Time, Ticking Away!

I have no idea, really, where the time seems to disappear too. Does it mean I'm getting old? Not sure, hope not. Here we are almost half way through September! It doesn't seem like Street Faire or our Labor Day sale were that long ago. Country Roads is looking pretty good these days courtesy of our really talented dealers, and a few that will be joining us soon.

In October,Christie Repasy will be joining our Country Roads family! I've known Christie for a long time, we both kind of traveled on our own rocky paths after going through a divorce around the same time. I'm glad we are both in better places now, although it took several years to get here. Also, Loretta will be expanding her Full Bloom Cottage to add yet another great look to the store. There is just something about Country Roads that defines what "family" really is! Stop in and see our ever changing look, "always your favorite,never the same"!

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