It Got CRAZY Hot Today!

I have to say, it didn't get quite as CRAZY as I thought it would. The heat, upper 90's, but a damper on the Street Faire crowd. Although it didn't slow them down from eating and drinking. Everywhere you looked, someone had "something" in their mouth!! I didn't get out until later this afternoon to try and get some pictures of those dancing with the Greek band. The people in front of me were taller and because of the heat, there weren't so many dancers. I have a feeling that tomorrow, since the temps are supposed to drop like 20 degrees, there is going to be some serious partying and dancing going on! Rod's Liquor that is across the street from us had the best drink deal going on in all of Old Towne. As you can see, they were leaving with two fisters!! Years ago people use to bring me beer to the store. The last few years, we haven't had has many brave individuals willing to fight the crowds. So, since we have a little refrig behind the counter, I made sure we were all "comfortable" and cooled off with some beer the last hour of the day! I think this picture sums up the day! Not a good time to be near this area either during the heat for obvious reasons. Tomorrow night, I think I will have much better stories to share. For now, I'm ready to crawl into bed and watch tv. It's been a LONG day!!


trash talk said...

That last photo is a hoot! That's a job I wouldn't do for love or money! Stay cool!

Robin Sanchez said...

I grew up in Orange and forgot all about the street fair. I'm sure its become way more popular than 30 years ago. O'Hara's Pub was a favorite and we used to alter our IDs to get in before we were 21!!

I still LOVE that city and dont visit it often enough....Im just on the other side of Camp Pendleton!!