A Quickie!

Usually when I come home from working at the store all day, I do a bit more paperwork as well when I get home! Last night, I was exhausted, and did nothing but kick back and go to bed early. So, this morning, I have double the work before I head out to the happiest place on earth, Country Roads! Thought I would just share some random photos I took over the week-end of things that caught my eye!

The weather is so much cooler this morning. A bit of the ocean breeze and clear skies. Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, and hey, if you live local, stop by and see us!!


White Wednesday

For this "White Wednesday" I wanted to do a post about dining room tables. With the arrival of Fall, (although here we have had a few days of extreme heat as pay back for our cool summer), I've been thinking about how many of us become more of home bodies, than in the summer months. Seems like we all tend to gather around the family dining room table more now than in other seasons. The table above, (although not white, nor are a few more in this post) is a table I've been in love with for a very long time. It is an old farm or harvest table that I bought in the early 1990's for $150! I love it, and it easily has room for eight chairs with room to add a few more on the ends! Even though this is the third house this table has sat in, she still warms my heart with those that have filled the chairs around her over the years. What I also love about this table is that it is made with the old wide planks, as you can see below. They don't make those planks these days. Right now at Country Roads we have an over abundance of tables for every style, shape and size! Here's just a few.

Please take the time to stop by Kathleen's blog for many other great "White Wednesday" posts!! Yesi was talking to me the other day about how her and her husband Victor, were sitting at the dining room table helping their little girl, Josalyn, with her homework. There is just something special about those family dining room tables of ours. It isn't about the shape or size, it is about who is sits AT the table! My table is the same, although those that have gathered around there now are not the same. But nonetheless, my table always holds the memories of those that we have lost, those that are still with us, and those that will join us in the future! "Happy White Wednesday"!


Just Hangin' Out!

The best part of my week is always those moments and times when I get to just "hang out" with my grandkids! If I'm ever on overload or stressed, my three little ones are just the cure. They are all changing each and every day. As you can see above, Morgan is really mobile now and our cats know when its time to head to higher ground! A toddler on a mission!
Don't let the innocent little face fool you, there is a part of Bryce hiding there.
It's Gramma's time with her little man, "my baby Bo"!
Sometimes it's hard to wake up from a nap!
Riley is ALWAYS happy to see her baby brother when she gets home from school.
Each Monday afternoon Riley and I go down to Seal Beach for her swimming lessons. She loves her teacher!!
Look at those front arm strokes, swimming like a little fish.
And of course, it wouldn't be Monday if we didn't have some time to just PLAY!
Riley proves the point that anything can be turned into a fashionable hat! I always have so much going on in my life and there are times I feel like I'm being pulled in a hundred different directions all at once. It can get stressful at times. But the moments, no matter how short they are, that I get to spend with my little ones takes away ALL the stress. I came across this quote awhile back, and love it and it reminds why I love all of my grandbabies so very much!!

Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.
-- Alex Haley


Theresa's Blog Party!

So, I have some pictures here of Theresa's blog party last night. Best container above,so I hear! Melons in a bra! That one rocks and glad to hear it was a winner! Was I there? Nope, I was working my butt off at Country Roads, but I was thinking of "y'all" (my mama was from Texas so I can use this word)! Gloria was kind enough to send me these pictures. See, us California girls are wired differently than you Texas girls. We are up at the crack of dawn ready to tackle the day, and usually wind down in the evening the same way, wired. Thinking, did I get enough done today? Gloria told me she didn't get names and I re-assured her that I already knew them. I feel like I know most of "y'all" already. Here are some pictures of my favorite people, my blogging buddies, my fellow junkers and good friends!

And here's my buddy striking a pose which is no surprise to me! We all know Malisa's style and I so miss not being there to strike a pose with her!! Maybe in the Spring, a girl can dream, right? And, btw. . . Cat Daddy, your guacamole almost killed my favorite guy, Mike! Take it easy on us Californians, we are all a tad sissified!!

So I Hear?

Rumor goes, that Tim is headed out of Texas and back home today. He shopped till he dropped and got some great stuff according to my inside source, Gloria! Here are a few pictures of what is currently for sale in Tim & Lisa's space. I have a feeling it won't look this way for long! Once Tim gets home, I'm sure his artistic talents and brainstorming will be working overtime!

Sometimes we think there are so many miles between us and our friends. Well, thanks to technology these days, we can be "there" in a matter of seconds through pictures. Gloria and her husband Ted are now in Texas shopping and so is one of my favorite guys at Country Roads, Mike! And by the way, Mike is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, seriously. I wanted Gloria to go to my friend Malisa's photo booth , "PentUp Photos" outside of Zapp Hall and take some photos for me. She makes me "feel" like I'm almost really there, almost. So, viola. . .there is Mike and Gloria having their picture taken by my buddy Malisa. And moments later, Gloria texts the photo to me. Amazing, and even though I'm not physically out there sweating, shopping and having fun, I can see what is going on through photos. Be sure and stop by my buddy Malisa's photo booth while you are there, okay? And tell her I said hi!