Riley's Garden

This year, Riley is going to have her own garden! She will be three in August so she's the perfect age for gardening and I think she will really enjoy it. Her and I have lots of packages of sunflower seeds to plant, there is nothing I like better than sunflowers! This is the section, the ugly "before" shot, where Riley and I will work on her garden. I have a pool in my backyard, so we're going to take this messy part of my garden in the front yard and turn it into Riley's own garden! Winter has taken a toll on my plants, and one of my favorite rose bushes is way past due to be cut back. This week-end I'm going to shop at Johnnye Merles Garden & Nursery for some veggie plants. What better place to shop than my oldest daughter's nursery out the back door of Country Roads, named after Riley's great-gramma! We're going to plant some corn that Auntie Brande will give Riley, especially since I have fond memories of Brande as a child planting corn in the front flower bed of my first home. I've got to get some "bachelor buttons" to plant next. My mom taught my kids about gardening when they were little, especially about the bachelor buttons she planted while growing up in Temple, Texas. I'm sure Riley's mom, Katie, will give us one of her small flags to stick in the new garden. And of course we can count on Uncle Bryce, the king of salvage to come up with some cool looking pieces to decorate as well. I've also got to get some sweet peas in the ground here soon with Riley. For those of you familiar with Annie's Annuals, Johnnye Merle's just got a shipment of Annie's last week, including sweet peas! So, Riley and I will be taking pictures of her garden has we make progress. But there is one thing I KNOW for sure, it will be a garden that was planted and put together with a whole lot of love!

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Malisa said...

You are building such special memories for Riley! I can't wait to see the pics of her garden!