Monday Mornings

My Monday mornings are much like most peoples Saturday mornings. In some ways I enjoy having Mondays off because when I do errands there aren't as many people out and about like they are on the week-ends. I love the old clock in the above picture. It also reminds me how fast time really does go by. Halloween is just a couple of days away, and then we really roll into the holidays. On another note, I still can't say enough about everyone that is a part of Country Roads. I have wonderful people that make up our Country Roads family. They add so much with all their great vignettes and displays. Here's some Monday morning eye candy just for you. . .

Do you take a cart with you to the flea markets? Why not shop in style with the fashionable cart that Debbie Watts threw together? You definitely will be the queen of any flea market with it! I hope you all have a great week and be sure to find some time to stop by and see us.


We've Got It!

What do I love best about my store, Country Roads? It's the variety of "stuff" that we carry. We've got a little bit of everything packed into our three buildings and gardens. Here are some random photos to show you what I mean. . .

I know many of you have been searching for the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Yes, we have that too here at Country Roads. Debbie Cooper does a wonderful job  as a rep for this great paint. And she also teaches classes on the second Sunday of every month if you are interested. So, with that said, it's time for me to finish getting ready for work and here's to hoping you will stop by for a visit! Take care.


She Does It All

Cyndy Finch and her husband Bill, are amazing. Seriously! With a full time job, Cyndy still manages to put all of "this" together. And that includes sewing many of the pillows you see. They have a  lot of real estate here at Country Roads and all of it, and I do mean "all" of it, always looks great.  Take a look at some of the magic she performed yesterday.

All of my Country Roads family works hard, and I'm grateful for that. But I'm just always amazed to see the magic that Cyndy and Bill perform here at Country Roads without making a sound. And by the way, I'm working hard to get my online store up and running by the first of the year. This year I just had way too much going  on to do it all. If you should every see anything you can't live without, give us a call and charge it over the phone. Have a beautiful Fall day.



This business of ours is one of passion, love, and affairs with pieces of furniture and just stuff that you can't live without. I think many of us in this business know about the passion of it all. When things are a one of a kind, there is something in you that just makes you have to have it, or at least lust it! Shawn and Jennie moved back to Iowa a few months ago. They love it, as there are always able to finds great stuff at auctions, barn sales and more. Below are some pictures of some of the great stuff they came back with this trip. 

At Country Roads we have that tag line thing that says, "always your favorite, never the same". I think that is what I enjoy the most about the store. It's always changing with great stuff, new vignettes and more. I hope you get a chance to stop by and see what we've got right now. I like it!!


Take a Peek

This morning while I was selecting photos for this blog post, I realized that I really don't need any words. Each and every time you walk into Debbie Watts area of the store, you are never, ever disappointed. I've seen a lot talent in these past twenty years or so in this business. But the continued hard work and just the "magic" that Debbie performs with her vignettes, will pull you in. Take a look. . .

I'm sure you can see what I mean. The vignettes and displays are amazing. The weather has finally, yes finally cooled down. It's a great time to shop with us on this beautiful Fall week-end. There are a lot great things at the store right now,  even got a new shipment of Annie's Annual's in out back in Johnnye Merles Gardens. I hope to see you soon!