Lookin' Good!

I have to admit that there are several dealers at Country Roads that I'm always anxious to see what they have put together when they come in. Sue Lennon is one of these dealers. Although she isn't quite finished, and I hear there is a couch coming in that matches the chairs, I thought I would post some pictures anyway. The lights on the left are made out of air filters. They definitely have a one of a kind look! Here are a few more pictures to enjoy!

I love how these three big lights make a statement of their own. Especially for me, depending on the angle I look at them. I believe the couch that matches the chairs is on its way in to Country Roads any day now! The old vintage sheet music on the wall is also a new addition. I'm liking the way it all looks!! 


White Wednesday

Happy "White Wednesday" to one and all! Here we are again, on the last Wednesday of November. The time has really raced by this year. We have such a variety of "whites" at Country Roads right now. I tried to pick not only a few of my favorite things, but things that were a bit different as well. Hope you like the pictures!

I am always amazed at how many different displays and styles we have going on at Country Roads. The best part is that you are bound to find something you like. It makes it tough to leave empty handed! Please join my friend Kathleen over at Faded Charm who graciously hosts "White Wednesday" every week! Thanks Kathleen, I sincerely appreciate it! I hope you all have a great week!


Monday Morning Eye Candy

I'm always going on and on about how Country Roads has something for everyone. I know, you here it all the time. I didn't have much time for picture taking these past three days because we were "slammed" with so many great customers shopping our sale! I did manage to escape the counter a couple of times to take the pictures below. 

I love these old country grain measures pictured above. You don't see them like you use to. Again, thank you to everyone that stopped by Country Roads to shop. And "shop" you did! So what does all that mean? Our Country Roads family will all be busy this week bringing in more great stuff!! They really are the best. I know I always say this, but I love that we have something for everyone at Country Roads! I wish you all a happy Monday! Take care.


Last Day to Shop Till You Drop!

Today is the last day of Country Roads after Thanksgiving day sale!  I'm so appreciative of how busy we have been and "thank you" to each and everyone of you that have stopped by Country Roads the past couple of days. There's still a lot of great stuff available at really good prices. I only had time for a few really quick photos yesterday. I love this settee, and it is a great piece at a great price with 20 percent off of that!

Again, "thanks" to those of you that have spent some time with us over this three day week-end. We sincerely appreciate your business. Thanks!


Tis The Season!

So, here I am at my computer at about 7pm and I'm ready, really ready, to go to bed! Today was the first day of our after Thanksgiving three day sale. I also just realized that it is Friday, not Saturday, which means I have too more sale days to work, not one, as I previously thought. I am very grateful for being so busy today, thank you! I also forgot a few of my own rules that I usually don't break during this time of the year. Never wear a dark sweater, which I did today. You will look like the glitter fairy dumped a big bucket of glitter all over you!! Some of the stuff customers buy  may be large or an odd shape. Never, never offer to wrap it in paper because I promise they will say, "oh yes, please"! I always forget and offer! Be sure to keep the adding machine tape near so you can show some of the customers that question your math skills!. And be sure to repeatedly thank the nice, sweet, helpful customers because they make your day so much brighter!  It's the holidays and I'm very happy that so many of our great, loyal customers came out to shop today. As always, it means the world to us. I only had time to take a small amount of pictures today, but here are a few.

Above is Josalyn! She is Yesi's daughter and has been hanging out with her Mom at "the store" probably since she was a toddler. Yesi actually started hanging around Country Roads with her older sister Carol when she was about nine. Then at eleven or twelve, just like my kids, Yesi started working a little bit. Josalyn is the funniest little kid you will ever met. She has a wicked sense of humor and is five years old going on fifteen!! She is always very stylish and has an opinion on everything, seriously. She loves the trade paper Vintage Today. They have a section where they show you a small part of like nine pictures, and you have to find the pictures in the issue. And Josalyn will "study" that magazine till she finds them all! She is just an awesome, smart little kid! Thanks Josalyn for helping us today. We love you! Two more days to come visit Country Roads and find some REALLY could stuff at REALLY good prices!!


A Time To Be Thankful

This morning I woke up thinking about all the things in my life that I am truly thankful for, and what I've learned in life so far. I mention, "so far", because I'm still learning and I hope all of you are too. One of the things that I will always be thankful for is the way my mom and dad brought me up, the way they raised me. My mom grew up in Temple, Texas during the Depression. She always told my sister and myself stories of poor people coming to their back door begging for food. And although my mom's family didn't have a lot, they gave what they could. This spirit of giving, caring and being thankful was instilled in me at an early age. When I was in high school and college I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time on the Cocopah Indian reservation. It was in Somerton, Arizona, not far from Yuma. The poverty and living conditions were horrible. Especially when you consider the weather. It is so cold in the winters, and was hotter than hell in the summers. At the time, the Cocopah's were living in cardboard homes with tin roofs. The floors were dirt. I remember having dinner one night with one of the families. Everything was as spotless as could be except the walls were cardboard, some wood, and the floors were dirt. And when a big rat was on the stove, the youngest son calmly got up from the table, grabbed a big butcher knife, stabbed it, tossed the dead rat out the door, then sat back down and continued to dinner. That was their life, that was just what you dealt with.

Each Christmas, this church would collect donations to bring Christmas to the Cocopah's. That's what these picture are from. I look at myself in these pictures and I realize as I write this, I was younger than my own kids are today. At that time, this was a "poverty," a group of people, that our government ignored. I say this because right across the levy was rich, fertile farm land. It always amazed me. And I remember as I handed out presents at Christmas time, there wasn't one child that didn't forget to say "thank you". Two simple words that melted my heart each time they were spoken, "thank you"!

As I got older, and was in college, I went with two guys that had also been involved with the Cocopah Indian tribe over all these years as I had. We sent an entire summer in a cement building that was used as a farm labor camp. It was an experience, along with my mom and dad's concern for others, that I believe has made me the person that I am today. I look at the little boy above, and it's Christmas, and he's smiling. Those smiles were always the best gift I could ever receive.

The picture above is all the clothes that were collected for the families for that year. You may wonder why these women were so large if they had so little. Basically their diets consisted of beans, tortillas, and sometimes rice. And I have to tell you, those tortillas were SO good.  I'm writing this today because I think we all get so caught up in every day life that sometimes we just forget that there are people, especially now, that really need help! Please, take the time to care, to give, to make eye contact with those that need a smile. And most important, just be thankful, especially today, for not only what you have in your life but "who" you have in your life! Please remember as you sit  down to celebrate Thanksgiving today, it's not about what's "on" the table, but "who" is at the table! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


"Design on a Dime"!

Remember that show on HGTV, "Design On A Dime"? After Bryce, Justine, and Morgan moved out a month or so ago, I wanted to do something with Morgan's little bedroom. I wanted to do something that wouldn't cost me much. So, I decided to take all the toys out of the family room, and out of their other hiding places and make a playroom for my little grandkids. I was going to paint, but for now as busy as I always am, I skipped it. Sorry Bodhi, but the color is NOT pink, it's coral!  I think the only things I bought for the kids room was the little mirror above and I ordered cheap posters online. Here's what I put together really cheaply and with lots of stuff I just "had" around the house! All the Tonka trucks below belonged to Bryce when he was a little boy. Yes, I have saved them all these years, and yes, I am sentimental! I don't even know if they still make the Tonka trucks out of metal. 

The kids room still isn't done, but at least it is started and they can play in there, and it was cheap to do! The truck above, "Texas Crude" was one of the first gifts my Mom bought for Bryce after he was born. That and his little cowboy boots! Her dad use to drive an oil truck in Temple, Texas. Family. . .I know how blessed I am to have the family that I do! I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! And remember, it's not about "what" is on the table, but "who" is sitting around the table!!