Crazy, Busy Three Days!

Today's post is a tad later than normal for me. Why? I'm dragging today from the past three days at Country Roads. We have been unusually busy, and please know, no complaints here! Although I have talked and answered SO many questions these past few days, that I thought today I would just share some of my boy Bryce's eye candy! That turquoise seahorse below keeps calling my name every time I walk by him! I know he wants to sit out by my pool with the dolphins. Guess I need to see if I can "have the dealer do a better price"? Or, "do you think they will take 30 percent off, there are some scratches on it". My favorite of the week-end on a $25 item. The guy says, "here take the $20, and out the door". Meaning he is discounting the item himself, AND suggesting he shouldn't be charged tax! I will stop now, and let you see some of the cool stuff Bryce currently has on our CR sales floor!

The above two pictures are of a project Bryce has been working on. When he is done, it is going to be one cool industrial mirror!! Before I go, I just want to thank so many of you that shopped with us this week-end. We have incredibly wonderful customers who don't get mentioned often enough because the crazies demand so much attention. And a special "thanks" Toshi for bringing in his Japanese clients two days in a row. We all sincerely appreciate your visit. And you can call me "Shue" as many times as you like ;0}


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

So happy to hear that it was a good weekend, Sue!!!

Vintage Market Place said...

That mirror already looks awesome, can't wait to see what else he does!

Sweet, thanks for the shopping tips! Now I know what to ask the next time coming in LOL! So sorry people are so nuts.

Have a good day SHUE

Kate said...

Your response on my post made me burst into laughter at the end through my tears. Thank you endless for your support and friendship.

Country Roads is an amazing place and I am so delighted to be part of this great team.

See you soon

Malisa said...

I tell you...your boy, Bryce, is one talented dude! You HAVE to have the sea horse! Done deal! I HAVE to have a light! Done deal!

boogieboard Cottage said...

Bryce has some mighty fine stuff, especially that seahorse, it's not going to be there for long! Mary :O)

P.s. Please tell some more crazy customer stories, they're hilarious!

Anne Lorys said...

Do I drool or swoon?
Decisions, decisions!

Annie Louise said...

Love the industrial look and I adore Country Roads!!

trash talk said...

Shue...buy that seahorse before someone else saddles it up and rides away!