Sunday Morning Favorites

We had a crazy, busy day yesterday! And "thank you" to everyone that stopped by and shopped. Please know that not only myself, but my entire Country Roads family appreciates your business! This morning before I head out the door to work my favorite day of the week, "BSC" Sunday, I thought I would share some of the many different looks and styles we have a CR!

I hope you all are enjoying your week-end. We've had wonderful weather, and Old Towne Orange has been filled with visitors. I hope to see you soon. Take care.


An Industrial Quickie!

I need to take off here in a few minutes to Country Roads! I always love working week-ends, because usually we stay pretty busy. This morning I thought I would share some pictures of some industrial "eye candy" that we currently have at CR!  Enjoy.

Many of you already know, that there is a lot to do in Old Towne Orange. I hope come down this week-end and enjoy our quint little historic Old Towne! And of course, Country Roads as well!! Take care.


I Remember Why

On Wednesdays & Thursdays, I always have my grandbabies Riley & Bodhi over. I watch them while Katie works at "the store" aka Country Roads. On those days, I'm kind of forced (in a good way) to sit a spell, as I spend time with my little ones. Today I was looking inside of my old stepback cupboard. It is an awesome cabinet, old pine, original hardware, and more. I have always had a thing for little kids stuff. I guess one of the reasons is that I've always been amazed that these things have held up for so long. I posted awhile back about how special this old cupboard is to me, but today I really had time to look and think about the stuff inside that at one time little kids held in their tiny hands many years ago! Here's a few random pictures of some of my favorite things that are behind the old glass doors!

The little left handed, a few pictures above, is very special to me. When I was a kid, my Grandmother gave it to me. I was the only one in my family that was left-handed. And for years it stayed that way until my little Riley was born. She's like her Gramma, a lefty. That wooden set of books pictures above? They are really great, old books! I got them for such a good price at Country Roads in the "early" days. Not too long after we opened actually. I still remember the space where I bought them. The books are a whole set of nursery rhymes with the little story on the inside and the ending on the back! I've been in this "thinning" out mode lately, dragging some of my "stuff" (I mean valuable antiques) to sell at the store. But there are some things, and pieces of furniture that I just can't part with. It is the nature of the beast! And if you are like me, you know exactly what I mean. I'm just glad I remembered today "why" I love this old cupboard so much! I'm sure some of you understand why!


White Wednesday

We have a new dealer in the house!! And oh my, she is oh so talented as you will soon find out by the pictures below. Let me show you what Miss Debbie (Watts) as been up to lately!

Believe me, in my twenty years in this biz I've seen all kinds of cases. But never in all those years have I EVER seen one quite as awesome as Debbie's, wow. I'm sure you will be seeing some more of her creations on my blog. And on top of everything else, she is the sweetest person ever. Be sure you all take a moment to stop by and see Kathleen, over at her blog! She is our hostess with the mostess for our White Wednesdays!
Take care.


Too Much "Stuff"!!

I took a little time today to gather up some more STUFF to go to Country Roads to be sold! I have just got too much stuff, and I've been in the mood to start thinning it down a bit. About a month ago or so, I took a big space in the last building at Country Roads. That kind of got me geared up to go through some of the stuff at my house that I just don't need, you know?

Speaking of stuff. . .I thought Buddy, our new dog, was being pretty quiet outside this morning. I was busy doing other things before I thought to look out back and check on him. Apparently he was very busy ripping stuff apart. The chair cushions were old, and to my defense I had flipped the cushion up. But Buddy continued to unpot one of my potted succulents, chew up the sprayer on the house, a solar Tiki light, and a few other odds and ends. This mess has since been cleaned up! It has been so long since my old dog Sally has chewed anything, I kind of forgot how busy young dogs can be!