It's All About Display

If you know how to display merchandise, then chances are you will do pretty well with your sales. I know one of the reasons Country Roads does well is because of all of our displays. The interior of our store was constructed and set up to be appealing to the customers eye, to be different, and to give a backdrop for all the great displays that my Country Roads family continues to produce. Georgia Hetch is one of those people that has the magic touch when it comes to display. She changes things up constantly and not a day goes by the her stuff doesn't look GOOD! Here are a few pictures of what I'm talking about.

Another thing that keeps Georgia's displays and vignettes looking so fresh is she is in the store almost daily re-doing, fluffing, adding merchandise and mixing it all up. I'm always drawn to her area of the store to see what she has done because she never lets me down! Riley had a wonderful time at Disneyland last night. I do have to say, it's tough to go there after working all day. But when it comes to Riley, and her birthday, there is nothing I wouldn't do for her. I love seeing Disneyland through her eyes. The excitement and amazement is continuous as we walked through the park. Riley had two favorite things last night! First, the Dumbo ride. And her daddy had told them it was her birthday. As they are flying in Dumbo, over the loud speaker you here, "Happy Birthday Riley". Just one of the things that make Disneyland so special. And for some reason Riley also loves the Tiki Room. It's corny but I love watching her dance and sing and shaking her little booty! We were able to get great seats up by the train station to see the fabulous firework show. And to top it all off, before we left, Vinnie (her daddy) had gotten us reservations to ride in the Lilly Belle caboose. Apparently, Walt Disney had special cabooses for himself, actors, and other famous dignitaries to ride in. I lovr listening to the history of it all from the Disney person that spoke as we rode around the park! Bodhi's first trip to Disneyland was pretty uneventful. His biggest interest last night was eating and sleeping! There will be many more trips in the future for him as he grows up. And lastly, I wanted to share a little Country Roads "eye candy" through the camera lenses of Stacey! I always enjoy seeing Country Roads through others photos. Stop by her blog and take a peek at her slide show that she put together! There's some great photos. And with that said, I'm off to my own personal "dizzy" land, Country Roads! Take care.


Vintage Market Place said...

sounds like fun was had for all last night!
The shop is looking beautiful Sue and that bird cage of hers is very cool!
I saw Stacey's post a few days ago and that is so amazing how she put so many different looks together.
Hope you recover from you late night of partying.

time worn interiors said...

Great displays! I heard my friend Brocantess visted you a week or so back. She was telling me all about your wonderful store! As if I didn't know (just not with my own eyes)! Have a great week!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Happy B'Day sweet Riley! I always love seeing all the displays and dealers at the store. Seeing the old Halloween reminded me of my grandparents attic. Her B'Day was Halloween and it was stuffed full. I think when my parents cleaned out their house it somehow went away. oooowwwww!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

The displays throughout your store are always wonderful. It is a favorite of mine and I'll see you soon.
I'm glad Disneyland was such a wonderful success.