It's Just Another Tuesday

I'm very fortunate that in my life there is never a day that is the same. Each day tells its own story. Today, was MY day with Riley. After she got here, we did some coloring and then went down to Whole Foods by the Marina. The water was beautiful today. Riley had a lot to "talk" about as we shopped, not that I understood it all. We picked up some "pumpkin sticks", my first motivation to begin a little Halloween display. I love to pull out some of my old, vintage jack-o-lanterns. Later that day I noticed there were these awesome, vintage fanback chairs in my dining room. Bryce had worked early at the store today and I wasn't sure "why" these chairs were in my dining room. Apparently, Wentworth Miller,the star of the tv series Prison Break had been shopping in the store today. He's in the process of building a house and Bryce had told him he would deliver the chairs he bought at Country Roads to him tomorrow morning. I have to say, Wentworth Miller is a really nice person, unpretenious, and buys great stuff. The difficult part comes when you have to remind yourself to stop staring. And it's not because he is on tv, but he is just so good looking with these beautiful eyes! I remember one time when he was shopping, Justine (my daughter-in-law) begged us not to make her help him because she was in such awe just looking at him. It's hard not too. Each of our days are different, and I try to remind myself that they all hold meaning and have a story to tell. I'm appreciative of that, and I guess this is my Tuesday story to tell!


Country Roads, Fall, and Magazines

Tomorrow, the 22nd, is the first day of Fall. I love this time of year for many reasons. It is the time of year not only for our Fall gardens but to start decorating! At Country Roads we've displayed "Fall" in a variety of ways this year, from Halloween to the election and the importance of voting and making a difference. Also, if the link below works, I've got a slide show of "Fall at Country Roads" with quite a few pictures on it. I guess I just wanted to show the many different looks and styles we have at the store: country, primitive, cottage, vintage, garden, home decor, holiday and much more!

The new Fall edition of Cottages and Bungalows just came out. A few months back, Romantic Homes did a photo shoot of my house for the March issue of their magazine. I was so nervous because my house is never done, and I actually don't see it as "magazine" material, you know? They also used pictures of my kitchen (which I'm working on) and one of our dealers, Ruthie Schmidt's kitchen. It was a strange feeling for me to buy a magazine with an interview and pictures of my home in it. Not sure how to put that into words. But, I'm very grateful and appreciative to Jacqueline, Jaimee, and Tanya from Romantic Homes for the opportunity. Thank you. With all that said, take a stroll through Country Roads by clicking the link below. Happy Fall!



Time, Ticking Away!

I have no idea, really, where the time seems to disappear too. Does it mean I'm getting old? Not sure, hope not. Here we are almost half way through September! It doesn't seem like Street Faire or our Labor Day sale were that long ago. Country Roads is looking pretty good these days courtesy of our really talented dealers, and a few that will be joining us soon.

In October,Christie Repasy will be joining our Country Roads family! I've known Christie for a long time, we both kind of traveled on our own rocky paths after going through a divorce around the same time. I'm glad we are both in better places now, although it took several years to get here. Also, Loretta will be expanding her Full Bloom Cottage to add yet another great look to the store. There is just something about Country Roads that defines what "family" really is! Stop in and see our ever changing look, "always your favorite,never the same"!