Do You Have a Bathroom?

Lately I've been thinking about changing the name of my store from "Country Roads Antiques & Gardens" to "Country Roads Antiques, Gardens, and Bathroom"! I swear to you all, that is the most asked question of the day. And it is asked in a variety of ways. From the customer that interupts you while you are helping someone and rudely says, "where is the bathroom", to the ones that squeeze their legs together and do a mini "pee-pee" dance! And I am serious when I say these things! Bryce went to great lengths to make finding the bathroom easy. He took a giant letter "B" (you know as in bathroom) and spray painted it bright blue (double B's for bathroom). He then spray painted arrows on the floor in the same bright blue paint that will lead you to the bathroom. And do you think they can find it? All of us can that work at Country Roads can say this phrase in our sleep when we answer the question, "where is the bathroom"? We say, "it is the big letter blue "B" hanging under the fire extinguisher behind you, left at that aisle, follow the blue arrows on the floor, at the base of the stairs on your right". We then watch them spin in a circle. Some do become dizzy. Then they ask again, "where did you say the key was"? We continue to tell them to go left at the last aisle, follow the blue arrows on the floor, at the base of the stairs on your right. Then it all starts over again, "no your other left" or you hear, "where did you say the arrows are" or we just sadly watch them wander off to places unknown. So sad! Our public bathroom is not equipped for as much use as it gets. It is the size of a closet, no fan, and thank God awhile back we scored a super flusher toilet which saves our lives from constantly plunging nasty things. We have a sign with rules, as you can see. But sadly, no one cares. We try out best to keep it clean, but sadly no one cares. We use to stack the paper towels behind the toilet. Bathroom abusers would knock them on the ground and never pick them up. So we hung a vintage holder up and someone tried to rip it off the wall. They miss the trash, they miss the toilet, and sadly no one cares about our rules! This is our world famous toilet on a good day. Nice and shiny, air freshner available and just waiting for the next bathroom abuser. And we do have bathroom reporters. They will say, "there is paper towels all over the floor in there, you are low on TP, don't you have any air freshner, it doesn't smell good in there, etc." When there has been a tragedy in the bathroom, I will be the one to clean in up. I don't pay anyone nearly enough to deal with the unbeliveable messes I've dealt with over the years. So disgusting I will not even begin to put "those" stories in writing! Let's just say, I've had to drag in the hose from the garden along with a gallon of bleach. What is wrong with people! For some reason, customers LOVE to take the bathroom key on tour. Personally, none of us like to even touch that key! When a customer returns the key and tries to hand it to us rather than hang it back up, we quickly put our hands behind our backs and tell them where to hang the key! I'm not sure why people take our bathroom key on tour. Maybe they know they will have to re-visit the bathroom again soon, and so they feel secure having that oh so special key with them! While our key is on tour, or when people ask if we have a bathroom, I will never, ever understand why they feel the need to explain themselves. For example, "I just had a cup of coffee, do you have a bathroom". Or, "oh I drank so much water, I need a restroom quickly". I don't get it. One of my all time favorites was the pair of large women and the one was asking for the other one, "I need to find a bathroom quick, my friend is squeezing her butt cheeks together as I speak"! Of course I took my time to answer that question. Usually we don't respond to their explanations, but yesterday I couldn't help myself. This girl walks up to me and says, "do you have a bathroom, I just had lunch"? I'm thinking to myself why do I even care that she just had lunch and what does that have to do with a bathroom. Okay, I had an idea but I won't go there! So, I folded my hands on the counter and looked at her and said, "so, you just had lunch". I don't think she knew how to respond, so I gave her the world famous speech how to find the world famous bathroom! And to people like the guy last week that sat in the bathroom after we were closed for 15 minutes, please try and do your bathroom business at home or before we close. I know some people wonder how and why I can write a post about our public bathroom. Let me just say, if you spend any time at Country Roads, I promise you that you too will hear what we hear those oh so famous words too, "do you have a bathroom, where did you say it was"?


afistfullofweeds* said...

If you don't sell food..I don't think you are obligated to provide a public bathroom..It sounds like its time to put the "OUT OF ORDER" sign on the door! LOL

Vintage Market Place said...

Since I have heard all of your stories from before, I opted for the lovely bathroom over in the alley between the sandwich shop and the sports bar, I think that its well hidden and it is very fresh and clean.
Maybe you should just suggest that one from now on and board yours up for good. No one should have to clean up that kind of mess, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? You just wonder what there bathrooms at home are like or if it is just complete disregard for public space. I understand when ya gotta go you gotta go but at least if you have a chronic bathroom issue be prepared with supplies to cover your butt and smell of it before the next patron has to get sick while just trying to pee.
Good luck with this issue and you are a saint for doing the clean up instead of passing it to the ones you love and work with.

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Disturbing and hilarious at the same time!

Boogieboard Cottage said...

I've seen gas stations and other places use a huge piece of wooden board to attatch their bathroom keys to. People tend to not want to walk around carrying something that big and it won't fit in a pocket. You can even draw a map to the bathroom on it. You might consider investing in an air dryer wall thingy instead of paper towels and a bigger more domaninant trash can for whatever gross stuff they leave behind. I think it's nice of you to offer your customer's a bathroom, it's too bad that some customer's have be so uncaring and rude. Take care, Mary :O)

Rachel Knoblich said...

I totally understand because I'm one of those girls who has worked for cleaning companies and done many a bathroom cleanups. One building I scrubbed like 60 some toilets a night. So I understand. You and I could trade war stories. I really do wonder what's wrong with people and how they can make the messes they do. And I'm talking about adults...not children. My kids have made some dosies, but not compared to what I have cleaned working as a cleaning lady.

Tanza said...

Okay Sue !! YUCKO !! GROSS !! Aren't people just plain, kinda, hilarious at times !! I have to say. I've NEVER EVER used your bathroom there, and hope I don't NEED one !!

When Barb and I were at your store a couple weeks ago, we heard some ladies saying (kinda loudly) that whenever they walk in your store, the smell of it, and being sooo excited makes them go to bathroom .. okay, I ran the other direction, far, far away from the bathroom .. hahaha .. soo maybe this is just how people get when they enter your awesome store !! I get excited too, BUT, it doesn't have this effect on mee !!

You continue to be my daily laugh, and look forward always to your sweet reads !! LoVe all the pictures of your beautiful babies !! They are getting soo BiG !! xo

Have a wonderful, happy, hopefully clean bathroom week ~
HuGs ~Tanza~

Malisa said...

Sue, it is just the effect you have on people! You make them want to pee and poop! It is a gift. Seriously!

The Boston Lady said...

So funny. I had instructed my gang to "go" before. I still didn't see your WC when I was wandering about your lovely place. Next year, though... Thanks for your comments on my travel blog. We got home this afternoon with many fond memories of SoCal. I look forward to giving my friends the gifts I bought at your lovely store. And I look forward to returning the next time we head out that way - by plane, I hope! Driving is exhausting!

vintage girl at heart said...

After helping some of my friends that own small shoppes..I can so relate!!! People can be so messy and adults are worse than children!!! Your post brought back some good and bad memories of those times :)! We thought we were the only ones!!!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I popped over from Salvage Dior to find out the bathroom story.

God bless you! I will never understand how adults can be so disgusting when it comes to public restrooms. Even on airplanes -- I mean, come on -- it is only decent to clean up after yourself. If you miss, bend over and pick it up. If you a make a mess, wipe it down. I am always cleaning up after other people just because I can't stand the nastiness. I don't get it at all!

Folks need to do their business before the hit the Country Roads. :)

Best wishes, Tammy