White Wednesday

Here we are, the last "White Wednesday" in the month of August. How did that happen? Time, please, someone figure out a way to slow it down for me. As I do on most "White Wednesdays", I like to share photos from "the store" (aka Country Roads). Today there are many different shades and textures and white patina to be found as you stroll our aisles here at Country Roads.

With Labor Day week-end just a few days away, I hope you all have a great holiday week-end. And if you live near us here at Country Roads, be sure to stop by on Monday for our big sale, "I Survived the Orange International Street Faire Sale"! Hope to see many of you. And be sure you stop by and visit Kathleen! She always has the best of the best on "WW"! Take care.


I confess, I probably have too much stuff! But, most of it holds memories that are a part of me, that are tightly stored in my heart. Yes, I am sentimental when it comes to those kinds of things. I know, many people would say "why do you have so much stuff"? But to me, it's much more than just stuff.I have several little cupboards with glass doors in my house. They are filled with special things, little pieces of my heart, my family, and those I love. This is the inside of one of those special little cabinets of mine that hold those things that are very special to me! This little cabinet is filled with stories of my life, of my parents lives, and things that keep all those memories alive. My sister had made one of those books you can publish online. It is filled with pictures of Riley's first year. Also, there is a tiny little view finder that my mom had. My folks use to sell antiques at the OC Fairgrounds back when they use to have an antique section. If you look into the little view finder there is a picture of Brande when she was very little and was out there helping her Grandma & Papa! Also, that little drink umbrella is related to Brande as well! My Christmas gift back on Christmas 2005 from Brande was a ticket to go to Maui in January 06. I was blown away and no way could have afforded to go on my own. So the little drink umbrella, my ticket and "aloha" drink napkin were all saved by me. It reminds me of the importance of family and how we are all so close and would do anything for each other. We stayed at the same condos we use to stay at in Wailea as a family when I was married. It was a random act of kindness that I will never forget. And there is also an old tin type photo of my dad from WWII sitting there.He looks really scary in this photo! This old glass use to belong to my Grandmother. I filled it with my folks old watches and odd pieces of jewelry they had. Nothing of great dollar value, but lots of sentimental value to me! The bottom shelf in this little cabinet holds more of the same stuff. Little treasures and things that keep the memories of my folks lives tightly tucked away in my heart. Reminders of the little things they cherished.
My dad worked for Edison his entire life. They had this club thing where the employees and spouses would get all dressed up one Friday a month and have dinner with other Edison husbands & wives. It was called the "Diamond Club", which I think had to do with having to had worked at SCE for a number of years. I wish my camera had captured another thing my dad had written but it's blurry. It was dating the diamond earrings my mom received from some function at the Diamond club. There is also a small engagement ring that belonged to my mom sitting there. Apparently, she was married briefly before my dad. And my dad apparently was married briefly before my mom too. My sister and I never knew any of this until we had moved them to Assisted Living and cleaning out their house. It was a generation that didn't talk about "those" kinds of things. I remember awhile back when my Mr.Wonderful moved out and I hadn't said anything to my parents. I told my sister I would just tell them at Christmas dinner, "oh, bye the way, me and Mr. Wonderful and I are getting a divorce"! I found nothing wrong with that idea. My sister did though, and told my folks before dinner that Christmas. Another story for another blog post. There are times I wished that my folks had shared so much more with me. There will always be pieces of their lives missing. I know, why do I have a little, cheap Valentine's box saved. Bryce is always really sweet to me each and every Valentine's day. He remembers his mom. He was maybe in junior high school when he gave me that little box. There was just something very special and loving about him on this Valentines day. And each time I look at the little candy box, it brings all those memories back.I KNOW where I get this love of vintage stuff and antiques, and keeping things. The envelope above that says, "Bank of America" on it was an old bank statement my dad held onto. It had all his house mortgage payments recorded in it. You know, the same house that Katie & Vinnie and MY grandkids live in. It is no surprise I am in the business I am in. I believe in the simple things in life, like family, love, friendship and not only hanging on to old Valentine candy boxes from my son, but also holding on to a heart full of wonderful memories that I will never let go of. When we live in such a disposable world, it is nice to be surrounded by pieces of the past, you know? Guess you could say that I am, indeed, sentimental!


Monday Morning Eye Candy

I've talked so much the past five days at "the store" and answered so many questions at "the store" that this morning I thought it would be nice to do a post with very few words. With that said, I just wanted to share some of the many different looks of Country Roads!

Almost daily, these "looks" change. Displays are always being re-done, new ones put together, and each day someone is bringing in something new to "the store"! It's always my pleasure to share the many different looks of Country Roads! We've always got great "Eye Candy" in stock, daily!!


The Old Magnolia Tree

My folks bought their first home in 1950, before I was born. It was a small house, but back then it seemed huge to them. It cost $8500! It was a two bedroom, one bath little house. One of the first things my dad did was plant a magnolia tree. And in case you are wondering, that is me under the tree a few years later after it was planted. And some 60 years later this tree, this very special tree, is providing shade to the third generation of his family. Katie and Vinnie bought the house I grew up in after my folks died. They remodeled and made a bigger house out of the little house. Last night Riley had her birthday party and everyone gathered around under the big magnolia tree. I have to say, there were a lot of special memories made last night under that tree. Here are few of those memories!

Somehow, I knew in my heart, that my folks were looking down on all the festivities with big smiles on their faces. They probably especially enjoyed it when Carol convinced me to join her in the bouncy house in the dark! You know, I have to tell you, it was great fun to "bounce" in the dark! Kind of a pain to get "out" of the thing, but fun just the same! The old magnolia tree last night just added a few more memories to its branches! When you live in a disposable world, it's nice to be able to find such happiness in the simple things that have really taken "root" after all these years.


Vintage Halloween

Above is one of my most favorite cupboards in my home. It's an old, vintage stepback cabinet with original paint and original glass. I love it, always have. It is filled with all of my old vintage Halloween stuff! Yep, I keep it there year round. The old vintage jack-o-lanterns are getting harder and harder to find. You don't see them as often as you use to. Below are a few pictures of what my favorite old cupboard is filled with!

It is amazing to me that Halloween merchandise and decor sells almost as much, if not more than Christmas. I love when customers buy antique pieces that they are going to use in their homes for Halloween displays. Our weather was super hot last week. And this morning, my office window is open and I can feel the cool ocean breezes blowing our way. It is so nice! Stop by and see us this week-end. Country Roads has some great new displays up, and as always, I'm sure you can't leave empty handed! Take care.