A Cold, Rainy Day!

Here in southern CA, we don't get a whole lot of cold weather or rain. So when we do, at least for me, it's special. After having our never ending hot summer this year, it is so wonderful to have a change like the chilly, rainy days. And hey, I don't have to water my garden either. This weather also makes me feel like it's Christmas time.  The UPS guy just dropped off a Christmas stocking I ordered for my newest little granddaughter, Brooklyn! I know winter isn't officially here until the 21st of December, but nonetheless, I'm enjoying our weather and the season. I wanted to share some holiday photos with you. Country Roads is filled with all of these wonderful things. 

The above picture is from Betsy and Nicole's space.  Throughout the year, they always decorate with the seasons. Their holiday vignettes are my favorite! Especially all of the vintage children's toys, books, games and more that they share with us. If you get a chance, stop by and spend some time with us. After all, it "is" the most wonderful time of the year!


It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas!

Okay, I have a confession to make. I don't and never have had, the patience to put together Christmas displays at Country Roads. Actually, I don't usually decorate my own Christmas tree, my son Bryce does. I decorate my house and outside, I just have issues with "smalls", including when I sell my own things. Carol, who works at the store, has always priced my smalls for me. With that said, I have some wonderful Christmas displays to share today that were put together by my oldest daughter Brande. Thankfully she enjoys doing this and it always looks so "festive" when she is done!

I know there is a way to capture window displays on my camera without picking up the glare. Of course at the time I was so busy, I couldn't remember what that "technique" was. I hope you enjoy this holiday season and find some time to stop by and see our Christmas displays. And I finally got all of our Christmas music loaded on the Ipod, so that should be playing soon!!  Take care.



It's Feeling A Lot Like Christmas

When I came to work yesterday morning, this vignette that Cyndy put together, took my breath away, seriously! I'm always amazed at how quietly she works away creating these beautiful vignettes, displays, and anything else you would like to call them. They are all eye catching, to say the least. Here are a few more pictures of some of Cyndy's many looks here at Country Roads.

If you have some free time on your hands, I hope you plan on taking a trip down to Country Roads. Not only do we have great eye candy to enjoy, but a huge selection of great stuff that would make wonderful Christmas presents for those on your list! Take care . . .


My Boy Bodhi

This is my grandson,  Bodhi. He's Katie's little boy, and Riley's little brother!  Him and I hung out today for a few hours. The boy reminds me so much of his Uncle Bryce.  Actually he plays with Bryce's old Tonka trucks he had as a kid. Bodhi can be quite funny and he never, ever slows down to much. There is always something he wants to do. 

The "serious" Bodhi as he is concentrating on his Matchbox cars.

He will slow down a minute or two when the Disney channel is on.

This was Bryce's Tonka truck when he was about Bodhi's age. How did that time pass so quickly?

This is one of my favorite faces of his today!!

Bodhi loves the old vintage toy tractor that I got from his Uncle Bryce. You know, I never forget how very lucky I am to have all for of my grandkids in my life. They keep you young, believe me!


It's a Beautiful Morning

It's a beautiful cold sunny morning here in SoCal. We don't get much seasonal weather here, but the chill reminds me of the upcoming holidays and how beautiful our days are right now. We've been so busy at Country Roads lately. I'm not sure why, but I am very grateful for the business. I haven't had much time to take pictures, but here are a few of my favorite things from one of my friend's part of the store. She puts together amazing vignettes!

Thanks Debbie for all the sweet eye candy you bring to Country Roads. We love it. I hope you find some time today to stop by and shop. The store is filled with so many wonderful things. Have a great Sunday!