Full Bloom Cottage

Loretta, who many of you know from Full Bloom Cottage, was in last week doing a mini makeover on her space across from the counter! And as always, it looks elegant and wonderful. She has a new line of scarfs in. If you are tired of the every day knit version to wrap around you on a chilly day, check out these scarfs. I think it adds a bit of "flair" to you outfit on a cold, chilly day! Below are a few more pictures of what Loretta has here at Country Roads!

We got really busy yesterday afternoon. The picture above is not the best, trust me on that one! But what is SO cool about this coral, is that it is actually a lamp! Why I didn't take a picture of the entire lamp escapes my imagination right now. But trust me, it is awesome! Looking for something to do today since apparently rain is on the way? Loose yourself in 12,000 square feet of great stuff here at Country Roads. Hope to see you soon!


Pent-Up Photos said...

I was already drooling over the coral, then I read it is a lamp! What? I gotta see the whole thing! That is too awesome!


The Boston Lady said...

Ooooooo, those pillows!! Ann

Kameel huise tussen spore said...

Love the angels. I want them!! Thanks for brightening my day.