Trading Spaces

We have sort of a three way move going on at Country Roads. Pictured above is Nancy Griffin's new space. Nancy has been going through some difficult times right now, so Bryce moved her space and decorated it. Actually considering how fast he moved and displayed Nancy's space, I thought he did a great job and it's looking pretty good. This is Eileen Johnson's new space, which use to be Nancy's. Yesterday she added some fresh pink paint to the walls and painted the floor white. A lot of the wood used in Country Roads was from the old Laguna Beach boardwalk. It adds to our rustic look! This is another one of Eileen's vingettes she did today. Tomorrow we have another dealer moving into Eileen's old space. I think that is what keeps people coming back to the store, we are always changing things up and "mixing the timely with the timeless"!


I'm A Geek: The Moon & Venus!

Okay, I got a little distracted on the way to my room to watch Ellen. Katie knows I'm all into the moon and stars thing, so she called to tell me to take a look at the moon and Venus! I'm glad she did or would have been sad to have missed it. Venus is at its max when it comes to brightness and both the moon and Venus are crescent shaped. I do believe Jupiter is involved in this cool evening show in the sky, but not exactly sure. Anyway, I hope you all get a chance to see what I'm talking about. I just dragged my daughter-in-law away from the cupcakes she was making to look at the sky. I also, like a geek, tried to take a photo but apparently I need a much better camera so I downloaded one from the internet. Happy star gazing!!

"Ellen" Night!

Most Friday nights I do the same thing, since my Friday nights are like most people's Sunday nights in that my work days start tomorrow. I like to watch my weeks worth of recorded Ellen shows. I chill a couple of Corona's in the freezer, get in my jammie's and watch The Ellen Show in bed. I absolutely LOVE the Ellen show and it would be a dream to go see one of her shows! To me, Ellen is one of the funniest people around. I love when she plays "Blindfolded Musical Chairs". If you haven't seen it,you should, you will laugh your ass off!! I think the fact that Ellen is laughing the most out of everyone makes it even funnier. And how about that dancin? I love to dance so watching Ellen entertain a whole audience with her dancin skills is awesome. And let's not forget some of her favorite guests. I love the 82 year old woman who Ellen calls on the phone and she tells Ellen, "I love Jesus but I drink a little bit". They flew her out to the show and made her a big scotch on the rocks when she sat down on camera for her interview. And outside of all the dancin and comedy, Ellen has a huge heart. She is always helping people so what more could you ask for in a tv show? My day has been trying, nothing bad, just one technological breakdown after another. I went down to Whole Foods to get some sushi for dinner and was going to take a photo of the marina and sunset, which is across the street. When I got there, I didn't have my camera. It was kind of the way my day went ALL day, and you know, "mama said there will be days like that"! So, I'm off to watch my week's worth of the Ellen show, while lovin' Jesus as I drink a little bit!!


Simple Things

"It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all". I spent my day with my most favorite little person in the whole world,Riley! I prefer the simple things in life, things that make me laugh, things that warm my heart. I don't care for days like yesterday, full of complexity and confusion.
"lunch time"
"computer times"
"scary dinosaurs"
"Gramma's bed"
"the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"


Mr. Wonderful & New Wife

  This is a picture of Mr. Wonderful (my ex-husband) Brande and Katie right after Bryce was born, a little over 25 years ago.Mr. Wonderful and New Wife became parents today of a new baby boy through the "miracles of modern medicine and money". Mr. Wonderful is 54 and New Wife is 48 years old. It is amazing what science can now manage to pull off these days. It is New Wife's first child. My feelings? Well, first, looking at the picture above reminds me, you really never know what your future holds. I always thought I would be married forever and looked forward to having a house full of little grandkids. I still have a house full of grandkids, so actually the only thing that changed is Mr.Wonderful isn't here so life is better for me. When Mr.Wonderful and I divorced ten years ago, he swore he never, ever wanted to get married again because basically I had ruined that whole marriage experience for him. Sorry Mr. Wonderful, although I didn't exactly see it that way. I remember about five years ago he flew everyone over to Maui for a his and New Wife's wedding. I woke up wondering that morning "how" I would feel. And I was surprised that I felt really nothing, it was just another day in my life. I was busy with Country Roads and obvioiusly a little shorthanded because my kids were gone and couldn't work at the store, but outside of that, I could have cared less. Today Mr. Wonderful and New Wife are new parents, and again, same thing, I really didn't feel anything. I did ask Katie if the baby was healthy, to which he is, which I'm grateful for. I do have some resentment that so much money was spent "through the miracles of modern medicine" to bring this child into the world. As we all know, there are so many babies in this world that need good homes. Also, since recently seeing Slumdog Millionare, I'm even more sensitive to children living in extreme poverty in our world. But when it gets right down to it, what Mr.Wonderful and New Wife have done is really none of my business, so be it! I'm glad the baby is healthy, but outside of that, and I have to be honest, I thought I would have a whole LOT more to say, but I don't. My life will continue to be full of those I love and I hope to keep growing as a person and to Mr.Wonderful, New Wife, and baby William, I wish you well. Okay, I do have to say this,just one small thing "what in the hell were you thinking"?
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Cell Phone Towers, Dancin, Cookin, My Girl, and Karma & Q-Tips

I woke up this morning feeling like crap, my ear was on its second day of being completley plugged. But then things began to change. First, Riley came over and we built "cell phone towers" together with mini cell phones out of her blocks. Then we did some "dancin", our favorite thing to do and Riley was dancin' pretty fast today, me, I still couldn't hear! Next it was time for Riley to do another thing she loves, "cookin". She made us both "lunch"!Pretty soon daddy was here to pick up "my girl", cause Gramma had a doctors appointment. On to the "karma & q-tips". The past week or so, I haven't been feeling real good, a bit of a cold, nothing horrible. But every night my sinus' would drain into one of my ears(gross) and I would wake up not being able to hear out of that ear, but it always immediately opened back up. Yesterday morning, my ear was REALLY plugged up, I couldn't hear anything and it wouldn't open back up! I "googled" how to unplug a plugged ear and tried everything, and nothing worked! So, I got a q-tip! We all know the limits of the q-tip. You should only shove them so far down your ear and as the doctor said to me this afternoon, "you just figured you had gone that far, why not go ahead and shove all the way down your ear". Which I had done and which also didn't work. So all day yesterday at the store I couldn't hear in one ear at all, and stuff was echoing out of my other ear. It was making me CRAZY! Then this morning, even after my horrific experience after work at CVS where customer service sucks, the stuff I got there didn't help either. I was miserable. The "karma" of the whole thing is I've been pissed because my health insurance was going up again. Thankfully and gratefully I've been blessed with great health and never go to the doctors. So, I was going to apply online for cheap health insurance. Katie got me a doctors appointment today, they took me right way this afternoon.They "flushed" out my nasty ear and I can once again hear out of both ears! I have never felt so good in my life when I once again could HEAR!It kind of showed me the importance of good health insurance. It was the karma I needed not to switch my health insurance. And just a tip about "the tip of a q-tip". . .you need to remember to proceed with caution!Otherwise, you REALLY feel damn old when you can't hear anything for a day and a half!


Only Just the Beginning!

Bryce and Justine started the soon to be baby Morgan's, room today. They have a large room at my house so they have plenty of room to dedicate a section to her. Above is an old vintage swing Bryce bought a long time ago. He is awesome when it comes to decorating, and it will soon hang near the crib. This is the crib which is kind of a cherry wood, and it too hasn't been completely "acessorized" yet. I was anxious to get the photos up because I know how cute the finished room will be and wanted to have some "before" pictures. It's cool to see the "daddy" get into the decorating, but with my son I feel bad that Justine probably won't have a whole lot of input! Bryce has always been really good at putting displays together and decorating. I think his baby daughter's room will be his best work ever. After all, it's a labor of love!


Movin' A Historic House!

My store, Country Roads is in Old Towne Orange, CA. It's an historic area, and a beautiful place filled with the most awesome historic homes. In a disposable world, this little Old Towne area takes great care in preserving the past. Yesterday they actually moved a historic home to a different location. If this isn't preservation, then I don't know how else you could define that word. Our little Old Towne area is filled with family businesses, such as mine. I'm glad to be a part of this community where they value history, things from the past, and they don't allow them to be destroyed or become disposable. And with all that is going on in the world today, I hope with all my heart that all of our family businesses continue to thrive here in Old Towne Orange! This is what our country was founded on, these values, these little businesses are an important part of our roots, our culture. And when I see such great efforts made to move a house, like Louie Armstrong's song, "I think to myself what a wonderful world it is".(photo from the OC Register online)


Happy Birthday Justine

It was my Justine's birthday (my daughter-in-law) last week. So after work tonight all my family went out to dinner to Mexican Affair, which will soon be closing after like 30years in business. The woman the owns it wants to retire. I love this place and will really miss it.This is a horrible picture of my family, Katie is hiding, and it was dark, I couldn't see, so as I said, its a bad picture! But hey, I tried. After dinner we all went over to Brande's for dessert. As you can see, Riley is totally into her cupcake. I don't ever care how tired I am or what else is going on in my life, I always LOVE spending time with my Riley! I also love to spend time with my family. We are one of these families where someone is always pissed at someone else, or some other drama has happened. But the most important thing at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what has happened, we get over it. And when it comes to celebrating a member of our family's birthday, it's all forgotten. . . happy birthday Justine, and I'm glad you are a part of our crazy family!



Activism is sort of described as "the practice of using action to achieve a result". I sincerly admire activists! I took another afternoon off to spend time with myself and went to see "Milk". If you haven't seen it, I strongly suggest you do. It brought back a lot of memories for me of the 70's. Sean Penn was awesome in the role of Harvey Milk. The thing that kept coming back to me as I watched the movie is that 30 years ago they were fighting to defeat Prop 6 in California. And here we were again, a few months ago, unbelieveably 30 years later, trying to fight to defeat Prop 8 in California. I know it's a touchy subject to many people, (sorry, not for me)and I have to say it, "prejudice is prejudice", no matter how you try to skate around it, no matter how much you sugar coat it, prejudice is just wrong! I was brought up in a family that "accepted" people regardless of race, sex preference, and all the other stuff people find reasons to be prejudiced about. I will now "try" step down off my soap box and just say, go see the movie "Milk", it is very, very good. I hope Sean Penn wins the Oscar on Sunday night, he deserves it! To lighten the subject, after the movie I went down to Brande's. We walked to Taco Surf, a little hole in the wall Mexican resturant. After dinner we were headed to walk down the pier, I just had to stop. On the corner by Coldstone, there was this Japanese woman walking this HUGE Siamese cat on a leash that was sniffing the dog pee on the building!! I wish I had my camera with me, which I almost always do! The woman's English was a little broken but she was encouraging me to pet the giagantic cat. Now, I have way too many cats of my own, and I'm a total cat lover, but I have and have had Siamese cats. They are extremely bright and have a mind of their own. So when I saw the cat look at me as in saying, "don't "F" with me or I'll bite your hand off", I just politely declined to pet her cat. The woman said something else, which I couldn't understand, and I just smiled and quietly walked away amazed at what I had just seen! The ocean was beautiful tonight, the air was crisp and clear. I'm really grateful to live so close to the beach. On our walk back home, I ran into one of my good friends Leslie, and her family. It was a nice evening, nice spending time talking to Brande. She campaigned on "No on Prop 8" back in the fall. I was so proud of her for heading up the Long Beach office of the campaign. Okay, I can't get off my soap box, sorry. I hope the world will be a more understanding, and non-prejudicial as Riley, and my soon to be born new granddaughter, Morgan grow-up. People just need to get OVER themselves, do you know what I mean?


Slumdog Millionaire

I love to go to the movies by myself in the afternoon during the week. I go this small theater off PCH in Long Beach. They haven't supersized it yet so it's never too croweded. Today I saw "Slumdog Millionaire". I've wanted to see it for some time, and especially before the Oscars. If I can, tomorrow I'm going to go back and see "Milk". I sort of knew Slumdog would be a tough one to watch, and I was correct with those thoughts. The beginning was especially hard for me, and since I have a problem with violence, it was, indeed, hard to watch, but the message was very incredible.I've always carried in my heart the message of "paying it forward", "giving back". My parents didn't have much while we were growing up, but we never did without. I heard stories from my mom about her childhood, growing up in Texas, and people coming to their back door hungry. And even though her family had little, they always gave people what food they could. I have always hung on to those stories my mom told me. When I was in high school I became involved in a project that centered around the Cocopah Indian tribe in Somerton, Arizona, near the Mexican border. At Christmas we would go down and bring gifts, mostly toys for the little kids and clothes for the adults. At that time these people lived in extreme poverty. The summers were hotter than hell, and the winters were brutally cold.When I was in college over at CSUF, I majored in Sociology and minored in American Studies. So, when I was about twenty or twenty-one, myself, and two brothers I knew decided to spend an entire summer in Somerton,Az. I was going to write a paper for American Studies and one of the guys was in law school and doing research as well. We lived in an old farm labor camp, which wasn't great but still much better than where my "friends", the Cocopah Indians lived. When I first started going down there the "houses" consisted of cardboard and tin walls and roofs. The insides were basically dirt floors and the electricity was scarce. I remember having dinner one time at our friends home. We sat at a clean kitchen table, we had a wonderful dinner of homemade tortillas with beans, rice, and pototoes. That was pretty much all the food they had. It was also the reason so many of the Cocopahs were overweight, lots of starch to fill them up. I remember at the time, Lonnie, the youngest son, jumped out of his chair during dinner, grabbed a knife, and stabbed a rat that was on the stove, tossed it outside and we continued our meal! That was just the way life was for this family and others.That summer, and the years prior, made a unforgettable impact on my life. The last time I had visited the reservation, the government had provided basic mobile homes that had electricity, running water, and air conditioning. I kept in touch with the family above for a long time through letters. The most touching moment for me was when one of the daughters (pictured above, and I'm the blonde in the other two photos)that had grown up and now had a family of her own, got on a bus and brought her family to meet me and my kids! I will never forget that summer day! And then life kind of "got in the way" and I lost touch but those memories, all those memories never left my heart, ever. Now I'm at a time in my life when I see and understand why certain random events in our lives shape us. Country Roads has given me that opportunity to share so many of my thoughts, and be able to use it to "give" and encourage others to do the same for those that need an extra hand! Some memories never leave our hearts, they are a part of us, and if used correctly they can help us grow into responsible people. Life is tough for so many, and just the smallest of gestures can make a difference not only in the person who is in need, but yours as well. They keep your heart pure and full. And please, go see Slumdog Millionaire, you will be glad you did!


"Riley Time"

Don't let the picture fool you, Riley had no intention of napping today. In fact, she went home with her daddy awhile ago so she can take a nap before we all go out to dinner to celebrate my daughter-in-law, Justine's, 23rd birthday. I haven't had Riley over as much as I use to, and I miss her, and so do the cats. The minute Riley got here this morning, of course her buddy, Leonard, ran up to her. And for some reason today, I think Fluffy missed her as well as you can see Riley preparing lunch for both of the cats!
Apparently Riley felt Leonard needed to wear the apron during the "said" luncheon. Unfortunately, Leonard didn't agree as Riley covered his head with the apron, and their was a minor bite that didn't physically hurt Riley but REALLY hurt her feelings! Then Riley, Leonard, and Fluffy finished the luncheon with no further incidents.
As you can see, those big, blue eyes didn't look like they were going to close anytime soon, so off Riley went with her daddy for a nap. I get to see her again at dinner here soon. You know, I never, ever take for granite the fact that I'm very fortunate to have my little Riley be a part of my daily life. I could never imagine it any other way!


Meet My Bestfriend!

Country Roads is like my family, my best friend, so to speak. It's been there in the best of times and in the worse of times and never has let me down. I wanted to let you step inside and meet my best friend!
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"You NEVER Had Any Umbrellas Mom"

As I sit here typing this blog and looking out the window at the rain pouring down, I have come to the realization I have NO umbrellas, and will get soaked walking from my car to Country Roads this morning. My son, Bryce, lives at my house with me and his wife, Justine. I KNOW I've loaned Bryce at least one, if not two umbrellas. So when I asked him about the said umbrellas this morning his reply was, "you never had any umbrellas Mom"! This is a statement that I know to be false. I had one in my car, a cute little purse sized umbrella and one in the hall closet. Now I have none.I know it doesn't rain a lot here, but I also think I may have purchased an umbrella here and ther! Just the other day, I was noticing that my supply of 99 cent steak knives I bought from Ikea a long time ago was dwindling down. I use to have at least 12 "said" steak knives, I swear. Now I have one single Ikea steak knife! So, I asked Bryce, "do you know where all the steak knives went"? His reply was, "you know, I've been wondering the same thing". I don't eat steak but it would be nice to have a sharp knife around for slicing my ahi. Ever since Bryce was a little kid, after he had done something very mischeivous, his responses were always classic!! Once when he was four years old, I noticed that his alarm clock light was off. So, I looked down to see if it was plugged in and it was. For some UNKNOWN reason the cord had been cut in half while it was STILL plugged into the electric socket! I questioned Bryce about it to which he replied, "the cat bit the cord in half". I had to give him the lecture about how dangerous it is to cut electric cords that are plugged into the electric sockets in the wall. How he will die and not live with me anymore but go live with God in heaven! Apparently it was all in vain. When he was five years old, and I was cooking dinner, I heard a loud crash, almost like an explosion. Apparently, five year old Bryce was trying to hook up the cable to his tv and it crashed to the floor. Another near death experience he and I survived! I know, umbrellas and steak knives are just stuff, and yes, I'm happy my son lives with me but sad he can never solve those mysteries of missing stuff!! So, I guess missing umbrellas and steak knives aren't the end of the world, I'll just make a trip to Ikea tomorrow to buy some more! And I also know there is a part of my dad living inside of Bryce just to keep me on my toes!

*A little postscript to the above: So as I'm getting all bundled up to walk out the front door and get soaked, by my keys is a brand new umbrella! My boy Bryce went out in the rain before I left and bought me a new umbrella!! You gotta love that kid, you know. I was very touched and who knows, maybe he'll pick up some steak knifes too.


Appreciative & Grateful

  Appreciative and grateful are two of my favorite words. There isn't a day that passes in my life that I don't find reasons to use those words. We had a big sale yesterday at Country Roads and were very busy, our customers were awesome. I AM and always will be "appreciative and grateful" for the customers I have. It's this wonderful group that have made Country Roads the store it is today. Yesterday, my kids all remembered me on Valentine's Day. Riley took quite awhile making my Valentine card very special. She decorated it with all her stickers and took great pride in her little crayon drawings, as well, that were included inside the card! Just being remembered by those you love because "they" want to remember you makes me very appreciative and grateful. Thanks Riley, Katie, Vinnie, Brande, Bryce, and Justine. I appreciate you all!
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A Valentine's Day Love Story

I orginally wrote this blog post back in 2009. My Dad had passed away on Valentine's Day 2007! It was only months after my had Mom died . I got the call at 6:30am on that Valentines Day morning. Funny how you remember those things like they happened yesterday. Before they told me my Dad had passed away, I already knew. Stuff like that you can just "feel" in your heart. I don't now how else to explain it. I so wish my Dad was still hear with us. He would have loved, and loved all of his great-grandkids! As always Dad, thinking of you and missing you on this Valentine's Day!!

Grandpa, Valentine’s Day, and Barbra Streisand
“A Love Story”
My dad, better known as Grandpa, was the one that really perked my interest in antiques. He retired from Edison early, and began to pick up pieces of antique furniture and he would refinish them and my mom would do the re-upholstering on them if needed. They sold their furniture at Vet’s in Long Beach years ago, in the early days of that swap meet. It gave them some extra money to supplement their retirement and kept them busy. But like all things in life, they began to age and lost interest in the business. My Dad use to have an old VW bus that he used for his antique business. My kids use to play in it, as if it were their own special playhouse on wheels. The day my Dad sold the bus, I knew that part of their lives was over. And they were both were diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer. They had pretty much kept to themselves the past five years, losing interest in so many things they use to love. It is a story we all know too well.

My Mom died at the end of August last year, a few days after my granddaughter Riley was born. Back then we all thought she hung on until Riley was born. I know she hung on to make sure her first great-grandbaby arrived safely in this world. My Mom had been in poor health for years. Grandpa was never quite the same after he lost my Mom. I would teasingly refer to him as “the bad boy of assisted living”. He would do everything he wasn’t supposed to! I would get calls about his bad behavior but had to admire his spunk! At the end of January he escaped from assisted living. Grandpa went out to buy a can of cat food and a snickers bar at 4 in the morning! He was so angry at himself because he believed that is WHY he had to be put on the dreaded second floor, the Alzheimer unit! I’d go up and have lunch with him, and in full form as Grandpa was most of his life he would tell me he hated everyone there and they better not mess with him or he would beat the hell out of them. I got a little concerned when the guy sitting behind him started to smirk, because I really thought Grandpa “would” beat the hell out of him. That was just the way my dad was, obnoxious!

As his memory began failing, we would talk about who he remembered. Grandpa would always tell me he remembered “that baby”, Riley, his great granddaughter. He wouldn’t always remember exactly “who” her parents were but he remembered the baby nonetheless! Like all Alzheimer stories, the ending is never happy and the process reaching the end is even worse. But my Dad, Grandpa, fought it the entire way, that was just him. And thankfully my sister and I were able to rescue him out of the hospital he hated, courtesy of hospice, which took him back to his room in assisted living.

As my oldest daughter Brande says, “random things always happen in our family”. It’s true, that is just the way life works for us. There is always “something” going on! Grandpa died early Valentine’s morning. Less than 24 hours after hospice brought him “home”. I think it was his Valentine gift to my Mom. He just didn’t want to live anymore without her. I couldn’t image being married as long as they were, and less than six months after my mom died, I think Grandpa left to say Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of his life. He couldn’t beare a life without her anymore.

Katie, my younger daughter, was working at Country Roads that day. Country Roads is our family business in Old Towne Orange. It was Valentine’s Day, and a little sadness in the air since Grandpa had died. All the staff at the store loved hearing “Grandpa stories” as my Dad was always up to something. As the day drew to an end, Barbra Streisand came into the store. Yes, she just randomly walked in the door. She briefly looked around and left. After the store closed, there was a knock on the door, Barbra was back. As she brought her purchases up to the counter and walked away for a few minutes, Katie asked Sarah, who she was working with, “should I ask her for an autograph”. We never do that at the store since we feel it is kind of tacky, and Katie hadn’t really planned on doing it. So, Sarah told Katie, “go for it”. As Barbra came back up to the counter to pay for her purchases, Katie began her request saying, “I feel like a total idiot for asking this, and you can say no, but my mom, who owns the store, absolutely LOVES you, and she is having a really crappy day. Her Dad, my Grandpa, died this morning”. Barbara looked at Katie and began to ask questions, “how old was your Grandpa, what did he die from?” She shared with Katie that her Mom had died from Alzheimer's like my Dad had but she was 96. Barbra was interested in what had happened. Barbra could have just scribbled her name on a piece of paper, but took the time to write, “So Sorry, Best Wishes, Barbra Streisand”. Katie gave Bab’s a Valentine’s cupcake that one of our dealers had made that day. And off Barbra went with her purchases, a cupcake and husband, James Brolin, who thanked Katie for carrying out a chair his wife had bought. Barbra was gone but the memory of her kindness will always be remembered.

Like Brande says, random stuff always happens to our family. My Dad, just an ordinary guy, dies and Barbra Streisand truly cares, go figure. We’ll all miss Grandpa, but find peace in knowing he spent this Valentine’s Day in a better place, with his wife, and is much happier now. I love Country Roads and not because it is “my” store but because so much random stuff does really happen there!


Riley's Garden

This year, Riley is going to have her own garden! She will be three in August so she's the perfect age for gardening and I think she will really enjoy it. Her and I have lots of packages of sunflower seeds to plant, there is nothing I like better than sunflowers! This is the section, the ugly "before" shot, where Riley and I will work on her garden. I have a pool in my backyard, so we're going to take this messy part of my garden in the front yard and turn it into Riley's own garden! Winter has taken a toll on my plants, and one of my favorite rose bushes is way past due to be cut back. This week-end I'm going to shop at Johnnye Merles Garden & Nursery for some veggie plants. What better place to shop than my oldest daughter's nursery out the back door of Country Roads, named after Riley's great-gramma! We're going to plant some corn that Auntie Brande will give Riley, especially since I have fond memories of Brande as a child planting corn in the front flower bed of my first home. I've got to get some "bachelor buttons" to plant next. My mom taught my kids about gardening when they were little, especially about the bachelor buttons she planted while growing up in Temple, Texas. I'm sure Riley's mom, Katie, will give us one of her small flags to stick in the new garden. And of course we can count on Uncle Bryce, the king of salvage to come up with some cool looking pieces to decorate as well. I've also got to get some sweet peas in the ground here soon with Riley. For those of you familiar with Annie's Annuals, Johnnye Merle's just got a shipment of Annie's last week, including sweet peas! So, Riley and I will be taking pictures of her garden has we make progress. But there is one thing I KNOW for sure, it will be a garden that was planted and put together with a whole lot of love!


White Rusty Stuff

  I'm a big sucker for white rusty stuff! This is a picture of one of my dealers, Cindy Finch's, awesome display. I love the whites mixed with the watering cans and other rusty, beat up white stuff! I think what I like the most about decorating these days is that how all the old vintage stuff can be blended together. And you know, the more beat up and rusty and shabby it is, the better. I guess that's what Country Roads is all about. We look a little beat up, but wow, we've got some awesome stuff inside our store that is constantly changing thanks to the talents of all my vendors. Stop by and see for yourself, eye candy at its best!
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Made From The Heart

Awhile back, I did a post on things that I believe are made from the heart. I had posted some photos of one of my dealers at Country Roads, who is also a friend, Stacey Steimle's awesome creations. The photo above is one of her new creations here at Country Roads. I think those belt buckles are totally cool and unique in design. If anything has come from the crazy world we've been living in, I believe people are beginning to once again make things that come from their hearts. In other words, they put the time, the thought, and the love into each unique, one of a kind item they make. Whether it's a painting, or belt buckle, or even a written story, these are things that have come from the "inside" of people. The word heart itself as the word "art" in it, do you see what I mean? These creations of ours are things that can't be massed produced anywhere since each and every one of our creations is unique in itself. The thought and love and time which has been freely put into our own creations are priceless!