The Old Chippy Stuff

There is just something about the really old white chippy stuff.  For some reason, it always calls my name, it inspires me, and I love to fill my home with it!

An old white ironstone dish, filled with vintage hinges and such.

I love contrasts, like the old architectural column with the smooth old vase on top of it!

 I always have a soft soft in my heart for old advertising. This old sign, hanging above two old corbels on a stepback cupboard, always warms my heart.  I love that the owner of the farm added "daughter" to his sign after she was born!

With industrial being so popular right now, I loved how the industrial lamp, my son made me for Christmas fit right in with my pair of architectural corbels.

Architectural elements, old vintage windows and more "stuff" pull you in to my house when you come in the front door.

I have two of these old chippy columns with the old wood pieces on the top. They just seemed to match the old farm tractor door next to it on the fireplace.

Old, rusty "cow tags" that have rusted over the years, casually hang on one of my favorite tall, chippy architectural pieces in my bedroom. The old rust and chippy white seem to always compliment each other. I'm linking up today with my friend Debra over at Common Ground. I hope you have a chance to stop by and pay her a visit!


Taking Time To Notice

There are many, many times that our Country Roads customers spend hours upon hours strolling through Country Roads. I am always flying through Country Roads. Whether it's to help a customer, to find something that I'm looking for, or a hundred other reasons, sometimes I don't really notice how much cool stuff we have at CR. When I find the time to take some pictures, and I'm not in a hurry, I am just amazed at how much cool stuff is tucked here and there at CR. Here are some of my favorites from yesterday.

I posted the picture of this door on Country Roads Facebook page this morning. I don't know what it is about this big, old metal door, but I love it! If I could find the perfect spot for it at my house, it would come home with me! There is always so, so much more "stuff" to lust over here at Country Roads. Come on in and have some fun!


Little Hands

I moved my old pine stepback cupboard about five months ago. I love this cupboard and you can see that my cats did to by the scratches on the bottom left. Bad kitties!! This cupboard was stuffed to the brim with smalls. And anyone that knows me, "knows" how I hate smalls! But I also love antique and vintage little kid stuff, the only reason I would collect any kind of "smalls".  It warms my heart like nothing else. It makes me think of those cute little hands that kids have. It also amazes me that children's collectibles are still in one piece after all of these years!

This little small pitcher belonged to me as a kid. My Grandma gave it to me when I was little, and I've had it ever since. I use to be the only one that was left handed in my family.  Now, I've got two lefties to join me. My little grandkids Riley & Bodhi are both left handed. I still love this pitcher, even with its broken little handle.

An old tin black cat pull toy along with a vintage wind up dog on the right. I love the little cup that was made in Germany. It shows some wear, but its been around awhile.

What's written on the bottom of this child's mug is the very reason I love little kid stuff and antiques. It is all about the memories!

Another little Roseville piece on the left. I haven't ever seen too many more of these old Hire's Root Beer mugs. I love the graphics on them!

My old straw stuffed kitty sitting on top of two small  Borden's "Elsie" cups. I believe the Elsie cups might have been part of a promotional give away, although I'm not sure.

My Dad had this little 14-inch souvenir bat forever. It must have been a give way back in the late 1930's or early 40's. I've hung onto it all these years.

The Donald Duck pull toy was mine as a kid. I don't remember where exactly the "Donald" straws came from, but they go well with my "Donald"!

I'm am always, without a doubt, so impressed when paper collectibles have lasted all these years. I do love this vintage cardboard calendar from 1927.

As I look at my full old pine cupboard before I shut the doors, it felt SO good to re-display all my favorite little things. I love thinking about all the "little hands" that played with these toys over the years!  I've shut the doors and all the childhood memories are now safely behind glass!  Yep, "smalls" can be a real pain to deal with at times, but even though they are little, the memories of the little hands that played with the old vintage toys is something very special!


The Softer Side of Country Roads

One thing I can say about Country Roads is that we have a big variety of merchandise. We have a also have a big selection here of the softer kinds of merchandise. I'm always amazed that our "whites" manage to stay white at Country Roads. Since its a big, old building with the doors all open, it really is incredible that these beautiful whites in these pictures actually stay white! Enjoy. . .

This picture is courtesy of my friend Pat Fillippi. Her whites are the whitest I have ever seen. Her linens, baby dresses, and old Victorian blouses and dresses are always so very pure and in excellent condition.  One of the reasons I really love Country Roads so much is the variety that my CR family brings in daily. Seriously, we've got something for each and every one of you! Take care. . .


Architectural Elements

In the business of antiques, vintage and collecting, there are so many different things to choose from. Over the years I've heard of so many different types of things that people collect or fill their houses with. One of my personal favorites is the architectural stuff. My house is filled with these cool things that often times hold a bit of history with a story to tell as well. I think I'm like a lot of people, I love the old white, chippy, beat up stuff. Here are a few pieces that caught my eye at Country Roads the other day!

Some of you know that the interior of Country Roads was built with many, many architectural elements and salvaged woods. My favorite being the old Laguna Beach boardwalk that is sprinkled throughout CR. Our building that houses Country Roads was built in 1919. I think that is part of the charm of not only having an antique business, but having it in a building that has some age to it and has its own story to tell! By the way, if you've got a three day week-end, we will be open on Monday, MLK Day with regular store hours of 10am to 5pm. Take care.


Industrial Love

Many people thought the industrial thing wouldn't last. They use to say it was a fad. But for us here at Country Roads, it's still going strong.  My heart always falls hard for country primitives, but I've got to tell you, I've got some a few nice lamps my son Bryce has made in my home. I love them.  Here are a few of his other industrial creations.

This awesome lamp was made by Shawn who is right by Bryce in our third building. Just like the lamps above, this one Shawn made as a lot of attention to detail.

And speaking of industrial, I love, love, love this big work table. The bottom is all metal lockers with a great, thick would table top on it. It belongs to Karen and her mom. I was just admiring it today. Seems the cold snap here has finally "snapped out of it" and be are back to our great CA sunshine. Come on down and see us this week-end! We will also be open on MLK Day as well!


We All Do It!

Even though we may work in this business of antiques, and are so use to displaying and putting stuff together. . . I think we all do the same thing when we are at home. Right? I know if I'm sitting at home, I and I notice that something is angled wrong, I "have" to fix it! Otherwise, it will make me crazy!! Here are a few of my favorite things that I surround myself with. . .

I've got this "thing" with kids stuff.  I feel in love with this old trike! I liked that it had storage in the back as does my grandson Bodhi.  The "Hygienic Milk Delivery" sign in the background actually isn't a sign. It use to sit on top of an old milk truck years ago. I remember buying it from my friend Chris Nickoloff. She always got the best of the best when it came to the really old stuff. Sadly she passed away several years ago, but she is never forgotten. And if you wonder where I got most of my stuff? Of course I bought it at Country Roads. My favorite store!!