Buddy the Shop Dog

Buddy, pictured at above, has kind of been Country Roads "shop dog".  Of course that was until someone decided to turn us into the animal shelter. As if I don't already have enough on my plate. Why don't we add just a bit more! Anyway, someone couldn't keep Buddy, so of course Bryce comes to the rescue because he feels bad for the dog. Buddy has been at Country Roads because my dog, Sally, I truly believe hates all dogs because in her heart she believes she is a cat, seriously!  So, Buddy has been staying with us at my house until we can find him a good home. Sally HATES the pool and the water!! The only time she has gone for a swim are the times she cuts a corner to close and falls in! Bryce had Buddy out in the backyard when I got home from the store last night. Who would have known that Buddy loves water! Soon Bryce and Morgan both joined him.

After everyone had gone inside, I had to let "Sally the Cabana Dog" outside to lounge in her favorite chair. We are open today, for those of you that are looking for something fun to do. The store, as always, is looking great and always has that special "something" for everyone! I hope you all have a great 4th of July week-end! Oh, and by the way, Morgan has her own little pink buckets to play with. The "Corona" bucket just happen to be on our bar by the pool! 


Anonymous said...

Why can he not live at the shop? If you are there with him the majority of the time and he is not aggressive towards customers, what is the problem?
It is nice that he has a home with a pool now, you'll have to put that on the requirements for the next family.

I've had the constable called on me a couple of times for trumped up reasons. I have more than the average number of dogs (well, not more than most of my friends...) and each time after giving me a hard time they can't find anything I am doing wrong.
In fact I know the laws and regulations better than our town officials do and I am within all the laws.
Why can't people express their concerns in a civil manner and not anonymously complain to someone else? Ignorant and cowardly!

Mary said...

Oh your pool looks like the perfect place for Summer! Buddy the dog looks very happy with Bryce and Morgan. I hope he finds a new home soon.

Hope you have a safe and fun 4th with all of your loved ones! Mary :O)

Teresa said...

You have to wonder why someone is so miserable that they have to complain about a dog in "your" store. It's not like they have to live there, is it? Dumb asses. Sure looks like fun in the pool there. Morgan is too cute! Hope you're having a nice 4th.
Big Hugs from Georgia!