Sweet Monday Morning Eye Candy!

What better way to start the week-off than with some of the great stuff we have here at Country Roads that is just waiting for you to take home! Believe me,  I  am one of the best customers here at Country Roads as well.  Here is just a very, very small selection of what we have at CR right now. . .

Most of you know that Country Roads is about 10,000 square feet of so many different kinds of things. What I love the most about CR is that there is really something for everyone. And along with that we have pretty good prices as well.  As the holidays approach us,  I still firmly believe that giving a gift of something antique or vintage is the best gift ever!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Take care. . .  Sue


The Fall Weather Has Arrived!

 I know I'm not alone when I say, "yes, our Fall weather is here"!  After having so much heat for so many weeks, this cooler Fall weather is very much appreciated!  Country Roads is so full of so many wonderful things, it is always hard for me to only be able to pick a hand full of photos to share with you!  I hope you enjoy our Country Roads eye candy!

Please know that we always appreciate those of you that take the time to look at some of our favorite "stuff" here at Country Roads. My hopes are that we will see you soon. . .


A Few of My Favorite Things at Home

So, this week I ran out of time when it came to taking some pictures at Country Roads to share. So, I thought, even if you can't buy these things, you might want to see some of my very favorite things I've bought over the past 22 years here at Country Roads. The old harvest table is my all time favorite. It was the first primitive piece I bought for my home. I only wish it could tell the stories of all of those that have gathered around her! 

I love old baby shoes, and the sweet lady in the photo is of my great-grandmother. Sadly I never got to meet her or hear her stories about growing up in Texas like my Mom did as well. But I do cherish this photo! I hope you will find some time to come on down and shop with us. And maybe you too can find something that will always have a story of its own to tell!   Take care. . .


A Sizzlilng Thursday!

So, are we warm enough today? I love warm weather, but this mini heat wave we've been having? No thanks,  I can live without it.  Hopefully, this will all pass soon, very soon.  And if you want to get out and enjoy some sweet eye candy, I hope you stop by to see us all at Country Roads. Yes, we do have a/c but more importantly, we have wonderful things as well! See for yourself below!

So my friends, I look forward to seeing you soon weather it's hot, cold and anything and everything in between!  Country Roads, "always your favorite, never the same".