No Time "OR" The Time of My Life?

As I sit at the computer tonight, I'm exhausted. I start to wonder why I never have any time, or I feel that way. As I sit here and get ready to write this blog post, I realize that maybe I am wrong. The old clock above sat on my Mom & Dad's fireplace for their entire lives. My Dad always wound
the clock, seems like everyday. I have the clock, yes, something no one in my family wanted but filled with memories. So the clock sits up high, as I know I wouldn't have time to wind it like my Dad did every day. And as I write that, I have no judgement on myself for not being able to do the little things my folks use to do. Their lives were so different than mine.

I think I bought these plants, maybe two weeks ago, to plant in my garden. They still look at me and wait each day I walk out my front door. At least I make sure I have the time to water them. 

The tomato plants in my garden are beginning to get tomatoes. Yet it seems like only yesterday that I was out there planting them.

And the pumpkin plants that I took the time to plant a few weeks ago, or longer? They are taking on a life of their own. And mixed in with the pumpkin plants are a few sugar watermelon plants as well that are crawling out beneath the watermelon plants!

And I did take a few minutes while watering tonight to notice that the first pumpkin has started to grow. I hope to be able to keep it growing and the others so I can crave my grandbabies names onto them while they are small. And as they grow bigger, the names of my special little people will grow bigger too!!

Sometimes we get use to our old pets, like my dog, "Sally the Cabana dog"! She doesn't chase the ball anymore, but sits in the chair next to me as I listen to my music on my ipod, and watch the sunset with a cold Corona. 

Then you feel sorry for a little, young dog named Buddy. Our shop dog at Country Roads! So you bring him home, and Buddy doesn't want to "relax" and watch the sunset. He is busy!!

I have forgotten how much time has passed since I brought Sally home from the shelter. I remember now the things she too chewed up when I least expected it. Where Sally now relaxes as sunset, Buddy does leaps and jumps over Sally's favorite chair!

He doesn't need a cushion to lay on. And Sally's old ball that she ignores, Buddy loves to have me keep throwing it, and throwing it as long as I can. Time, it amazes me every once in awhile. 

I walked into my office tonight, and there is paperwork everywhere. I think sometimes I forget that Country Roads is more than just going to work at "the store" and then go home at night! There is always paperwork calling or better yet, "screaming" my name!!

And my office assistants beg for attention as well. Fluffy is the worse. She doesn't beg, she just crawls in my lap when I'm on the computer and I ignore her, and she bites me. Siamese cats are "special", now aren't they!

Kona, on the other hand, just gives me her evil eye. But she too wants attention!

And Makena? He's the easiest. He's the pretty boy with all looks, and no brains. But he too loves to have attention or sit in my lap, and I have to say he is a pretty big guy and its hard to work on the computer with him plopped in my lap!!

And just when I think I want to run away and hide from work, life, family and everything else, Katie texts me a gift. Brett Young had been in "the store" for a visit today, down from San Francisco, bringing me one of my favorite things. Brett started working at Country Roads when he was around fifteen and stayed until he went away to college. Now he lives in Northern Ca with his wife, and son and I don't think they have had the "new" baby just yet! But to see his business card on my favorite box, and remembering Brett at 15, not only warms my heart but reminds me that even though time passes so quickly, I still am in love with my busy life!

No time, or the time of my life? Look at the picture above. My grandbabies were rolling around and squealing with laughter so much, so fast, my camera couldn't even take the picture quickly enough! At the time, there was a moment where I briefly thought, this is pure chaos. But in the next moment, a little light bulb went off in my head. As busy as I am, doing so many things, this truly "IS" the time of my life! And when I look back and wonder if I should have or should have "not" made different decisions in life, that sound of laughter and squealing coming from little grandbabies is not only priceless but time less as well! They always won't be able to roll around on Gramma's bedroom floor, or even want to hang out in my bedroom spending time with me. I will get ready for bed now, and yes, I will sleep very well. And why? Because I truly AM having the time of my life!


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trash talk said...

Time spent in the pursuit of happiness rather than in perfection is never a waste of time, but rather a life well lived. I raise my Corona to you in a toast of achieving that goal.

Anonymous said...

what a lovely post! the kids, the pets, the friends and a corona. It may be busy, but it sure sounds great!!enjoy every minute.

Malisa said...

You always find the positive in all situations! I am so glad that you have the opportunity to enjoy the small moments with your grandbabies! You are truly a blessed woman!

Irma@CosasBellas said...

I love your appreciation for life and all of God's blessings. I know sometimes, in the middle of the chaos, it's difficult to remember how blessed we truly are...then we look at the world around us and say "thank you Lord".