. I appreciate your tender-heartedness toward the driver, as well as the young lady ~ and your insights into valuing Today.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Well said!!

Vintage Market Place said...

life is too short and as told here life changing in a blink of an eye.
Hold those important to you close and live life to the fullest.
Sue, you always have insightful and inspiring posts.
Thank You!

Genie said...

Thank you for the reminder. I always tell my little ones to make eye contact with the driver.

Genie said...

Thank you for the reminder. I always tell my little ones to make eye contact with the driver.

Annie Louise said...

Very well stated post. I try to drive slowly especially around the circle in Orange--but sometimes it is hectic what with the traffic (crazy drivers who speed around the circle) and pedistrians who just step off the curb, without making sure the driver has seen them. I think stop signs would be a huge improvement (at least I hope they will help). It is amazing how in the blink of an eye, lives can change. I sometimes get so frantic and in a hurry, that I forget to look around and enjoy all the wonderful sights and blessings in my life. Thanks for the reminder.

The Boston Lady said...

What a dramatic reminder that life can change in a second. Oh, I hope that young woman will be okay and that the man who hit her will be able to forgive himself. Awful for everyone. Ann

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Wow Sue..what a tragic event.I agree with you completely.How fast our lives can change.That girl is in my prayers..hopefully she is ok!! Hugs,Rachel