The Mercantile Move, Almost Complete!

A few days ago, I posted some photos of our third building at Country Roads, known as the Mercantile. We decided to do some major moving around that involved Ginny DeRosa, Christina Nicol-Biggerstaff, Gay Anderson, Pam Richardson, and are brand new Country Roads family member, Cheryl Smith. Above is the porch that Christina has almost finished decorating! As you can see, Christina has finished this Easter display. We are always ready for all our holidays at Country Roads! This romantic Valentine display belongs to Gay who is known for awesome display abilities! Another one of Gay's great displays. This is only a small portion of Cheryl's beautiful new space. She's only just begun! Here's another small peek at more of Cheryl's work. In the background you can barely see Pam's display, and the signs above belong to Ginny. I love Ginny's new displays as much as I love her country, primitive antiques! More of Ginny's great country displays. I have to say, if you love the really "good" orginal stuff, Ginny has it! And this, well it's the kind of artsy, metal flying pig I bought at the store today. Not sure why and you should have seen the big ass artsy, metal rooster a customer bought, it was really cool. Just goes to show you, Country Roads has a little bit of everything for everyone!


delighted heart said...

Hey girl....it sounds like you had one great weekend! So glad your store is busy! Hope YOU got some good rest last night tho! The Baby Ruth sigh in Ginny's booth...tell me about it. Is it metal? old? how big? how much? And can you ship? We went to the wedding of my son's college roommate on sat and his last name is Ruth. Wouldn't that sign make a cute gift! Hope you are having another great day!
Bless Ya!

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