My Boy Bodhi

This is my grandson,  Bodhi. He's Katie's little boy, and Riley's little brother!  Him and I hung out today for a few hours. The boy reminds me so much of his Uncle Bryce.  Actually he plays with Bryce's old Tonka trucks he had as a kid. Bodhi can be quite funny and he never, ever slows down to much. There is always something he wants to do. 

The "serious" Bodhi as he is concentrating on his Matchbox cars.

He will slow down a minute or two when the Disney channel is on.

This was Bryce's Tonka truck when he was about Bodhi's age. How did that time pass so quickly?

This is one of my favorite faces of his today!!

Bodhi loves the old vintage toy tractor that I got from his Uncle Bryce. You know, I never forget how very lucky I am to have all for of my grandkids in my life. They keep you young, believe me!


The Boston Lady said...

Sue, he has grown up so much! And they are lucky to have you! Ann

Genie said...

You are one lucky grandma...so cute. Only 6 weeks till Christmas.
Love, e

marcela cavaglieri said...

That cute little farmer will break more than one heart some day, I'm sure!!!

trash talk said...

Sue...where does the time go? I know you don't waste a minute of it. He is too darn cute. I'd probably lose a crop playing with him.

Kate said...

Bodhi is the young sweet prince amongst all the little princess in the Jackson kingdom! Too precious

Have a great day