I "Really" Like This Guy!

I have always loved Nate Berkus! We all have our favorites and he is at the top of my list. I always made sure that when he would appear on the Oprah show that I recorded it. I will never, ever forget him telling the horrible story of losing his partner to the tragic Tsunami while vacationing at Christmas time several years ago. His eyes told the story and held his pain as well. I always loved to watch when Oprah would send Nate out to do a home makeover for a family that was in need. And when Nate surprised them, they were so excited and he would gracious take these women in his arms and you could see how sincere he was as he hugged them. Nate has always seemed to be such a kind and generous person.When I heard that Nate had a book coming out, I couldn't wait to buy a copy. Especially since I loved the decorating style he used when he would do make overs for Oprah at peoples homes. I still look at his book from time to time.And of course, how can any of us deny that Nate isn't pretty easy on the eyes. And speaking of eyes, his brilliant blue eyes just add to his good looks! Over the years, Country Roads has had a variety of celebrities stop by to shop. You always try to be cool, and not a star struck geek. Diane Keaton use to shop with us years ago quite a bit. She was totally awesome and I always felt so comfortable with her. You could talk to her just like you would a friend. So real, so down to earth. We've had Wentworth Miller from Prison Break in a few times. And he too was easy to work with and pretty easy on the eyes as well. One of my all time favorite actresses and singers of all time is Barbra Streisand. She came in on Valentine's Day in 2007. I really don't think I could have been able to speak if I had been there. I mean, come on, Barbra Streisand in Country Roads? My dad had died that morning and if you click on the link you can read the blog post about how kind Barbra was that day! I never expect famous people to walk through the door, but it just randomly happens. Yesterday in the afternoon, I'm at the counter and I hear all this chattering. I look up, and all I see are those brilliant blue eyes of the one and only Nate! The man I heart!Star struck might be an understatement. As I was writing him up and trying to be casual while talking to him, I was freaking out inside. I'm looking into the bluest of blue eyes and wondering, how can I even talk to him but somehow I did. Bryce and Kristi were both waiting for me to ask if I could take his picture. I've never, ever asked that before, ever, of a celebrity. So, I finally got the words out of my mouth somehow, and telling him that I never ask, etc. All I wanted was just a picture of HIM, but Bryce had my camera and had me stand with Nate. As he put his arm around me, I quickly put mine around him and the whole moment was surreal. I know stupid, but when you are such a fan of someone and they come into your store and they put their arm around you? Wow. After all the times, after all the years that I've watched Nate hug Oprah and all the others on TV, never in my wildest dreams did I think Nate Berkus would have his arms around me! I'm still speechless this morning. I know many of you are comfortable having your pictures on your blog. I'm not one of those, I hate to have my picture taken. But. . .since it was Nate, I decided to share him and his beautiful blue eyes. Thanks Nate for making my day!!


Kate said...

You lucky girl Nate is the coolest ever. I too have loved his style and followed him on Oprah. I am so happy you got your celebrity photo with him. Darling picture of you both. Thanks for sharing your moment for all of us to enjoy. Have a wonderful day!! See you soon at the Store.


Anonymous said...

How totally cool, I can tell by the smile on your face that you are smitten!!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

This is just so awesome! He does have great ideas. I know what you mean about being star struck.

Vintage Market Place said...

I even sit and watch him on the HSN he is just so soothing to listen to.
I think I would have peed my pants to hear that voice of his.
We have a famous person that brings their kid to Brooklyns little preschool and both me and Rudy just try to act so normal but we are dying to get a picture with that person one day. So I know how you were feeling about the picture thing. Glad you finally said something though. You would have kicked yourself for years if you hadn't. Who knows maybe he will be back with cameras when he starts his new show!!!
Take it easy

Malisa said...

I predict that we will see lots of stuff from Country Roads in Nate's new shows! Just like Arnold in The Terminator..."he'll be back"! Sorry I had to mention Arnold. :(

So glad you posted the photo!!!

Annie Louise said...

How wonderful!! I love to see his decorating ideas, they are awesome. Congrats.

trash talk said...

Oh mylanta...never, ever, ever wash that shirt again!
I LOVE Nate...can't help it!
If that's what it takes to get you to put your photo up...hmmm...who else can we get to drop in?
I love that he took the time and included an arm. Just shows class cannot be bought. Ya either got it or ya don't...and he does...with a capital K!

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Sue that is so cool! I am glad you are in the picture too because you are my celebrity! I am glad you had a great memorable day. Ciao Rita

Maureen said...

How cool! He seems like the sweetest guy. Can't wait for his new show on ABC next month.

The Boston Lady said...

OMG! I wanted to say what Rita said above, because I was too shy to ask for a picture with YOU! Too funny.

But, oh my, Nate. And to think I missed him by only days. I am speechless just thinking he was in the same place that I was. He is a beautiful man, but more importantly, a beautiful person, I believe.

How fun. Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to seeing something that he bought from you show up on his show, Oprah's, or in a magazine. Keep us posted!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Obviously you'll never wash that shirt! Lucky, lucky girl! He is so beautiful!