Today's THE Day!

I only have a few minutes to remind you, that today is the day of our REALLY big sale, "I Survived the Orange International Street Faire Sale"! Honestly, I'm not sure I did survive, it was pretty tortuous yesterday! We all wrote down our favorite comments that our customers made over this past week-end! And of course I left them at work yesterday when we closed because I just wanted to get away from the Street Faire as fast as I could. Sadly, many of the comments were about our world famous bathroom! People and their bathroom issues are truly amazing. When an older woman was told that we wouldn't allow her to use the restroom because our bathroom is old and it couldn't "hold" a crowd this size, she flipped out asking Brande, "then where do you go"? I mean, come on. Then up to the counter came her 40 something bitchy daughter with the same crappy attitude. When she went off on us, and I tried to explain why I was using the "no" word, they all stormed out! Sorry ladies, we really do our best! Anyway, I did take some pictures with my not so hot camera. The computer won't download them, and my my computer also decided to eat my memory card this morning and never return it as well. We won't go there now. I need to take off early but I sincerely hope I see many of you shopping with us today. There really are some great percentages off and our bathroom is "open" for our customers today!


Maureen said...

Well I hope your sale kicks butt!

Malisa said...

Well, what if I just pee? Can I use it then? :) Hope your days get back to normal! Don't you have some days off coming soon?

trash talk said...

Shoulda told her you go out back behind a tree! Honestly...the least they could do is bring something up to buy...ya know!
Hope things start settling down back to normal (or whatever is normal, y'all are always so busy) for y'all!