Little Hands

I moved my old pine stepback cupboard about five months ago. I love this cupboard and you can see that my cats did to by the scratches on the bottom left. Bad kitties!! This cupboard was stuffed to the brim with smalls. And anyone that knows me, "knows" how I hate smalls! But I also love antique and vintage little kid stuff, the only reason I would collect any kind of "smalls".  It warms my heart like nothing else. It makes me think of those cute little hands that kids have. It also amazes me that children's collectibles are still in one piece after all of these years!

This little small pitcher belonged to me as a kid. My Grandma gave it to me when I was little, and I've had it ever since. I use to be the only one that was left handed in my family.  Now, I've got two lefties to join me. My little grandkids Riley & Bodhi are both left handed. I still love this pitcher, even with its broken little handle.

An old tin black cat pull toy along with a vintage wind up dog on the right. I love the little cup that was made in Germany. It shows some wear, but its been around awhile.

What's written on the bottom of this child's mug is the very reason I love little kid stuff and antiques. It is all about the memories!

Another little Roseville piece on the left. I haven't ever seen too many more of these old Hire's Root Beer mugs. I love the graphics on them!

My old straw stuffed kitty sitting on top of two small  Borden's "Elsie" cups. I believe the Elsie cups might have been part of a promotional give away, although I'm not sure.

My Dad had this little 14-inch souvenir bat forever. It must have been a give way back in the late 1930's or early 40's. I've hung onto it all these years.

The Donald Duck pull toy was mine as a kid. I don't remember where exactly the "Donald" straws came from, but they go well with my "Donald"!

I'm am always, without a doubt, so impressed when paper collectibles have lasted all these years. I do love this vintage cardboard calendar from 1927.

As I look at my full old pine cupboard before I shut the doors, it felt SO good to re-display all my favorite little things. I love thinking about all the "little hands" that played with these toys over the years!  I've shut the doors and all the childhood memories are now safely behind glass!  Yep, "smalls" can be a real pain to deal with at times, but even though they are little, the memories of the little hands that played with the old vintage toys is something very special!


Kate said...

What a beautiful collection you have and the meaning that they hold. Looks like a perfect fit on each shelf. Love love the old worn kitten reminds me of my old kitty hand puppet that I loved.


CURIOUS said...

SUE . . . We agree ! There's nothing like that warm fuzzy feeling when You come across a toy You once Cherished . . .
Now where is that old G.I. Joe anyway !?!
Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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